5 Albums I Fell In Love With This Year


Dez 31 2011, 11h07

Whether or not they came out this year, these are the top 5 albums I fell in love with in 2011. Ready? Here goes:

"Either/Or" - Elliott Smith

This came out loooong ago, but I didn't get on the Elliott train until this year. It's been a slow start, but I'm finally seeing what so many others see in his music. Pure, natural talent. So far, this is the only album I've absorbed, but wow, do the other albums have work cut out for them when I listen to them. From start to finish, this is Elliott gold. I wanted this album purely for 'Between The Bars' but so many other songs caught me just as much as I listened... Speed Trials, No Name No. 5, Cupid's Trick.... it's just all so good.

"Lonely Avenue" - Ben Folds

Coming out late last year, this Ben album really took a while to grow on me. While you can clearly tell they're not Ben's words at many points, they're definitely Ben songs. In this collaboration with Nick Hornby, Ben shows off how talented he can really be, by writing the music around the already written words. Initially, the only song I really cared for off the album was 'Picture Window' because to me, it sounded most like a Ben song. There were just several songs that sounded too different to me, but I have come to LOVE this album. If you listen, every song, Ben has made his own. The snarky chorus of 'Levi Johnston's Blues' to the melodic, jazzy laid-backness of 'Password'. It is BEN.

"Curiouser" - Kate Miller-Heidke

This is also a couple years old, but I just found this year. What can I say? To me, KMH is Cyndi Lauper of the 80's in the here and now. She's got the pop, she's got the ballads, she's got the lyrics. This album is a fantastic blend of contemporary pop-dance music and good old-fashioned pop-ballad music. (And looking at my past two sentences, I sound like a broken record.) But it's what makes this album great. In a generation full of Gaga and Ke$ha fans, KMH is a delightful hidden gem.

"21" - Adele

This album came into my life at just the right time. I remember sitting down by the river in the back of my truck, listening to this album on repeat about 4 times. It's nice having a diva I feel I can connect with as a male. Too many times today, we hear divas speaking about things that only women can relate to, but I know I'm not the only male who has come to connect with this album on a personal level. Haunting vocals with chilling piano. This is a magic album. I can only hope she keeps releasing as quality music as this.

"Sigh No More" - Mumford And Sons

The first time I heard 'Little Lion Man' on the radio, I was hooked. I couldn't stop listening. I had to find out who this band was and what else they made. I'm glad I did. Mumford and Sons put out one hell of a debut album. It's so fresh from what else is coming out. I hope the world is ready cause a lot of bands with banjos and strings are making their way out into this world to be heard. I'm hoping Mumford is just the beginning, cause I love this style of music. Piercing lyrics and catchy melodies will help this band go far. It's crazy that this was recorded in 2009 and took so long to become popular.

- Derek


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