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  • jimdesbois

    Discover Doctor FLAKE . He's playlisted by DJ KRUSH ! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5c7xt A new Doctor FLAKE 's Clip online : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=z9Mm47Ya09w&sdig=1 A new Album for march 2009. Trailer online at : http://www.myspace.com/doctorflake

    3 Fev 2009 Responder
  • jeriqo

    Hello ! I see you like trip-hop music... :) Radiohead launched a remix contest of their latest single Nude. I've made a Bristol remix of it (home town of Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, etc... well you probably know that) You can listen to it here : www.radioheadremix.com/remix/?id=1307 Hope you like it, and don't forget to vote.. support the Bristol sound ! :) Thanks !

    8 Mai 2008 Responder
  • mr_x

    hmmm your sister is right about your specific tags! :o

    18 Out 2007 Responder
  • AdriaNnLA

    don't let the ludicrous zebra's comments keep you from tagging - the last.fm world needs more intelligent tagging! . . . Oh, & you really should see: people with eyes in their avatars!

    20 Mai 2007 Responder
  • ludicrouslouisa

    Haha look at your tags! They're all so specific and pretentious! Mine are just stuff like good. Underrated. Better than Coldplay. Haha slagging you off is good fun. Considering you're always doing it to me.

    29 Dez 2006 Responder
  • ludicrouslouisa

    I'm sorry Christopher, but you're your own 20th top artist. That is just so sad I'm going to have to shoot you.

    29 Dez 2006 Responder
  • ludicrouslouisa

    you scrobbled yourself 67 times. That's tragically sad.

    29 Dez 2006 Responder
  • Isdaron

    Hi, I just wanted to welcome you personally to the Jazz Hop Group. Glad you made it! I hope, you will share your music recommendations with us in the forum - and stick around. If you have any questions regarding the jazz hop group or last.fm, please drop me a line. Best, Bjoern

    24 Nov 2006 Responder
  • ludicrouslouisa

    I'm NOT that obsessed with Feeder. I'm probably playing Mew more. I just have rather a lot of Feeder. Hey, want to listen to some cool but pretentious art rock? Listen to Mew through my computer. It starts off a bit crap but they have these incredible harmonies. It's like a wierd cross between Air, the Cranberries and Sigur Ros

    27 Out 2006 Responder
  • ludicrouslouisa

    Slllloooooooooot! I'll tell you what's annoying. For some reason everyone else is allowed to express their opinions and views, but if I DARE to I get attacked for being a bastard! Not fair!!!!!

    25 Out 2006 Responder

Sobre mim

I have a day job as a web developer & systems administrator. I also have some degree of design taste, and while I have no formal design qualifications, I greatly appreciate industrial design & architecture, and do not think purple comic sans on an animated starfield background is a good idea.

I'm a Mac on the Desktop, Linux on the server guy.

I like Electronic Music, Jazz, and everything directly in between. (Especially Acid Jazz, Drum & Bass, House, Chiptune, IDM, and Deep House.)

If I had to, I'd say that Photography was my primary hobby, listening to music my second, and coding for personal projects/watching films (especially non-star-trekish, intelligent Science Fiction) tie for third place.

I'm learning Japanese, and have been for about six years now.

http://www.cgiffard.com/ (Woefully out of date now - but the momentum required to give my website an overhaul is paralysing.)

My interests bear a staggering resemblance to 40,533 people my age, globally.

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