Well, I haven't done any of these in a long time, so...


Jan 13 2007, 5h36

Blah blah blah put your iTunes on scramble and whatever song comes up whatever song title blah blah blah:
How does the world see me?
Down in the Flood

Will I have a happy life?
The Execution of All Things

What do my friends really think of me?
It's A Hit

Do people secretly lust after me?
Sentimental Journey
(That makes me laugh. So so true.)

How can I make myself happy?

What should I do with my life?
Chet's Hawaiian Love Bomb
(Damn, that's me. That's kind of scary. Maybe I'm supposed to be a musician?)

Why should life be full of so much pain?
Countdown to Armageddon
(Well, that makes sense, sort of.)

Will I die happy?
Prince of Punks
(OK, that doesn't. Ah well...)

What is some good advice for me?
Hard to Say I'm Sorry

What is happiness?
Goodbye California

How will I be remembered?
Center of the Universe

(And you can't do much better than THAT!)


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