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  • theobscureone

    Super compatibility AND I've seen you speak (brilliantly, I might add)? SOLD! Great work you're doing, Ani lyrics and networked publics and all.

    abril 2011
  • sr_tomaxo Thievery Corporation Play Day. Sunday 26 September =)!

    setembro 2010
  • queenbrit

    Your musical compatibility with zephoria is SUPER -- enough said! I have been going to your website since 2000. Thank you for maintaining it, i have an obsession with Ani DiFranco myself. It was like love at first listen. Seems like we have much music taste in common, as far as however calculates that bar deely. My intended simple shout ended up to be almost a book so i shall end here: keep up the good work! <3

    julho 2010
  • NewSpeek

    I just discovered you while going through my own little existential crisis on who I consider to be my real "friends". Your articles on Facebook convinced me that I should be spending more time on pseudonymous/anonymous networks like 4chan, IRC, and/or online forums and less time on often-narcissist networks like Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for doing the heavy thinking before me!

    maio 2010
  • aixerona

    i'm trying my hardest not to sound creepy here, but after encountering your articles repeatedly, for many courses, i've decided (discovered?) that i love you. that is all.

    abril 2009
  • ProgMetal4Ever

    Thanks for letting people participate at your interesting research results!

    abril 2009
  • blindenvy

    Dig your research and your taste in music.

    março 2009
  • ambientium

    Hi! Try the debut album by Ambientium which has been released for free on: You can also listen on Last.FM:

    janeiro 2009
  • tuzemec

    Just saw your post at the psytrance group. So... check out the latest RA release:

    novembro 2008
  • rushay

    i love ani nice playlist madame

    novembro 2008
  • dappelbaum

    hi zephoria - says our compatibility is low, but I LOVE your research.

    maio 2008
  • jeriqo

    Hello ! I see you like trip-hop music... :) Radiohead launched a remix contest of their latest single Nude. I've made a Bristol remix of it (home town of Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky, etc... well you probably know that) You can listen to it here : Hope you like it, and don't forget to vote.. support the Bristol sound ! :) Thanks !

    maio 2008
  • newwaysofliving

    I found your page here via your Ani lyrics page and just wanted to say thank you for putting it together <3

    maio 2008
  • up_with_meadows

    found your website from NRDC Switchboard... thought I'd find you here too!

    fevereiro 2008
  • mehlkelm

    read your rant about music and thought I'd find you here ;-) Cheers

    janeiro 2008
  • alextsav

    hi zephoria it seems you like ticon much like me high compatibility:)

    novembro 2007
  • watsonic

    wow you use this thing a lot. i like your picture. you're saying: i have no idea what you're talking about. i didn't write anything like that.

    setembro 2007
  • alexanderblake

    ok, our musical compatibility is very low, but I LOVE YOUR WORK anyway... please, keep thinking, writing, lighting...

    setembro 2007
  • KA83

    the one who made that great site with ani's lyrics is the same who wrote the myspace/facebook article? loads of different talents!

    agosto 2007
  • deadwomb

    i read your myspace/facebook paper.. it was very interesting. i'm browsing around your site now for other interesting crap to read :)

    junho 2007
  • Rojer


    junho 2007
  • Rojer

    Your MySpace vs Facebook paper was interesting. Nice to see you here. Now, if we can Flickr-ise you.... ;-)

    junho 2007
  • messidor

    Musical compatibility: «Super». Thanks for helping me out recently for my article about privacy and the web!

    junho 2007
  • kadiya

    beautiful avatar :)

    abril 2007
  • twosecondsleft

    hey =) i spent the last days reading your papers now and then.. they are a great help for my studying atm and a very good read! cant wait for your new stuff:) viele grüße, david

    março 2007
  • Quiplash

    aah yes, Tracy Chapman :-)

    fevereiro 2007
  • cartesienne

    I'm a huge fan of you and your blog, thanks for introducing me to psychill. Shpongle et al rock!

    janeiro 2007
  • seekoh

    Goggling your most played tracks -- I haven't listened to that Sarah album in a while. My fave too.

    dezembro 2006
  • uhell

    your ani-lyrics- page is the best :)

    outubro 2006
  • mEwa

    Hi there! :) Nice taste ;) and a cool photo ;) Cheers from poland!

    julho 2006
  • swirlyboy

    I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness...nice song title...does it sound as good as the title?

    julho 2006
  • Quiplash

    I hereby declare today to be Major Tom Day! 4... 3... 2... 1...

    junho 2006
  • Fox-Renard

    Hi Danah, Read your latest journal. Quite scary, espcially for your ex walking the dog!! Enjoy your trip.

    junho 2006
  • popgurl

    hiya danah, here's to enjoying weirdness :)

    junho 2006
  • al_shashkin

    hi ;)

    maio 2006
  • nananaina

    hi, i saw your blog and i find it really interesting. cheers!

    março 2006
  • LookN0Hands

    and we have the same middle name. weird

    março 2006
  • LookN0Hands

    my name is dana boyd

    março 2006