• Brummie thrashers - criminally underrated and ignored

    Mar 26 2006, 3h56

    Cerebral Fix - along with a host of their contemporaries - made a few albums in the late eighties/early nineties and disappeared whence they came back to deepest, darkest Birmingham.

    A shame really, as they were absolutely killer live - I saw them numerous times, most notably at the Venue in new Cross supporting Napalm Death - and made one absolutely cracking album (Tower of Spite) which, in common with almost every single British thrash album made in that period suffered from absolutely appalling production. Not quite as heavy as most of the other good metal albums released in Britain around that time (Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower etc) and signed to Roadrunner instead of Earache, 'Tower of Spite' was nevertheless a classic.

    From the opening strains of 'Unity for Who' with its killer opening riff, through the title track, 'Circle of the Earth', the superb 'Quest for Midian' and right on to the closer, the hardcore influenced 'Closing Irony' this album was a gem.

    I recently tracked it down on CD - and paid about twenty quid into the bargain. If you get it, go out and do so immediately!

    The rest of their catalogue is not nearly as impressive - in fact I'd give it a swerve. They deserve their place in British thrash history on the strength of 'Tower of Spite' alone