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Mai 23 2008, 18h07

it's about time for another list of songs i've been listening to a lot... this time there's quite like a million of them, since my last list was created last july...so many more songs have been added. it's only natural, hehe. and since i'm pretty much ruled by musi (it expresses so many emotions), i guess i might as well make a post about those songs ;-)

my list is more or less chronological... however, it's hard to list the songs in any particular order, because they've intertwined a lot as many different things were happening in my life, but whatever. anyway, here goes:

Jaromir Nohavica & Cechomor:
Lasko, vonis destem - this song is really beautiful, and it's basically a czech remake of She's Gone. the voice is quite old-fashioned-sounding, but it adds to the romantic feel of the piece... it reminds me of a few rainy summer nights and a few boys come to mind when i think about it... which is true for most of the other songs ;)

Depka - this song seems to be written about me, maybe that's why i like it so much. it's funny, but i can deeply relate to almost every word, and that scares me as much as it fascinates me. i guess i have the same problems as many a slovak girl - go figure ;-)

Paramilitar - a very fun spanish ska piece, which i once deemed to be slovak, albeit i was very, very drunk. ;-) used to listen to it a lot off the jukeboxes in harrachov, so it makes me feel great just listening to it...plus it's a grat song.

Sto zvířat:
Nikdy nic nebylo - also a jukebox favorite, and so true at times, it seems. the lyrics are quite interesting, from the point of view of a guy who is convincing a girl that they never met, so that he can make a brand new start with her... or that's how i interpret it, anyway :p

Dashboard Confessional:
Don't Wait - now this song is really something special... at least to me. it reminds me of the happiest night in my life, which turned out that way because of a certain boy, and it always moves me... </3
Hands Down - this song is really cute too, just rugrat love... aww <3
Ghost of a Good Thing - ...whereas this one is just true. as a person who is battling bad luck, it speaks to me, definitely.

Mňága a Žďorp:
Chces me? Chci te! - now this song is pretty crazy, because it reminds me of a flirty exchange of silly words i had with a boy i was crazy about, but it also tells the truth about how it was all to end - "to na co čekáš, je dávno pryč" :-(

Dalibor Janda:
Pusť k milování rádio - now it's no mystery that i'm quite fascinated by the vocal stylings of Dalibor Janda(am planning to go to one of his concerts in the fall - yay! seriously, folks :p), and i have to say that this song is just great... really gets you in the 80's mood, although the mention of v-shaped legs isn't as sexy as one might think, if you ask me... :p

Chci zas v tobě spát - best. love. song. ever. this is pretty much my favorite song nowadays, it's just so beautiful. is it a cover of somebody else's song or are the guys from lucie just that ingenious? seriously. this gives me goosebumps and a borderline pleasant heartache every time <3

Opowiedz Mi - this song reminds me of a trip i took, which resulted in the happiest moments i've ever experienced, i suppose... it's about leaving and trying to remember all that was. sentimental crap, basically - i hate to be so mushy and actually admit to it :p

Justin Timberlake:
My Love and Summer Love - these two, especially the latter, remind me of a fling i had, which i would've loved to have go on. unfortunately it just wasn't fated, no matter how much justin croons "this just can't be summer love"...

Please Take Me Home - "this is the best time we ever had", and so on. starting to see a pattern here?
Everytime I Look for You - classic blink, upbeat and whiny, but in a good way.
What's My Age Again? - my 23-year-old song, along with Twentythree.

The Killers:
When You Were Young and All These Things That I've Done - two songs that have helped me out a lot with some stuff i was going through. the first gives me hope and the second helps me accept my mistakes and live with them.

Divokej Bill:
Lásko - reminds me of a certain "soldier", suffice to say that much there... ;-) and of Divokej Bill's concert at keltská noc in harrachov last august... <3
Malování - this song is so sad :-( sad, but true, and that's why i keep coming back to it, even though it is a bit ominous...
ALKOHOL - a very quintessential message lies in this one. my friend alcohol and me, we go way back, but we also have our issues, and those need to be resolved. so much for that :p

Vypsaná Fixa:
Dezolát - one of their newer songs, kind of calm, but works that way on me too, so i find it good. i like to think of myself as a sort of "dezolát"... maybe that's why i lke it so much.
Samurajské meče - now this is really one of my favorite songs, of theirs and overall. it has a kind of rainy feel to it, and i like the message - i guess agreeing on your destiny, no matter how grim, is something i view as praiseworthy. and that's how i interpret the lyrics, so yeah. :p

Zwykły dzień - this song is pretty cool, kind of reminds me of the beatles somehow. plus, the lyrics are downright crazy, nonsensical and all over the place - gotta love it :D
Alexander - this song perfectly suited a certain life situation i had, and i found that pretty scary... but myslovitz seem to have that particular motive down to an art ;-)
Chciałbym umrzeć z miłości - this song is very pretty, but also depressive. after the reality of a certain something sank in, i was pretty depressed but delighted at the same time, and this was rather calming to listen to.

The Cardigans:
Losing A Friend - this song is really cool, even though i don't think it was a single or anything. it's quite dramatic and i actually did lose a friend after listening to it... for a while anyway. i hate it when music comes back to haunt me, but it's kind of exciting when it does...

Iné kafe:
Ráno - now this band is another lifesaver in the music industry, haha. this song is great, it has such a positive message: even if you're down now and everything is going wrong and pissing you off, it's not the end, but just the beginning. sounds good to me!
Ružová zahrada - also a good message: life isn't a pink garden (thank God, lol), you can dream only while you sleep, sometimes people leave and that's life... not as optimistic, but true
ďakujeme vám - i really like this one, because it's a good way to say goodbye to all the people i don't need in my life... not like i really need to do that, but it just reminds me of that somehow.
Leto na Ukrajine - this one's just fun :-))

Jaksi Taksi:
Jdeme dál - this is pretty optimistic, kind of a life goes on type of thing going on... lovesit!
Hra na Prawdu - i like this one because it's about rumors and fighting for the truth, and i really needed to hear something like that at one point...
Všechno dobrý - another good-bye song, sadly it's come in handy in the past :-(
Kde je domov můj? - this expresses my feelings toward czech rep, i guess...even though it's a satire of their national anthem, i feel like it's true when i'm there sometimes. oh well. what can you do?

Príliš veľa sentimentu - another lifesaver, really. too much sentiment in life will lead you to trouble. and that's that! but this is really optimistic...in a way.

Wanastowi Vjecy:
Protože voníš - this is a pretty cute song, it makes me laugh and i kind of relate to it...;-)
Myslím na tebe - also really cute, and half sung in slovak, so yay! :D

Fall Out Boy:
Roxanne - i absolutely love this version of the song, i know the police original is great and classic, but i enjoy this one much more...plus it has sentimental value to me, to some extent.
Thnks fr th Mmrs - this one's kind of cute, but also ominous in the way it applies to things that have happened to me... a bit bittersweet, but therein lies its charm.
I've Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song) - now this one is really sad and i can totally relate to it... like it was written about me. memoirs of a failure, if you will :-(
7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen) - never thought this would apply to me, but it did. crazy.

Ewa Farna:
Ticho - now i know this girl is only like 14 and many people think it's embarrassing to listen to her, but say what you will: this song is really nice! just some way decent pop rock, and i like the lyrics too.

Chci se bavit - now this is the first czech band i ever listened to and this song was my feel-good anthem for a certain trip i went on, where i was supposed to just live it up and not care about anything. worked more or less, and song's quite nice!
Láska a jiná násilí - a very true song about being afraid of living and loving... taught me a few things, actually.
Podléhám - this song is so cool... has sort of a blues-y feel to it, and is really romantic, i suppose.
Tichej pláč - hmmm...well, this one's another saddie... but also true, and i think it applies to a lot of girls, not only me.
žil byl... - yet another tearjerker, but it has a nice message and is a bit hopeful.

Amy Winehouse:
Back to Black - story of my life... sort of. amy's got it down!
Rehab - same here...LOL ;-) but seriously folks: it's a classic, i can't help it :D

Seka Aleksic:
Aspirin - this song is so fun!!! it'll always remind me of this year's trip to planica, slovenia - it's kind of tacky but was a big hit at the parties, so it brings back a lot of memories.

Samo Edini - now this band is really great but so far i've only discovered this many of their songs. and this one here is the first one i really loved...don't you think it's kind of moving?
Platina - a bunch of crap about a boy who says the girl he loved chose kitsch over platinum - as expected, i can relate. sorta. ;-)
Japan - no clue what this one's about (uh, japan?), but i love the whole bunch of string instruments... i love them violins, i sure do :D
Neki Sladkega - this is a cover of a Big Foot Mama, but having heard the original, i have to say that siddharta's version is much better. it's live and it's excellent and very moving. has some very sentimental value as well, so it's a winner...

Britney Spears:
Piece of Me - okay, i know Britney Spears is kind of embarrassing to listen to, but seriously: these new songs are great! this one's really smart and i can sort of relate to it, even though i don't have paparazzi on my ass - pardon, derriére - all the time :p
Break the Ice - love this one as well, really good for dancing, plus it reminds me of a certain situation, so i feel good when i listen to it... or depressed... whichever comes first. :s

Nelly Furtado:
Promiscuous Girl - Nelly Furtado has a whole bunch of great songs, and this is one of them. it also reminds me of a certain situation, which is why i've been listening to it so much.

Tiziano Ferro:
Imbranato - a pretty unnerving love song by this charming italian singer... lovesit!

čierna diera - a friend showed me this slovak song on some online radio and it seemed nice enough... but then stuff happened that was much like the text in the song, so it kind of brings me down... but that's life.

Things Will Never Be the Same - another sad but true piece. what more is there to say?

Special - hasn't everyone felt this way about someone?

Robbie Williams:
Sexed Up - or this way, for that matter?

Hráč - i really like this band, even though the only other song of theirs i know is Chtěl jsem mít - both are right up my 80's glam rock alley :-) plus this one has a great message in the lyrics, about fairness and what not ;-)

The Chemical Brothers:
Get Yourself High - and, finally, i found this song on a website lately, and it's really fun, can't stop listening to it. :-D

and that's about it! i know there's a lot of songs and the post is not exactly entertaining, but it's kind of interesting to me (or will be in a few months or years), and where else to post it if not on my own last.fm? you know it.

čau :p


  • sioux7

    Nice pieces taken! Chci Zas V Tobě Spát should be original - by David Koller (a Lucie member). I don't find it Lucie's best piece but as for Koller himself, it probably is. Try Srdce. Vypsaná Fixa - hell yeah! Both tracks are simply outstanding. I think Dezolát and 33 cigaret are the two best songs on Fenomén. For a silent but strong tune try 03.45: No Sleep. Chinaski never disappoint to put me in any mood I need them to get me in :) It still makes me sad when I think about what happened to their drummer this summer :( It was Michal Malátný's (the frontman) best friend as well, which is one more reason why they didn't perform on Benátská noc this year. Check out Skončili jsme. They played this on his funeral. Despite the title, it's kinda optimistic. Remakes seem to be nothing to offend you which is why the last but one recommendation goes to Wanastowi Vjecy version of Variace na renesanční téma (original by Vladimír Mišík). If nothing, I guess you might like this piece. And the lyrics? Goosebumps. What more to say. Some fun in the end? You Betcha! Btw, been to Poland this summer and must admit although I've spent most time in Oświęcim, it's been one of the best trips I've experienced :) Didn't expect people to be this friendly and beer this good :D Take care and hold on.

    Set 1 2008, 18h13
  • zayonchek

    thanks for the recommendations, i'll definitely d/l the songs and check them out, i'm always looking for new things to listen to :-) so chci zas v tobe spat is not a lucie song? btw maybe you can tell me if there's a different version of it than the one off "lucie v opere"? oh, chinaski were actually the first czech band i ever started listening to... and yes, i was very sad when i heard the bad news :-( no wonder they didn't come to benatska noc...how was it anyway? i really wanna go one summer, because so many of my favorite bands are there... so far i've only been to keltska noc twice. glad you liked it in little old poland :-) if you liked oswiecim, you'll really like krakow too, i think the friendliness would be matched :-) and if you should happen to visit kraktown as i like to call it, give me a holler... always nice to have a beer with nice czech people :) thanks again for your insights and take good care. -ania

    Set 1 2008, 19h53
  • sioux7

    Chci zas v tobě spát was originally released on David's debut, but since he's a Lucie member, he's decided to perform his undoubtedly most successful single along with the band. The original was without the strings, not a big difference. Sad to say I have a low quality one. Look it up with David's name. I can give you the low bitrate version of mine as well. Benátská noc had its finest weather I've enjoyed there since 2005. My highlight was Tata Bojs performance - the first time I've seen them live. Marvellous. Unfortunately, I can't rate this festival very accurately cos I haven't been to any other yet. Me and friends simply like it there (as you can see on my flickr profile ;) ). I'm gonna try something more next year probably. Yes, I've been to Krakow, too! Great atmosphere, took us some time to find the old town though :D Oh and we were hoping to taste some typical polish food but all we found were KFC's, McD's, Chinese bistro's and kebab & gyros takeaways, so we ended up in a pizzeria :) Again, I've taken some pics there (but not many due to low battery), as you can see. If we happened to revisit the city, you'd be reported for sure! :) Lukáš P.S.: Last recommendation goes to Umakart. Forgot to mention this project in the last post. Mostly melancholic, urban style. Nic Se Nestalo, Doba ledová, Senior Klub are my faves.

    Set 1 2008, 20h54
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