8-bit releases by ZZZV '09


Jan 19 2009, 13h30

* A L B U M S
>> FELL PLOT added March 2nd
written for the 2009 RPM Challenge. Eight songs, thirty-eight minutes, all composed in FamiTracker with VRC6 expansion. Each song is in a different style and none of those styles are much to do with dance or rock music. haven't even started trying to get this on a netlabel yet so ahoy filesharing sites.

>> MOLE SOUL EP added April 12th
a collection of my favourite pre-VRC6 songs, totalling about 25 minutes of music. they all meander and fizz. half of these have already appeared on various compilations but they are all REMASTERED by Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions so they finally sound competent. hosted on the II netlabel.

i am an ifh-biff efreet ok

* C O M P S
A new Zan-zan-zawa-veia song features on each of these compilations: alt. time sigs | happy | sea of ice | 28 seconds later | slow down | run (subtitle: music for the distance jogger)

a post-it note on your forehead with an ascii image of a badly-drawn interpretation of a portrait of DJ Tiesto

* M E D I A
a really interesting and kind review of Mysa Fyce

all the uncolored paupers are in everywhere !!

King Crismon Super Mario John quds Tim Follin Fim Tollin Jonathon Davis Dave Dan le Sac v. Scroobius pip Dave Breakfast Lunch Dinner After Dinner supper im a mole im zelda Imelda IDDQD Zaza Grip Ragga Minnie Demars why aren't we in space yet
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