• charts 2011

    Dez 31 2011, 14h00

    That time of the year has rolled around again.

    Not much NUMBER GIRL on my charts this year. No NG song on my top tracks! Gasp! That's a first. Lol. For half of the year I found myself not spending time on long commutes or chilling in my 18C-room. And I finally got the chance to play all those CDs that I bought the last couple of years.

    This is also the year that I obsessively listened to several albums and certain songs until I got sick of them. But I swear I didn't listen to "Like the Weather" that many times. :/ Anyway, Leo Imai and Kimonos were pretty much on repeat for most of this year. I'm also happy to report that a Filipino album (Marty McFly) finally made it to the list. What's even better is that I own the CD (bought it 2004) and I still listen to it regularly.

    I haven't had much interest in stuff that came out this year, but I'll try to check out new music this coming year so I don't end up listening to They Might Be Giant's "Pet Name" on an endless loop like right now as I type this journal. Not to say that I don't like it! I just don't want to get sick of it, ever.
  • A Hundred Alternatives

    Jan 19 2011, 10h24

    This is a list of songs on a (mostly) 90's alternative playlist that I have been trying to build for a while now. Work in progress. I intend to include only tracks which I enjoyed listening to and conjures nostalgia from a decade ago, most of which are long-forgotten songs that I heard on the radio, so a lot of the music from the 90's that I am only discovering now won't be included here. Suggestions are welcome!

    Better Than Ezra - Good
    Blind Melon - Galaxie
    Blur - Song 2
    Catherine Wheel - Delicious
    Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the Pain
    Eels - Novocaine for the Soul
    Elastica - Connection
    Everclear - Wonderful
    Faith No More - Epic
    Fiona Apple - Shadow Boxer
    Fuel - Bittersweet
    G. Love & Special Sauce - Rodeo Clowns
    Garbage - Special
    Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy
    God Lives Underwater - From Your Mouth
    Goldfinger - Here In Your Bedroom
  • My Top Lists 2010

    Jan 1 2011, 5h06

    It's that time of the year again.

  • 54-71 true men of non-doing lyrics

    Dez 29 2010, 6h53

    true men of non-doing (2003)

    All songs written by 54-71

    emolition man

    do you feel lonely
    don't wanna hurry i can help if you only
    let me feel you if you want hot tell me
    'cause i get caught up in a life i live heaven see me
    i've never thought i got the time when i would calm down
    do you see me, i've been known the clown and get around
    that's my name, see yo sleepin' deep you lookin' good
    yes it's true, got a feel like a sex incense
    you killing me with your evil eyes match right
    don't be mean 'cause i hate it when you act like
    you don't know me, you been tired in the spotlight
    you need the silence and the business a lot like
    a crap game ain't no time for commitment
    i never go can be with you every minute miss, got another show
    and even though i know we not the one night stands
    glance at me, now your sex incense going on

    oh, i'm a man like you known me, take my hand
    'cause even clown get lonely, understand
    even the nervous shy man need attention
    catch me, call me up, the telephone ring a ding
    i wanna take you to the sea shore in the park
    let's get a place, so i can touch you in the dark
    now your eye sight holds me tight
    don't need light so i can see you by the moonlight hold you tight

    will i cheat or will i be committed
    nobody knows gettin' weal and i wanna hit it
    so i go out with my bicycle in morning
    getting high i can hear your sweet calling
    i'm going by you baby know i'm balling
    and heaven gotta keep myself from falling
    but it's hard all the cuties don't know men under pressure
    what do i do, i got freaky, when you pull your dress up
    sayin' so bored, should i give up or should i wait a while
    you decide, if whisper that i don't want you
    that's a lie, come closer let you whisper
    some dirty words, in my ears when you hold me tight
    i kiss your curve slow down, baby
    i love the slow motion, baby
    so let it go, open your box to your rainfall i'm in heaven
    it's all right, i'll let all of myself put your inside


    i got me worried, stress on my face is worry
    the question is whether i live, no one in the world loves me
    i'm headed for danger, don't trust stranger, put me in a chamber
    up to my neck i pull the bed covers
    the question i wonder is after death. i fill my last breath
    when i finally get to rest through this depression
    don't let depression make me panic
    and when i get stranded and things don't go the way i planned it

    italian, carribean, trebian, restaurant, night
    can you put your booty booty up in my spaghetti
    italian, carribean, trebian, restaurant, night
    once you get pumping, it's hard to make you safety stop

    pictures of my mother of my surface when i dreaming
    singin' daddy, singing full of flying angels
    already crazy and screaming
    i guess the nightmare as a child had me scared
    so i ain't gonna get out of my sweet bed
    i ain't dreaming of riches and of positions
    i ain't even got to listen to all the stupid shit you got to say
    i don't wanna do anything i wanna do
    i don't wanna go and party

    italian, carribean, trebian, restaurant, night
    can you put your booty booty up in my spaghetti
    italian, carribean, trebian, restaurant, night
    once you get pumping, it's hard to make you safety stop


    i always shoot you with my gun
    i wanna wake up with many teeth marks
    watch it baby you might give me an idiot


    lord have mercy please help us all
    sice i got your phone number i can't help but call
    time for action, celebration, we relaxin', kickin' back

    sunday morning

    sometimes you win or lose, get choose or chose
    there's really nothing you can do
    i knew i couldn't stop myself
    even i was about to lose control

    sipping heaven champagne where angels soar
    you give it all, give it all, we got you hot

    so i glace at you. you glance at me
    i whispered in your ear. you wanna be with me
    your miracle eyes just blazed my mind
    you're shakin' up my soul you just tumbled down

    sipping heaven champagne where angels soar
    you give it all, give it all, we got you hot

    sunday morning make love to you
    we'll be so happy again
    how could i let you fall out of love
    findin' my face in your eyes
    spending all of my days and nights
    yeah i always love you
    you such a pretty my angel love
    flat on your back in my bed

    the tensions raise me up, giving a fuck
    this empty space my heart. you filled it up
    if you stop i'm a put the killer ants in your pants
    just dance if you caught up in a holy ghost drunk

    sipping heaven champagne where angels soar
    you give it all, give it all, we got you hot

    tea for two

    you're nursing my baby boy cat that you're nursing
    the trash that i always take out
    the chair that i wanna love to chill in
    every time my food on the table at the end of the day
    my house that you stay home everyday
    four women in black passin' my window it's sunday
    and when the sun comes churning down
    summer and winter and summer and summer and winter again
    your steps and my steps got a harmony
    long walks in the morning that's better for my body
    we were peeking into windows watching tired housewives
    trying to fight a battle with their mad-beer husbands
    we always home and we do it laugh together
    eating, watching tv, and taking baths together
    went through sunny and nasty weather
    my feelings show they self so i ain't have to tell you
    and i would never try to use you

    you just make me want to say to you i'm so happy
    you will be my sugar and you'll be my tea
    i'll be your sugar and you'll be my tea
    and windows are covered with our steam. feel like i'm free
    talkin' about where you went to school and where you were born
    who you were in love with, tell me some more
    show me some photos of your rabbit
    a little bit drunk and a little bit crazy and hungry
    it was a fine day the world looks so good
    i feel i'd like to be swimming or fishing or sleeping deep in you
    that's what i wanna do
    don't ask me what i'm doing cause i'm thinking about you my pumpkin
    i'd like to be your lipstick that you put on
    i'd like to be the straw that you sip through softly
    i'd like to be the ring on your middle toe
    as i smile through your smile i'm so happy
    there's nothing new for you to do the simple thing of normal life

    true man of non-doing

    true man of non-doing join the party
    true man of non-doing drink a coffee
    true man of non-doing need attention
    true man of non-doing muscle hustle
    true man of non-doing drink a vodka
    true man of non-doing got a woman
    true man of non-doing join the party
    true man of non-doing join the party


    polish my pistol, prepare for battle pass the pump
    when i get to popping, i'm dropping then i done
    calling the coroner, come collect the fuckin' corpse
    i got it by her freaky magic touch because
    she's a hot number from outer space
    i'm afraid of her, she controls my mind
    like how? like anything she says i have to do
    suppose she told me to eat my poo poo
    i think i would...
    i tell you is that they're billions of women
    some look alright most look pretty good
    but every now and then nature pulls a wild trick
    she's the most beautiful woman in the galaxy
    she told me that she'd always be thinking of me
    she said she never put no one above me
    she said she wanted me to know that she really did love me
    except her cat, he's a galaxy

    i don't have to speak, she defends me
    if i spring a leak, so she mends me
    so when i close my eyes it's you
    no matter what i do, i can't get away from you
    because of your beauty, the air got jealousy
    you can't even take a breath so i always kiss you
    i care too much to hurt you
    and i need you too much to lose you
    from your thighs to your hips to the curve on your lip
    which makes my head spin, no lie it's true
    people say i'm just pussy whipped
    a lot of men like that


    now we been stickin' it for quite some time
    remained beside me through my trial in this life of shame
    i love you so many times i forgot to count
    i never hit you, not a coward, never leave the house
    remember back in november when we were tight
    sipping sake and beer and wine whiling every night
    in your bedroom, promise that i never leave you
    soon deep kiss me every you see me stepped inside a room straight out a hood
    i promise to be fine to each other and i need you
    so i know you're gonna be a good mother
    try to understand if i change in time
    it's only cause i've never felt me just i'm yours
    no need to cry, so i wipe your tears
    be a woman why you act surprised. you saw the bullshit
    lookin' so sad. you should have thought about it
    baby say you learn, i truly wanna know it, i don't doubt it
    look at you walking and talking to little cat with your eyes and mouth
    heaven watch over love seeds, help me, guide them out
    had change my whole life style
    gonna be with my mama, make her your mama, now i'm trying to be a man
    maybe in time i'll be a good man
    watchin' the older couples, kicking it like veterans
    show me the meaning of forever and together we rise if it'd help our love grow and
    together we die. why question my love it's so clear to see
    without my family all you're left with is a shadow of you after all
    the nightmare and the nights alone
    now it's time to got a good life,
    maybe in time, i'll be a good man
    watchin' the older couples, kicking it like veterans
    show me the meaning of forever and together we rise
    if it'd help our love grow then together we die
    remember back in november

    i'm in love

    you say i am foolish man
    but there's no doubt in my heart
    i'm in love, so i don't care
    don't touch the diamond in my heart

    i'm not the yappie who you dream
    my heart filled with whole lotta love for you
    don't be afraid fallin' love with me
    i swear to live my life for you

    i believe that you will be there
    you shed your tears i'll be there for you
    one tenderness, your only wish
    i give you seven happiness

    la la la la...

    you don't know how much i love you
    so i wrote the song
    to tell my love for you
    across the sky

    i am so much in love with you
    so i sing the song
    whenever, wherever
    how high the sky

    you don't know how much i love you
    so i wrote the song
    to tell my love for you
    across the sky

    i am so much in love with you
    so i sing the song
    whenever, wherever
    how high the sky
  • Last Goodbye

    Nov 7 2010, 0h17

    For the past couple of weeks I had been trying to build a 90's alternative playlist on my iTunes and had been thinking of songs that I would include in it. Somewhere along the way, mainly due to poor reception of themed web radios because of my internets, I had gone into thinking about songs that I would request on a Remote Control Weekend when I get back home for the holidays.

    That was why it became such a shock to learn that NU 107 is closing shop on November 7.

    I started listening to NU 107 when the then-Pinoy underground rock radio LA 105.9 had Parokya ni Edgar's "Don't Touch My Birdy" in heavy rotation. I liked playing the radio loud on our old Sharp karaoke, and I got weary of rushing back to the house to tune it down when that song came up (I didn't want my parents to hear it; my mother had burned our copy of Green Day's Dookie before so I wanted to spare them from having two hemorrhages apiece when they hear that song). A few months later, LA switched to a pop format and I had moved my radio dial to 107.5 FM for good.

    I was a radio addict in high school. I'd tune in to NU every single day and get a kick from listening to alternative rock. For some years I had religiously tuned in on some Saturday nights (or mostly the Wednesday re-runs) and wrote down the top tracks in The Midnight Countdown. On the last day of the year I'd switch on my radio at six AM and listen the entire day and jot down the songs that made it into Countdown 107. Of course, there were blanks in my list as I couldn't be sitting by the radio the entire time. I also wrote down the songs I liked during the year (in alphabetical order) in an old notebook. I think the only thing I did not attempt to do was chart the Z Rock 50, which aired on Sunday afternoons.

    I also made mixtapes and would eagerly wait for my favorite songs to play and have the record button at the ready. A couple of these mixtapes still exist, albeit with moth-eaten clarity, broken intros and DJ chatter. I'll probably post the track list when I get the chance to listen to it again when I come home.

    Other than the music, I was also a fan of the radio station itself. I liked listening to the radio talk shows. One of the things I liked about moving to the town high school in my second year was that I had a chance to listen to Zack and Joey in the Morning. They cracked me up and got me in a good mood when I left the house (which is saying a lot since I also had my share of teenage angst). Some long-distance phone calls were also made to participate in discussion in Zack & Joey as well as song requests on Remote Control Weekends. I wished I had listened more to Not Radio so I could've gotten to hear those lesser-known indie bands. And maybe some more Pavement.

    I also looked forward to special programs such as one on Valentine's Day (they played some anti-VD songs like Put3ska's "Taksil") and Glamaramagain, when they featured rock ballads like The Damn Yankees' "High Enough." Their April Fools programming was also highly-anticipated, when everything goes on a weird time space warp and Francis Brew (or at least his DJ persona) transforms into a screaming tranny and they play songs only from a certain era. I also went to cast my vote for the NU 107 Rock Awards (and get a free sticker) when the rolling polling booth came to Manila when I was attending university.

    I still listened to the radio in college but not as frequently as before as I stayed in a dorm for a couple of years without an mp3 player or a radio. As the millennium rolled by, new music got a bit less interesting and eventually the rise of emo and pop punk alienated me. I had also started exploring Japanese music because of an increased ease of access to the internet, and when discovered Asian Kung-Fu Generation some years ago, I had been roped into listening to Japanese music exclusively. In those years, I only had a handful of fun nights listening to Quark and Diego on their late night Tuesday show Let's Fun.

    I know having an interest in jrock is a bit weird and unusual. I did attempt several times to go back to listening to local and English-language bands on NU, but the music sounded too different and lacked personality. I also hated the fact that the roster was peppered with a lot of 'emo' bands that had shallow lyrics and all sounded the same. Plus everything that got into the mainstream got swallowed by kids who wanted to be 'cool' and made rock more like a fashion statement and an excuse to be 'gloomy'. Posers galore. Sometimes I wish that the boyband fad never died out.

    I sound too harsh and vindictive on that one. It could be because people like us who genuinely liked rock music for the pure joy that it gave us had always been minorities... And closet elitists. Still, I think the massive commercialization of rock led to more bands that made bland, factory-generated music that the general public eats up and had no appeal to folks like us who grew up listening to alternative. Or maybe people like us just couldn't move on and ride the tides of modern rock.

    So for a few years now I had been listening to Japanese music almost exclusively, with the exception of some 90's music for the nostalgia. I hadn't been thinking of NU much except for possible song requests when I go back home. The news that NU is succumbing to a pop format pretty much came as a shock, although I felt that it was going to happen sooner or later, what with a generation of estranged old listeners like me and the slow dismantling of the old establishments; the old Club Dredd is no more and even its recent reincarnation has folded. Mayric's and that bar in East Service Road in Sucat whose name I cannot remember has changed the kind of music that gets played in their stages. The easy access to music that the internet affords also made the radio easy to pass up.

    Touring bands had also pretty much ignored the Philippines. I had been too poor and too young to attend a big rock concert (the last of which, IMO, was the MTV Alternative Nation Tour with Sonic Youth, Rage Against the Machine and the Foo Fighters). I've never ever listened to music in a bar. But I had the radio. It felt like it was something I could go back to, even if it's just on weekends when I can indulge in old songs and drown mysenses in nostalgia. But now even the last fortress has been breached. I have not listened to NU for years, but it feels like I'm losing something of myself. It's like I'm casting off my old self to finally grow up, when those memories of idle afternoons listening to songs I loved become things of the past.

    NU 107 had a good 23 years, but they could've at least waited until the 27th! Then again, it's something that cannot be helped. This is not the first time that a radio station reformatted to cater to pop. But it's going to be the first time (in recent memory, at least) that there would be no modern rock station in Manila. The airwaves are buzzing but barren. But we go on with our daily lives. Maybe the local rock scene will go underground again and emerge into a new and more productive era, like what it did in the mid-90's in LA 105.9. Or maybe a new radio station that plays only alternative music will come up, but that's only wishful thinking.

    This bottle of beer is for you
    Thank you

    Wolfmann - "Beer" (Diner)

  • My Top Lists for 2009

    Dez 31 2009, 17h58

    It's the New Year, so I'm gonna copy pasta my charts for the past 12 months:

    Of course, Number Girl is still on top of my artist list. Can't really get sick of their music. Another band that I really liked this year was Cowpers (more defunct Japanese groups, lol). I really dig their album Yurashi Tsuzukeru. It's a masterpiece.

    Some old favorites are also in my top tracks this year, including NG's "Nichijou ni ikiru shoujo" and "Trampoline Girl". And I really can't help but listen repeatedly to catchy tracks like "Lovi" from the Quruli/Rip Slyme collaboration. Needless to say, Stereo Fabrication of Youth's "Sayonara no Hanataba" was often a staple of my playlist on my homeward commute.

    Surprisingly, my most-scrobbled album for 2009 was the Nodame Cantabile soundtrack. I must admit that I was smitten with classical music (or at least the pieces featured in the series) that I ended up listening to the album a lot, especially before I go to sleep. Anyways, I tend to listen to an album compulsively once I really get into it. Still, it's nice that I managed to have some time for music appreciation even if I had been so occupied with all my other distractions for most of the year.

    I don't know if there will be much action on my charts in the coming year, considering that I don't take the 4-hr commute to and from work anymore, and the fact that I haven't been updating myself with Japanese music for about half the year now.

    God, I'm sleepy. It's 1.58 am.
  • Fishmans - Ikareta Baby romanized lyrics

    Jun 30 2009, 15h47


    Kanashii toki ni ukabu no wa itsudemo kimi no kao datta yo
    Kanashii toki ni warau no wa itsudemo kimi no koto datta yo

    Hito wa itsudemo mienai chikara ga hitsuyou dattari shiteru kara
    Kanashii yoru mo mikaketara kimi no koto wo omoidasu no sa

    Mado no soto ni wa hikaru hoshizora
    Kimi wa mienai mahou wo nageta
    Boku no mienai tokoro de nageta
    Sonna ki ga shita yo

    Suteki na kimi wa baby ikareta boku no Baby
    Yoru no SUKIMA ni Kiss nagete yo
    Tsukiyo no ban no Baby ikareta kimi wa baby

    Suteki na kimi wa baby ikareta boku no baby
    Yoru no SUKIMA ni Kiss nagete yo
    Yuuutsu na toki mo Baby ikareta kimi wa Baby

    Kanashii toki ni ukabu no wa itsudemo kimi no kao datta yo
    Kanashii toki ni warau no wa itsudemo kimi no koto datta yo

    Japanese lyics:
  • Another morning.

    Set 15 2008, 23h19

    Happy re-birthday.

    Wonder how this day will turn out. Because so far, it's been awesome. Woke up to find a new Nodame chapter out. It was unexpected because I thought the mangaka, Tomoko Ninomiya, was on maternity leave. Anyway, read chapter 126. And I'd be spending the rest of my days agonizing over it. Lol, I kid.

    Well, yesterday was kind of heavy. And even if I still recall it, listening to the pillows exclusively again after a long time makes me feel a little better. It's their 19th. Another morning.
  • Ehhh?

    Jul 17 2008, 16h35

    So here I was, closing down some programs running on my PC, and deciding to check my profile before finally going to bed. New layout, huh. This entry's title was my literal reaction. This feels so much like Facebook, meh. I think I like the old layout better. Less clutter, more organized. But at least I can finally see my loved tracks, haha (I end up "loving" a song more than once because I have difficulty remembering whether I had done that before or not). Anyway, not much time to spend exploring this, so I'm off.

    (-__-) zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • STAN - Ai ni sakarauna romanized

    Abr 12 2008, 16h36

    Ai ni sakarauna
    I know

    Ai wo shitteru sonna ki ga shiteiru
    Yure nagara boku wa egaiteiru
    Sora ni agatte yuku boku wa nagameteiru
    Subete wakatteiru sonna ki ga shiteiru
    Sou da ai ni sakarauna

    Yami wo miteru sonna ki ga shiteiru
    Uso tsuite boku wa agaiteiru
    Sora ni agatte yuku boku wa nagameteiru
    Nanimo wakacchainai sonna ki ga shiteiru
    Sou da yami wo osoreruna

    Soko de muri wo shinaide yasume yo
    Isogashii yo no naka wo subete wasurete yasume yo
    Sei no bi shite shinkokyuu

    Yume wo miteru sonna ki ga shiteiru
    Ude no naka de boku wa nemutteiru

    Japanese lyrics: