• the cinematic orchestra - to build a home

    Nov 1 2009, 15h11

    fir, heavily laden
    boughs straining with the first signs of winter
    where once i had walked with you
    i now walked alone
    the crunch of fresh powder
    the lone trail of prints
    feeling your fingers still
    where they had once been entwined,
    but that day
    was the first of many
    with naked hands, fingers aching
    for the security of your soft touch
    the fir seemed resigned to its fate
    bending, groaning
    but resolute in its pursuit of beauty
    so i took heed
    and trudged on, forging a new path
    where we had never been
    & would never go
    the newness of it all is the sharpness of it all
    footsteps heavy, it starts to sink in.
    theres no us, when theres no you
    there is me, i am here
    that is all
    pulling the scarf up snug
    its all a matter of distance
    & that is easy to do
    for the better? for the worse? for good, certainly
    the fir doesnt argue
    & neither did i, when it came to it
    i looked into your eyes, & i saw the truth you spoke
    i turned away, for you could not see my truth
    shattering, splintering & drifting down to earth
    to rest on these firs


    the solemnity
    of a sunday truly alone
    needs no pews & no spire
    to impart its holiness

    the wind in the leaves
    the glow of a cigarette
    the current & its ripples
    & hands stuffed into pockets

    these are my hymns

    ashes & glances
    an empty apartment
    a wicker chair
    & a notebook

    these are my sermon

    and i must be my own savior
    for the day is too long
    to stay as i am

    as i drift away
    i hear one last
    and all is silent
  • is daytime drunkeness permissable?

    Out 27 2009, 13h38


    i believe there are certainly instances where this is the case. though i myself think watching baseball or football is akin to watching paint dry, i hear tell that this a perfectly acceptable time to wield a beer or five. in the immediate aftermath of a good wedding, or even a good divorce i suppose, its simply par for the course. university-mandated reading days during exams? edging closer to the gray areas of socially acceptable behavior, but harmless nonetheless.

    now this is by no means an exhaustive list, but i would like to categorically deny the acceptability of reeking of booze at 3 in the afternoon for certain categories of people: practicing physicians. anyone driving. president obama (vp biden, youre cool. get schwasted). knife-wielding butchers. tightrope walkers. and high school teachers.

    i dont think im being unreasonable here. high school students are young and impressionable. they also happen to be dumb and itching for trouble. and here in china, there is no enforced drinking age.

    so imagine my dismay (ok, full disclosure: more like amusement) when i discovered my boss, the schools foreign affairs officer, drunk as all get out this afternoon. the first thing i noticed was the fairly unreasonable demand that i attend a two hour lecture by a reputedly famous chinese lecturer. i say unreasonable for a few reasons. the lecture would obviously be delivered in chinese, and though i came here to learn chinese lets be just aint there yet. conversations are manageable because people can talk around the sticky points, rephrasing and explaining, even flat out miming. but this guy is delivering a speech to over 4,000 chinese people, and hes not going to even know im in attendance, let alone coddle me.

    the second reason i call this demand unreasonable is its supposed to be at least a two hour speech. the only people i want to hear speak for two hours are obama, fareed zakaria, my best friend, and maybe nate silver. thats it. the third reason? the lecture is entitled 让生命充满爱, or 'make life full of love.' nuff said.

    then i noticed his gentle swaying, yet there was no breeze. a complete collapse in english sentence-making abilities. then i caught whiff of a familiar scent and immediately looked a little more closely at his eyes. well ill be damned sir, you are lit.

    so heres to you, mr. enjoyed responsibly.

    and for the record, i could hear the fucking speech from my apartment anyway.

    good thing its after nine oclock so i can hit the sauce, and the floor, with this:

    radioclit - secousse (crookers spino remix)
    south rakkas crew - mad again (jokers of the scene remix)
    kid cudi vs crookers - day'n'night (rusko's big trombone remix)
    terry lynn & johan hugo - jamaican girls (clean edit)
    the very best - julia (featuring kano)
    santogold - creator
    metronomy - a thing for me (sinden remix)
    css - let's make love (rac remix)
    passion pit - the reeling (miike snow remix)
    boy 8-bit - the suspense is killing me (drop the lime remix)
    bonde do role - gasolina (fake blood remix)
    south rakkas crew - mad again (boy 8-bit remix)
    boy 8-bit - the cricket scores (original mix)
    hot chip - wrestlers (sticky dirty pop mix)
    little boots - stuck on repeat (fake blood remix)
    major lazer - keep it goin' louder (featuring nina sky & ricky blaze)
    hot chip - touch too much (fake blood remix)
    yoav - club thing (rac remix)