• Excellent and intimate gig.

    Nov 4 2007, 7h48

    Sat 3 Nov – Pineapple Thief

    (from TPT forum).

    Just got back from Redbourne...........

    Well actually I'm staying the night in St. Albans, (making a weekend of it).

    What can I say................awesome band. brilliant

    Due to size of the venue, this would perhaps be described as an intimate Gig. That said, anyone who was there witnessed, "a happening". One of those, "I was there", sort of gigs.

    The highlight was almost certainly the, "world premier" of "what have we sown" which was played in the main note perfect. There were to my knowledge at least two major-ish f**k-ups along the way, but both were disguised reasonably well. Obviously this adds to the occasion.

    Other highlights in my opinion were: God bless the child and Little Man.

    All in all an excellent night, worth the £5 admission fee, many times over.

    This band deserve to be seen on a much bigger stage, but that is how it seems to go.

    best wishes one and all

    barnes. ( he of blue & oranges shirt and flip-flops)