Fightstar Shepherds Bush Review


Nov 2 2009, 14h07

Sat 31 Oct – Fightstar

Doors open at 7pm and the queue was filled with people dressed in fancy dress and others just making their way quickly inside the venue.

Although only seeing three songs from this band, it were these songs that made an impact. Prego sounded quite amazing live and i felt that they should not have started first but should have been either the second or third one. Their sound was original but quite like that of Fightstar, but still unique. I'm going to rate this band 4 out of 5 as they were good live and there lyrics and music was very enjoyable. They should hopefully be signed soon as i feel this band has a lot more to give in the future. I would recommend people to see this band!

As not a fan of this band, I felt that on this night they performed quite well. Their music sounds good live, however, the lead singer is not fantastic. Nevertheless, the crowd seemed to enjoy their performance. Overall I am going to rate them with 3 out of 5 because i thought that they performed better than at previous concerts. As this band isn't well-known, they did well to create a wall of death but which turned into a large mosh pit by the time the song had ended.

Again, not a fan of this band and they proved that even more when they decided to get the crowd to scream along with them to their own name 'Saving Amiee.' However, they did get the crowd moving but maybe that was due to the bottles and cups being thrown at them! It seemed that most of the crowd were getting entertainment from them being bottled by members of the audience. However, they carried on with their show and just laughed off the abuse from the crowd. Therefore, i am giving this band 3 out of 5 just because they carried on but also because their instruments throughout were quite good but the lead singer didn't have a voice which really stood out as good!

The set list for the evening was a follows:
Tannhäuser Gate, Colours Bleed To Red, The English Way, City on Fire, Chemical Blood, Mercury Summer, Paint Your Target, Until Then, Amaze Us, We Apologise For Nothing, Grand Unification, Pt. 1, Palahniuk's Laughter, War Machine, Deathcar.
Fightstar an quite an amazing band live, they are much heavier live than what is on their albums which is nice to hear live. The band connected well the the crowd and everyone seemed to be getting involved throughout their set. Near to the end of the encore, Charlie Simpson decided to crowd surf whilst singing. Although this slightly failed, as the crowd dropped after a few seconds; it was amazing to watch. The band wore skeleton costumes to highlight the fact that it was Halloween and this cause the concert to feel more alive. Overall I am going to rate fightstar 4 out of 5 because they are an amazing live band and made it a great gig with the lasers flashing and getting the crowd moving.

Yasmin La Ronde


  • kyeee

    i agree :) great gig :)

    Nov 2 2009, 23h30
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