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  • tu~kindz'

    true...personally i don't listen to a lot of hardcore gangsta rap, by hardcore gangsta meaning the mop, tupac. reason being i don't have any relation to it at all...i hate it when a rapper talks about his money, his bitches & just how much of a thug he is...fine when he talks about how his life is or was & what he did, just don't base your lyrics on that comeon now... people like common, nas, afu ra & planet asia are the perfect representatives of what hip hop is... so if someone tells me they hate hiphop coz its all about guns & gangsta music, i just pisses me off i don't like commercial junk either , 50 cent & all...give me an intelligent conscious rapper & i'm happy... so what does hip hop mean to me??it means having something logical & intelligent to say & just spitting over a hot rhythm...its about listening to an emcee & pausing the track & going like damn that was deep rewinding it & hearing again only to hear something else that makes you rewind & listen again...

    Set 29 2005, 10h37
  • vutterfly

    Wow this is an old journal, but I will comment anyway. My opinion is that hip-pop in like the last 10 years has definitely been a lot less about the story part, and a lot more focused on some refrain music that any moron could identify, etc. But that's hip-pop... there's been a lot of good, real hip-hop that has come out too. ^_^

    Jun 22 2009, 19h36
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