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    Set 19 2012, 15h31

  • Songs I need to recover

    Set 9 2012, 13h09

  • I'm pretty sure every user has noticed this.

    Mai 13 2012, 16h47

    >Discover random profile.
    >Ooh, Super Compatibility.
    >Let's check out artists we have in common on their page. Artists we have in common include Unknown Artist and The Placeholders.

    >So this person seems to really like the Placeholders because they have over 1,000 plays. I never liked them that much but they're still pretty cool. I only have about 100 plays for them.
    My favourite artist of all time, Unknown Artist, seems to have been left unappreciated to this person. This person only has 50 plays for them, while I have exactly 2,916 plays.

    Basically, when we have artists in common, I find one artist amazing while the other person finds them to be mediocre, and vice versa.

    I noticed that this scenario happens a lot with my neighbours. I think it might work out if when we recommend artists, we pick a song we personally don't like that much because then the person you're recommending it to will have a greater chance of finding a good song. It's kinda weird.
  • Journal #1 - VOCALOID

    Jun 19 2011, 16h28

    VOCALOID songs are the most irritating to tag. 1st problem: People tag the Romaji translation of the VOCALOID as the original artist (e.g. Miku instead of 初音ミク).
    Second: Neither of those are correct. They are only voices, VSTs if you will. So the credit should go to the original artist.

    WRONG: Megurine Luka - Just Be Friends
    (Nonononono. As amazing it would be for a program to make it's own music, this is completely wrong. The producer that must be credited to this is Dixie Flatline.)

    WRONG: Dixie Flatline feat. Megurine Luka - Just Be Friends
    (Correct, Luka is the singer's name. However, she belongs to the Japanese VOCALOID so fix that now.)

    WRONG: Dixie Flatline feat.巡音ルカ - Just Be Friends
    (features don't go in the artist tag. Now you're probably thinking,)

    WRONG: Dixie Flatline - Just Be Friends feat.巡音ルカ
    (Megurine Luka is a program basically. You wouldn't see a song called 'Deadmau5 ft. FL Studio' so no credit should be given in the title/artist tag)

    Correct: Dixie Flatline - Just Be Friends
    There you go! If you really want to make note of the VOCALOID singer, put in another tag like 'Comment' or the 'Album' name if it's a solo album (this is directed at the artists publishing the songs. If you are a listener, keep the tags as authentic as possible).