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    Dez 26 2008, 20h47

    Ok... I didn't know there was a journal option on here. I was Saying to AnotherPartLost I thought it was too bad there wasn't just this afternoon. He thought there was and it turns out I just never looked around well enough. :/

    So... What's happening in Jochem's musical mind...

    I found out today, also thanks to AnotherPartLost, with some help from xmosh4jezusx, Wolves in the Throne Room will be playing in 's Hertogenbosch (also called Den Bosch), the Netherlands february 20th 2009. Soooo looking forward to that... I'd rather go see them in Groningen in januari as they're playing alone there and I think at least one of the bands that's playing with WITTR in Den Bosch isn't my cup of tea... But Groningen is damn far away and the show there starts at 22:30... :/
    So Den Bosch it is. Already recieved the tickets through email! :)

    Trying to order a Wolves in the Throne Room Tshirt as well, but with a bit less luck than I had ordering the tickets... I've sent an email to ask for help, hopefully I'll be able to get this shirt as a birthday present soon... :)

    What else...

    I'm enjoying Nachtmystium at the moment. I'm sure I'll be enjoying Weakling as well when it starts in a minute. And I want to play some Xasthur after that. And I would like to watch some more of the Wolves in the Throne Room live at Roadburn 2008 DVD footage as well, but I'm not sure if I'll have time for all that...

    Hope you all had a nice christmas! And all the best for 2009!