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Ago 5 2006, 19h00

welcome friends, to the first in a new series of journal entries in which i will post about bands ive been listening to and enjoying lately which you may not have heard of

first up: Archive

first heard of archive about 10 years ago when the album Londinium came out. it was kinda like... darkish electronicy hiptriphop. since that album though apparently theyve been turning more into a progrock outfit. i downloaded i think their 3rd album a couple of years ago (You All Look The Same To Me) and listened but never really took it in (you know how sometimes when you buy a cd you invest more effort in listening to it properly rather than when you've just got the mp3s...). anyway its a great album too. thinking of getting their latest album but the only place i can find it is amazon us for $28.

SO. here are some tunes to check out:

1. Goodbye - some kinda tragic ballad thing. great vocals
2. Londinium - hiphoppy triphoppy. great strings n warbly sounds
3. Again - 16-minute effort. intro is like 4 minutes+. i love songs that build up for ages
4. So Few Words - another track off londinium
5. Meon - love the backing vocals on this

if anyone wants some mp3s, i can send! just aim me. np
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  • xiuying


    Ago 10 2006, 1h55
  • xiuying

    well this is the last one of these i do ;-) ;-)

    Ago 10 2006, 1h55
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