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Mai 20 2010, 20h40

According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, On March 17th, 2004, this is what the website hxcmp3.com looked like. And according the the great internet wayback wizard of the internets, here lies an account of The Top 100 Songs Listed by Total Plays (streams + downloads) as of the above date. If you weren't around for hxc.mp3 i'll let the site explain:

With over 30,000 hardcore bands and tens of thousands of active listeners HXCMP3.com is THE source for hardcore MP3 downloads. We love hardcore. HXCMP3 is for the music, the people, the content, the heart, the breakdown and the community within hardcore. We strive to lend a free hand towards every hxc artist, with hopes of helping out, furthering and adding fans by making free audio distribution available. You know... hxc for the masses. Thanks for visiting. That being said, on or about April 13th, 2004, I had the genius idea of stream ripping the entire site so i could listen to the top 100 tracks of the site in my hard-corsica (RIP). I got to organizing the first 31 tracks (because that's all that would fit on a Audio CDR) and i burned the rest unorganized to a MP3-CDR. Recently (as in today) I was digging around for an old demo version of the song: The Escape - We Didn't Die Yesterday (demo here: the_escape-demos-2005-xbris.zip) and decided to excavate the box with the contents of my 1st car's interior. Inside my old CD book i found a couple MP3-CDR's with these files on them:
#1 The Chariot - give it a name, call it a franchise
#2 Odd Project - Tear Stained Lies
#3 Holden Caulfield - Sorry About Last Night
#4 Estalline - Breathe In, Destroy
#5 Estalline - The Waitress
#6 I Would Set Myself on Fire for You - The First Word That Comes to Mind
#7 Odd Project - A Perfect Smile and Broken Wings
#8 Across Five Aprils - The Helpless Dreams of an Assassin
#9 Clarity Process - Post Anemia
#10 Since The Flood - In My Way
#11 They Came Burning - pins and needles
#12 Across Five Aprils - Pawn Shop Promises
#13 stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff - Outro Dead Fucking Wrong
#14 HORSE the band - Cutsman
#15 I Would Set Myself on Fire for You - song five this is not mine
#16 Highwater Waltz - real gangstas dont use condoms
#17 Level Plane - Hot Cross - Throw Collars to the Wind
#18 I Would Set Myself on Fire for You - noise the universe had expanded so enormously
#19 Holden Caulfield - Heart Holds True
#20 Robotic Empire - Pageninetynine - Life In A Box
#21 The Bronx - Heart Attack American
#22 First Blood - Suffocate
#23 I Would Set Myself on Fire for You - A Small World (12 string version)
#24 Indianola Records - The Prisoners Dilemma A 3 Second Excerpt
#25 xCherishx - For Yourself
#26 stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff - haastyle
#27 Blood of the Martyr - Shatter The Stone
#28 A Fall Farewell - Seven Seas
#29 A Fall Farewell - Lost in Dreams of You
#30 Holden Caulfield - Complacency Is No Burning Heart
#31 Estalline - The Woman In Red

Download: hardcore_top31_04.13.04-xbris.zip (98.9 MB)

If anyone is interested in the rest of the songs, leave some comments and i'll upload tem. Enjoy this time-capsule treasure trove my hxcmp3 brethren.

Note: These files were all put on hxcmp3 by the artists and were made available to download for free.


  • lightmanx5

    Wow! I have quite a few tracks from hxcmp3.com in my collection, but not all of these. Thanks! ~JOSh-X

    Jul 6 2010, 19h38
  • xbris

    hey lightmanx5, any chance that you could upload those files (mediafire) or just message me a file/dir listing of what you have from hxcmp3.com? thanks in advance if you can! HXCMP3 IS DEAD [RIP] :/ LOVE LING HXCMP3!!!!!

    Jul 7 2010, 6h16
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