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Jul 18 2009, 8h12

Charts Span Months: 1/20/2006 - 7/13/2009.

Monthly Top Artists
Feb-2006 Across Five Aprils (60 plays)
Mar-2006 Pink Floyd (111 plays)
Apr-2006 Billy Joel (94 plays)
May-2006 Tool (66 plays)
Jun-2006 My Chemical Romance (58 plays)
Jul-2006 Eminem (34 plays)
Aug-2006 Fat Joe (51 plays)
Sep-2006 Evergreen Terrace (32 plays)
Oct-2006 August Burns Red (106 plays)
Nov-2006 Pink Floyd (185 plays)
Dec-2006 Queen (152 plays)
Jan-2007 Cat in the Hat (29 plays)
Feb-2007 August Burns Red (27 plays)
Mar-2007 Eminem (228 plays)
Apr-2007 Thrice (129 plays)
May-2007 Bloodhound Gang (64 plays)
Jun-2007 Bloodhound Gang (146 plays)
Jul-2007 Still Remains (117 plays)
Aug-2007 Inspection 12 (86 plays)
Sep-2007 As I Lay Dying (11 plays)
Oct-2007 Jimmy Eat World (164 plays)
Nov-2007 NOFX (36 plays)
Dec-2007 August Burns Red (10 plays)
Jan-2008 Rage Against the Machine (17 plays)
Feb-2008 NOFX (4 plays)
Mar-2008 NOFX (281 plays)
Apr-2008 Eminem (205 plays)
May-2008 Haste the Day (345 plays)
Jun-2008 A Day to Remember (316 plays)
Jul-2008 Austrian Death Machine (355 plays)
Aug-2008 A Day to Remember (35 plays)
Sep-2008 AFI (49 plays)
Dec-2008 Killswitch Engage (30 plays)
Jan-2009 Attack Attack! (156 plays)
Feb-2009 Something Corporate (99 plays)
Mar-2009 Midtown (236 plays)
Apr-2009 A Day to Remember (222 plays)
May-2009 Oceana (283 plays)
Jun-2009 Drop Dead, Gorgeous (302 plays)
Jul-2009 Drop Dead, Gorgeous (101 plays)

Feb-2006 The Bullet Never Lies : Ninjas Killed My Family (Need Money For Karate Lessons) (10 plays)
Mar-2006 Still Remains : Recovery (11 plays)
Apr-2006 Tool : Vicarious (14 plays)
May-2006 Queen : Don't Stop Me Now (16 plays)
Jun-2006 My Chemical Romance : Thank You for the Venom (7 plays)
Jul-2006 Cat in the Hat : song 1 demo (7 plays)
Aug-2006 Fat Joe : My FoFo (Album Version - Explicit) (17 plays)
Sep-2006 My Chemical Romance : Welcome to the Black Parade (10 plays)
Oct-2006 August Burns Red : A Wish Full of Dreams (13 plays)
Nov-2006 Pink Floyd : In the Flesh (21 plays)
Dec-2006 Lynyrd Skynyrd : Black Betty (21 plays)
Jan-2007 Coma Eternal : faliure is devine satire (10 plays)
Feb-2007 Eminem : HIT EM UP (6 plays)
Mar-2007 Eminem : Drug Ballad (19 plays)
Apr-2007 Thrice : Phoenix Ignition (10 plays)
May-2007 Bright Eyes : A Line Allows Progress, A Circle Does Not (21 plays)
Jun-2007 Bloodhound Gang : Right Turn Clyde (20 plays)
Jul-2007 August Burns Red : Composure (14 plays)
Aug-2007 Inspection 12 : Secure (16 plays)
Sep-2007 As I Lay Dying : Wrath Upon Ourselves (3 plays)
Oct-2007 Jimmy Eat World : Blister (18 plays)
Nov-2007 Norma Jean : Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste (5 plays)
Dec-2007 skysetunfold : the beggars burden (2 plays)
Jan-2008 Pantera : Cowboys from Hell (3 plays)
Feb-2008 Stars Are Falling : A Four Letter Lesson in Letdown (1 plays)
Mar-2008 Oh, Sleeper : To Flagship (39 plays)
Apr-2008 Here I Come Falling : There's A Lion On The Loose (21 plays)
May-2008 Burden of a Day : Monsters Among Us (44 plays)
Jun-2008 A Day to Remember : Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine (29 plays)
Jul-2008 Austrian Death Machine : Who Is Your Daddy, And What Does He Do? (29 plays)
Aug-2008 BEDlight for blueEYES : Jumper (Third Eye Blind) (9 plays)
Sep-2008 Haste the Day : Chorus of Angels (6 plays)
Dec-2008 Killswitch Engage : Daylight Dies (2 plays)
Jan-2009 Northstar : Broken Parachute (22 plays)
Feb-2009 In Fear and Faith : The Taste of Regret (11 plays)
Mar-2009 Midtown : Knew It All Along (29 plays)
Apr-2009 A Day to Remember : If It Means a Lot to You (36 plays)
May-2009 Oceana : The Abortion Plan (42 plays)
Jun-2009 The Word Alive : The Devil Inside (54 plays)
Jul-2009 Between the Buried and Me : Reaction (23 plays)
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