90s <3 a neighbourhood in toronto alexisonfire alterna pop alternative alternative rock amazing amazing instrumentals amazing live ambient an influence on kurt cobain an influence on most bands that are good angry but amazing art pop art rock attack in black auto-fail awesome beautiful best duo of life better than the nofx version hah blink brilliant british british rock canada canadian canadian indie city and colour craig nicholls is a sexy beast dallas green dan romano sings perfectly different than everything out there dine alone records dream folk dream pop early blink electronic emo english ex- be your own pet experimental fags in the wilderness records female vocalists first demo ever flyswatter folk rock from another world garage rock garage rock revival grunge grungy guys with mental problems are hot hardcore highly influential hip-hop indie indie pop indie rock infinity cat records instrumental intense kinda like early sonic youth live m.i.a male vocalists matt bellamy is still a sexy beast moon of day most expensive crap ever much better than bob marley my dad listens to this shit natasha khan noise punk noise rock one of the best emo related songs ever made perfection pop rock pop-punk post-grunge post-hardcore post-punk revival pre-grunge progressive rock psychedelic punk punk rock raw rock 'n roll rock n roll screaming girl vocalists songs you grew up with the velvet underground toronto true canadians uk velvet underground way better than fake emo written by stevie nicks years