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Sobre mim

My Angel of Music: Tarja

10/10/10, I will never forget...
Mina rakastan sinua Tarja <3

"Mon âme romanesque devenait moite et frissonnante à l’idée que je puisse être mêlé à quelque avanie."

Hi everyone! You can shout me in French, English or Spanish.

I listen to metal music but I love some pop or rock artists/bands and soundtracks of course.
I'm indeed open minded. Life is music baby :D Here are most (many are missing in fact T-T) of the songs I've been listening to since Christmas 2010 but I've been listening to genuine music for more than 8 years now...

Music is life according to me. But I also enjoy things such as reading, singing and watching movies : I'm into classic movies, psychological movies, horror movies, (extremely) distubing movies and yet I adore some comedies. Ingmar Bergman is my favourite director, I'd never have thought cinema could be so perfect, haunting and beautiful... I love Hitchcock and others as well. As regards series, I'm a big South Park & Married... With Children fan.

May 2012: TONS OF SONGS AND ARTISTS I've listened to aren't scrobbled, of course. But well...
April 2014: Like 1000 listenings are missing as regards Florence + the Machine, I swear. Same goes to Roger Waters. Lives uploaded on Youtube pretty much rock.

Don't hesitate to add me but I won't accept your request if we have very low compatibility or if it's just advertising.
And feel free to speak even if we have low compability, I'm not only interested in music. But don't fucking add me without letting a shout if we don't have super compatibiliy or stuff that we both appreciate.


Within Temptation
The 69 Eyes

Amberian Dawn
Sons of Seasons

Whyzdom (with Lisa Middelhauve ex Xandria)

Alice Cooper
The Treatment
Arch Enemy

Benighted Soul

Epica (x3!)
Stream of Passion (x2)
Within Temptation


Robert Plant?


Where are you now?
Are you proud of the life you wasted?
Wearing the crown of illusion you created
You'll never know what it feels like to shine
You're the master in your own mind
But a slave to all
You are a dark star

© Tarja - Dark Star

J'perçois tes funérailles
Cerveau en bataille
Tu te veux liquide
Pantin translucide
Mais tu n'pourras rien changer
Côté sombre, c'est mon ombre
Dissout dans l'éternité
Et l'astre est de cendre
Ton fantôme intérieur
Affronte tes heures
Assassin blotti
Ton pire ennemi
Tu veux t'expulser de toi
Mais ta vie, fait envie
Ton fil tu l'aimes, déjà
Et l'astre s'élève, oh...

@ Mylène Farmer - Et tournoie...

If I had another place to go
Would you break me, is it that you know
I have no choice but to rebuild again
I'm tied so hard I can't remember when
I last walked free upon these feet of mine
But I'll draw the line
There will come a time
When I am stronger
Your words won't hurt any longer

© Emilie Autumn - Castle Down

Forgive me, for I don't know what I gain
Alone in this garden of pain
Enchantment has but one truth:
I weep to have what I fear to lose
"I knew you never before
I see you never more
But the love, the pain, the hope, O beautiful one
Have made you mine, 'till all my years are done"

© Nightwish - Gethsemane

Hope is a desert running dry
Deep inside
You refuse to face the facts
But pray for life
Find salvations in distress
We will wait
For the day you’ll break out and
And we wait for the day
To discover there’s no way
I can't wait at this rate
It’s too little and too late
To live this lie

© Epica - Living a Lie

Give me strength to face the truth
The doubt within my soul
No longer I can justify the bloodshed in his name
Is it a sin to seek the truth
The truth beneath the rose ?
Pray with me so I will find the gate to Heaven’s door
I believed it would justify the means
It had a hold over me

© Within Temptation - The Truth beneath the Rose

Everybody's mind is badly infected
Everybody feeds the parasite
Everything is dark so why not accept it?
Everything is far more black than white

© Alice Cooper - Pessi-Mystic

All I see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand, as I scan this wasted land,
Trying to find, trying to find where I've been...

© Led Zeppelin - Kashmir

Plonge tes mains dans mes larmes blanches, nage au sein d'une volute d'abominations, de laideur, de carnage. Goûte dans ma bouche, l'arôme amer de l'ennui. Toutes ces tortures qui hantent mes nuits. Entends de mon ouïe, ces notes mélancoliques, mes grincements de dents, cette musique symbolique...

© Eths - Animadversion

Mit meinen Händen grab ich tief
Ich nehm' dich zärtlich in den Arm
Doch deine Haut reißt wie Papier
Und Teile fallen von dir ab
Zum zweiten Mal entkommst du mir

© Rammstein - Heirate Mich

Now I know what you've been looking for
Another you of me so I can hate you more
You're trying to tear me up and spit me out
I'm not here so you can knock me down
I'm just glad to know that I'm done with you

© Pain - The tables have turned