• Stereophonics at the X-Tra in Zurich

    Mar 12 2008, 21h17

    Di., 26. Feb. – Stereophonics

    Check out my video footage on youtube:

  • The fugitive ghost song delusion

    Out 9 2007, 21h56

    Was there ever a song in your life that you heard when you were in your early teens (or late childhood) that you barely recall now (like 10-15 years later), but you know one thing for sure about, namely that it's a cool f**king song and you'd like to have it in your record/cd/mp3 collection? Well, I unfortunately have to answer my question with yes. It's driving me crazy. I remember being 13 years old (so we're talking about 1993) and seeing this video on MTV Europe: there were some Hippy looking 20 year olds dancing around to some nice indie sound (one of them had a shirt on like the ones canadian lumberjack wear). The song sounds similar to waterfall by the stone roses, but it isn't.. I'm 100% sure about that. The video looks slightly blurred, as if the scene is seen through the eyes of a stoned person. The obsession about this song started about half a year ago. I googled and searched youtube...first I was sure it was the lemonheads, but after watching every damn video they made, I came to the conclusion that I was wrong and the song existed only in my imagination. But last weekend I heard the song! It was used during some stupid reality show on MTV Germany...of course it wasn't played long enough to hear the chorus or anything else that would give me a hint on the title of the song. So I'm still on square one...but at least I'm sure the song exists and I'm not insane ;o).
    The whole situation reminds me of an episode of the TV show "Married with Children". The main character of the show is in the same dilemma..but in his case a miracle happens and he gets his record. I'm hoping that the descriptions I gave will ring a bell to anyone reading this. If so, please tell me what song I'm looking for...leave a comment. You can also leave a comment if you're in the same situation..maybe I can help you out!
    In the meantime I can only proceed on my quest...the search of fugitive ghost song.

    EDIT (14/1/2010): I think I finally found it

    Blind Melon
  • Slide away

    Set 30 2007, 15h22

    Check out this self made video of Slide Away by the Verve I found on youtube. I just love this song. One of the best Intro Bass lines I know..just makes you shiver.

    Enjoy and have fun!

    The Verve