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Abr 18 2006, 12h09

the good 'ol game: name 5 bands, how you got into them (which song) and current favorite song

1st song: Hit the Lights - Kill 'Em All
Current Fav: I Disappear - M:I 2 Soundtrack

In Flames
1st song: Bullet Ride (live) - The Tokyo Showdown
Current Fav: Take This Life- Come Clarity

The Hives
1st song: A.K.A. I-D-I-O-T - Barely Legal
Current Fav: Here We Go Again - Barely Legal

One Man Army and the Undead Quartet
1st song: Killing Machine - 21st Century Killing Machine
Current Fav: So Grim So True So Real - 21st Century Killing Machine

1st song: Angel of Death - Reign in Blood
Current Fav: Disciple - God Hates Us All


  • Beerload

    Cool. You have two swedish bands on your list. This strenghtens my theory about germans being swedish wannabes =)

    Abr 18 2006, 12h13
  • wohli

    actually there are 3 OMAATUQ is swedish, the Hives are, and so do In Flames

    Abr 18 2006, 12h21
  • Beerload

    Wow, now you're more swedish than I am. Am I a german wannabe now?

    Abr 18 2006, 19h02
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