The Cool Kids Gig


Fev 10 2008, 15h38

The Cool Kids @ Blå, 2008 (Oslo, NORWAY)

"We're gonna try this magic trick.Some David Blaine/Whoodini type shit. It works at eeeevery show. Err'body, put your hands up in the air . Both hands! Put both hands in the air. And just look to your neighbor...the person beside you, and see what he does. You ready?"

PEDDLE DOWN THE FOOTHILLS, WHEELIES ON THE FRONT. 'Black Mags' rolls out the speakers and everybody goes fucking nuts (including yours truly). And that is basically what this concert was - fucking NUTS. Now rewind:

It's a Monday Feb. 4th, tickets cost like 30 bucks and the venue is small. When I say small, I mean SMALL. Can't imagine more than like 100-150 people in that place. Which is a good thing, cause that makes the concert real intimate and that is so rare these days. Especially since The Cool Kids are most definitely gonna blow up and play at like Kanye West/Jay-Z venues.

Anyway, they've brung along this Canadian band called The Carps. Two dudes, one bassplayer and a drummer on vocals. Has gotta be one of the coolest up and coming bands out now. You got this dude playing drums like a god and singing his heart out at the same time. you get this dirty rock sound and a soulful voice all meshed together and it sounds great! I didn't really have any expectations at all, so they really impressed me. Definitely worth checking out.

Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks. First off, let me just say that after this concert, I love these dudes even MORE. So if you ever get a chance to go see em live, DO IT. Don't wait 'til they REALLY blow up and you gotta bring binoculars to the o2 Arena to even see them, cause this is definitely them at their best right now.

Chuck gets on stage, looking fresh to death - all decked out with his fly self. He talks to the crowd a little, and asks where's Mikey at? We're all lookin' around, and outta nowhere Mikey jumps on the crowd (from the back) and is carried across to the front of the stage smiling like a goofy little kid, lol. They get down to business and go in to '88, 'Mikey Rocks' and 'One Two', before doing Black Mags - which, of course, is a major crowd pleaser. Their energy was steady through the whole set ("What It Iz", "gettin it", Pump Up The Volume, Gold and a Pager, Flossin) - they even did an extra number ("A Little Bit Cooler"), to my great satisfaction cause I dig that song. After their set, they hung out at the venue (which is used as a club most of the time) and had their afterparty there. They went around, talking to everybody, took pictures with anybody who asked and just hung out and partied with the rest of us. Real down to earth, huh?

Mikey and Chuck definitely brought it and they have the best chemistry on stage - cracking jokes, stage divin (Chuck's stagedive didn't go as well as Mikey's, haha). You can tell that they love being and stage and are totally cool in front of an audience, like they've been at it their whole lives. These cats know what their doing and are damn good at it.


  • ohemilyx

    You are incredibly lucky. What I wouldn't give to go to one of their shows right now, for real. And just looking at that photo of you with Mikey...God damn, haha.

    Fev 13 2008, 19h54
  • winterkiss

    Yeah, it was a pretty damn awesome night :) Hehe. Me an Mikey have a thing :P NOT. I wiiiish, he is so fine..smh

    Fev 14 2008, 9h44
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