Playlist 17: "I'd Not Roll My Eyes So" - 12/19/07


Dez 19 2007, 16h54

A Christmas mixed cd for my most favorite ever, Katrina Kelly. It really has nothing to do with Christmas, except that she and I are x-changing x-mas gifts today. Also, I took this as an opportunity to infiltrate her head with some instrumental music.

Hear here.

Also, the transition between tracks 7 and 8 is just killer.

1. Jens Lekman - Into Eternity
2. Paul Simon - Kodachrome
3. The Strokes - Hard to Explain
4. The Blow - Let's Play Boys Chase Girls
5. Ratatat - Seventeen Years
6. The Beach Boys - Do You Wanna Dance
7. The Shins - One by One All Day
8. Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums And Shrines II
9. Mouse on Mars - Sui Shop
10. Andrew Bird - Skin Is, My
11. The National - Karen


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