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  • figlife

    excellent round-up. i think losing oink is the worst thing that has happened in years in terms of music. 10/23-never forget!

    Jan 4 2008, 20h30
  • Southern_Glow

    Really good review that; enjoyed reading it. Ah yes, OiNK; it was a sad day.

    Jan 6 2008, 18h24
  • oxiah

    I totally agree that Of Montreal did a good job,most amazing album in 2007.and Malajube do gives me some surprise. I'm checkin out other artists u mentioned, um,I like most of them,except Arcade Fire,Modest Mouse,and those hiphop stuff.BLUR's gonna reunion?that's GREAT!!keep watching ur journal

    Jan 17 2008, 2h00
  • fenixfreak

    Wow. Nicely put together. I enjoyed this. And it only took me 3 months to realize it(the entry) existed.

    Mar 8 2008, 9h08
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