Shows I've Been To In 2011


Jan 13 2011, 19h14

01- January 1st- End of a Year Basement Dave House Mike Foster - Camden Purple Turtle

02- January 8th- Ink & Dagger Attack! Vipers! - Camden Underworld

03- January 17th- Jack Terricloth Franz Nicolay Dave Hause - Brighton Prince Albert

04- January 18th- The Real McKenzies Slow Science The Dead Beat - Brighton Prince Albert

05- January 22nd- Cynics Sam Russo - Brighton Rose Hill Tavern

06- February 5th- The Filaments - Brighton Prince Albert

07- February 11th- Brothers Porches Cynics - Kingston Fighting Cocks

08- February 13th- The Arteries Bangers Crazy Arm Crocus Brothers Cynics Porches As We Sink! - Plymouth Voodoo Lounge

09- February 19th- Such Gold Koji - Banquet Records Acoustic Instore, Kingston

10- February 19th- Such Gold Our Time Down Here Koji Starters Myles Pereira - Kingston Fighting Cocks

11- February 26th - Such Gold Starters Koji (Rooftop set) Koji Loose Cannons - London The Macbeth

12- February 27th- Worn in Red Attack! Vipers! Light Bearer Tied To The Mast Ok Pilot - Brighton Cowley Club

13- March 1st- The Queers - Kingston Fighting Cocks

14- March 8th- Such Gold Bearings Directions Starters (Acoustic) - Kingston Fighting Cocks

15- March 11th- Little Ease The Dead Beat - Brighton Cobbler's Thumb

16- March 12th- The Queers The Hotlines - Brighton Prince Albert

17- March 18th- Bangers Ssssnakes Tireless Bird Calls - Kingston Cricketers (Upstairs)

18- March 19th- Fireworks Loose Cannons - Kingston Fighting Cocks

19- March 21st- Thousandaires Pacer Calvinball Little Ease - Brighton Prince Albert

20- March 24th- Thousandaires Calvinball Cynics (Full Band) - London Bowery (Everything Sucks Club Night)

21- March 31st- ten speed bicycle Dividers Loose Cannons - Kingston Fighting Cocks (Tape Release Show)

22- 2nd April- Fireworks Make Do & Mend ten speed bicycle Loose Cannons - Kingston Fighting Cocks

23- 4th April- From Plan To Progress Caves PJ Bond Smile and Burn - Brighton The Jam

24- 6th April- Our Time Down Here Fighting Fiction - Camden Purple Turtle

25- 9th April- No Friends- London Bowery

26- 13th April- Suis La Lune Kerouac Pariso Kasa - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

27- 22nd April- Unfun Teen Rebel Dopefiends - Dorking Lincoln Arms

28- 25th April- Descendents Dead to Me Teenage Bottlerocket - London O2 Shepards Bush Empire

29- 29th April- K-Fest Day 1- The Dauntless Elite Attack! Vipers! The Amistad Little Ease - Kingston Fighting Cocks

30- 30th April- K-Fest Day 2- Above Them You, Me and the Atom Bomb Calvinball Onsind Men Caves Killing Pablo Conversations - Kingston Fighting Cocks

31- 1st May- The Forgetters Red Dons Vanilla Pod - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

32- 9th May- Iron Chic Bangers You, Me and the Atom Bomb Little Ease - Brighton Prince Albert

33- 10th May- Iron Chic Bangers The Living Daylights Little Ease Cynics - Brixton Windmill

34- 12th May- Hold Your Horse Is Tall Ships - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

35- 13th May- The Social Club- Brighton Pav Tav

36- 18th May- Iron Chic Pacer Ok Pilot - Kingston Peel

37- 24th May- I Saved Latin Jeff Rowe Mark Random - Brighton Hydrant (Downstairs)

38- 4th June- Above Them Cynics Sam Russo WEGROWBEARDS James Hull Fun Alf Oliver John Ward - Dorking Lincoln Arms

39- 10th June- Once Over (Reunion Show) - Brighton The Hope

40- 13th June- Cynics 'Don't Need Much' Record Release Show- Cynics WEGROWBEARDS Throwing Stuff - Brixton Windmill

41- 14th June- Cynics - Camden All Ages Records Instore

42- 14th June- Trash Talk Hang the Bastard- Islington CAMP Basement

43- 21st June- Apologies, I Have None Attack! Vipers! Slow Science - London Old Blue Last

44- 23rd June- The Weakerthans - Highbury Relentless Garage

45- 24th June- The Weakerthans - Kingston Peel

46- 1st July- Brandon Flowers Death Cab for Cutie 10cc City & Colour - Hop Farm Festival, Paddock Wood, Kent

47- 2nd July- Bangers El Morgan The State Lottery Kids Return (Last Show) - Brighton The Jam

48- 16th July- Sundials Caves Bird Calls Ear Drain - Tolworth, Sean's House

49- 18th July- Caves Sundials Southport Corrigan - Brighton Prince Albert

50- 27th July- Algernon Cadwallader 1994! Ok Pilot Well Wisher - Kingston Peel

51- 28th July- Algernon Cadwallader 1994! The Dead Beat - Brighton Green Door Store

52- 30th July- Sundials Caves Crash Of Rhinos Slow Science - Kingston Fighting Cocks (Matinee Show)

53- 30th July- Lemuria Cheap Girls The Dead Beat - Kingston Peel

54- 2nd August- Bouncing Souls Pacer Islington O2 Academy (S/T & Hopeless Romantic Night)

55- 3rd August- Bouncing Souls Pacer - Islington O2 Academy (How I Spent My Summer Vacation & Anchers Aweigh Night)

56- 4th August- Bouncing Souls - Islington O2 Academy (Gold Record & Ghosts On Boardwalk Night)

57- 5th August- Man Overboard Pacer Bonehouse - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar (The Jam)

58- 7th August- Death Is Not Glamorous - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar (The Jam)

59- 8th August- Touche Amore Soul Control Ritual Death Is Not Glamorous Kerouac - Brighton Hydrant (Upstairs)

60- 13th August- You, Me and the Atom Bomb Bastad! Rats! El Morgan Cynics - Dorking Lincoln Arms

61- 24th August- Descendents Face to Face H2O - Brixton O2 Academy

62- 26th August- Reading Festival Day 1- The Offspring Rise Against Deftones Rise Against Cerebral Ballzy New Found Glory The Computers Architects

63- 27th August- Reading Festival Day 2- The Bronx Capdown Glassjaw Jimmy Eat World Comeback Kid BoySetsFire Street Dogs letlive Teenage Bottlerocket Title Fight

64- 28th August- Reading Festival Day 3- Descendents Muse Flogging Molly The Streets Death from Above 1979 Face to Face Interpol Hot Water Music Bedouin Soundclash OFF! The Menzingers Save Your Breath Taking Back Sunday Fucked Up Danananananaykroyd Fighting Fiction

65- 29th August- The Menzingers Make Do & Mend Leagues Apart - Kingston Peel

66- 30th August- The Menzingers Make Do & Mend Leagues Apart - London Social

67- 4th September- Tied To The Mast Ornament Tournaments - Horsham Sound Festival

68- 9th September- Final Rage Inherit - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

69- 10th September- Fast Point SPORTS DAY Dry Heaves Teen Rebel Dopefiends - Sheffield Cremorne

70- 16th September- Down & Outs Dry Heaves Man Hands Bastad! Rats! - Camden The Black Heart

71- 17th September- Southsea Fest- Milloy The Arteries Bangers Down & Outs Some Sort of Threat SOUTHLANDS Caves Muncie Girls Kelly Kemp - The One Eyed Dog

72- 22nd September- Punch Loma Prieta Birds In A Row No Coast Little Ease - Brighton Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

73- 23rd September- Punch Loma Prieta Birds In A Row Jackals Human Junk - Kingston Cricketers (Upstairs)

74- 24th September- The Filaments - Basingstoke Bang Bar

75- 2nd October- Off With Their Heads - Kingston Fighting Cocks

76- 2nd October- Samiam Off With Their Heads Billy No Mates Apologies, I Have None - Highbury Relentless Garage

77- 5th October- The Get Up Kids Tellison - Camden Underworld

78- 8th October- Dave House - Petworth Grittenham Barn (Rach & Rory's Wedding Reception)

79- 16th October- UK Pre-Fest- Red City Radio Above Them Calvinball Great Cynics Caves WEGROWBEARDS - Kingston Fighting Cocks

80- 18th October- RVIVR ten speed bicycle Bird Calls

81- 22nd October- The Shitty Limits Logic Problem Vogue Crowd Control Mob Rules Stab The Lowest Form Legal Highes Violent Reaction - Guildford GYC

82- 26th October- Pre-Fest Day 1- Bridge & Tunnel O Pioneers!!! Junior Battles Caves Pure Graft - Tampa Transitions Art Gallery, FL

83- 27th October- Pre-Fest Day 2- Mikey Erg! Good Luck Algernon Cadwallader Paul Baribeau Tiltwheel Cheap Girl too many daves Spraynard The Flatliners The Arteries Big Eyes The Slow Death Failure's Union Unfun Bangers - Tampa Transitions Art Gallery, FL

84- 28th October- Fest 10 Day 1- Spraynard Hot Water Music Bouncing Souls Banner Pilot Kid Dynamite Samiam Small Brown Bike- Gainesville, FL

85- 28th October- Fest 10 Aftershow- Spraynard Timeshares - Laser Tag, Gainesville, FL

86- 29th October- Fest 10 Day 2- Paint It Black None More Black Iron Chic Bangers Armalite The Soviettes - Gainesville, FL

87- 30th October- Fest 10 Day 3- Less Than Jake The Menzingers Ssssnakes Leagues Apart Calvinball - Gainesville, FL

88- 15th November- The Arteries Mikey Erg! The Slow Death Bird Calls - Kingston Fighting Cocks

89- 18th November- WTFest Day 1- The Don Ramos Players Los Mendozas The Long Haul Little Ease Absolute - Southampton Unit

90- 19th November- WTFest Day 2 Afternoon Show- Fighting Fiction - Southampton SOCO Music Project

91- 19th November- WTFest Day 2 Evening Show- Apologies, I Have None Bangers Above Them Attack! Vipers! Fighting Fiction Marwood - Southampton Dorchester Arms

92- 23rd November- Saves the Day The Social Club - Brighton The Haunt

93- 1st December- Every Time I Die Trash Talk Defeater - Brighton Concorde 2

94- 5th December- Look Mexico From Plan To Progress Cynics [Ornament Tournaments - Brighton Prince Albert

95- 20th December- Title Fight Balance & Composure Transit - Kingston Peel


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