Wez G - Shaman Of The Tribe - DJ Set Tracklisting


Dez 17 2009, 3h34

Wez G - Shaman of the Tribe

In times, every had a who was the and of the . Often under the influence of locally produced such as or or , in s, the would bring back from the key that would help his fellow . As , so did and The Shamen were locked up and kept away as '' while and served the and took over from the . In recent times we have seen develop and society has taken an about turn. of a , have taken the place of the as people seek to in the company of others in and . We have gone and today's shaman is the DJ. Welcome to a mix of from the . Go into a trance and in your state of ...

1. Blue States & The Adi Tribe - Hello Kombai [Kensaltown Records]
2. Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Foxbase Beta Mix) [White]
3. Primal Scream - Loaded (Terry Farley Re-Mix) [Junior Boys Own]
4. Cosmic Boogie - Railroad Man (Ashley Beedle's Soul Train Edit) [White]
5. Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep [Junior Boys Own]
6. Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy (Kamouflage Loves Fred remix) [White]
7. Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm (Tom Middleton Mix) [White]
8. Armand van Helden - The Witch Doctor (Eddie Thoenick remix) [White]
9. Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer (Denis A remix) [White]
10. Little Boots - Earthquake (Sasha remix) [679 Recordings]
11. Denis A - Heaven [Plastic Music]
12. The Luna Project - I Wanna be Free (Original Factory Mix) [White]
13. Adam Freeland & The Suri Tribe - KIN [Kensaltown Records]
14. Hybrid & The Suri Tribe - Komoru [Kensaltown Records]
15. Moodswings - Redemption Song [React]

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