• Review of Bring Me The Horizon - Friday 23rd October

    Out 25 2009, 1h02

    Fri 23 Oct – Bring Me the Horizon, A Day to Remember, August Burns Red

    Well, what a gig. It was the most fun I've had at a gig in a long time.

    Good Points:
    August Burns Red were suprisingly good. Wasn't expecting much of them being an opening act, but fuck me! Deffo got the crowd going!
    A lot of friends went to the gig. That's always helpful, coz it means there's always someone you can sing along with.
    I managed to meet Neil and Alex from ADTR. <3333
    I got a new ADTR shirt.

    Bad Points:
    BMTH's set wasn't as tight as I'd expected. The start was really sloppy (espesh on Pray for Plagues). But they eventually got that sorted, and got me pumping. However, they still were the worst band that night.
    The amount of people that windmill'ed. Fuck. There's nothing more annoying than windmillers! |: :@
    The venue deffo isn't amazing. I've been there a few times now, and I just think it gets worse every time. It just doesn't feel like bands should be playing there. Seems more like a theatre tbh. ):

    All in all, a pretty sick gig. Just a shame about BMTH

    1). A Day To Remember - They got the crowd going liek crazy. (and the sole reason I was at this gig. They should've played for three hours, not 30 minutes!)
    2). August Burns Red - Really good, tight live set. Deffiately gel as a live band should. Timing was good, and the bass drops were redicccccc! ;D
    3). Bring Me The Horizon - Poor effort on their part. They should've been a lot tighter, and better timing is requierd from Matt Nichols (the drummer). He was really out of time. Oli Syke's vocal work is better on the album, than live easily. His live vocals aren't up to scratch. ):