• Droppin' the pants

    Jan 15 2011, 4h45

    "When they arrive before the ruin, stream
    The cries up; There the divine perfection they blaspheme.
    I learnt that in such violent restless violence blown
    This punishment the carnal sinners share
    Who let Desire pull Reason from her throne." ~Dante Alighieri, "The Divine Comedy," Canto II.

    The lethal carnage of human lust wreaks not havoc or chaos, rather, it begets pure abandonment of the self, and questions the validity of the partner's virtues. What comes after the closing of the door and extinguishing of the lights; when darkness prevails, the libido blindly guides the wanton abandonment of all sexual appetite into the recesses of physical abandonment of all sexual appetite into the recesses of physical oblivion. But if this is all that is sought after, then, perhaps, it is simply the call to procreation being answered. Why forgetfulness of the full abandonment of life succumbs to the exudation of physicality and gives in to pure enrapturement of the body is unknown. The trickery employed upon the body, indeed, the spiritual being of the self, by carnal drive, extinguishing all infernos of self-doubt and empathy, appears to dominate the non-emotive senses. Connatural consciousness becomes the compass that guides the vessel of exuberance into the unknown for plural gratification. Kinky jibes and sadistic melancholy lead into a green heaven in which we always find ourselves running toward a destination we know is inevitable, yet not totally dreaded. For while it is known that in an explosive moment where two bodies collide and crash all over one another, limpness will be the end result, re-arrangement from the wreckage will not always be sought, for putting things as they were before could only twist the psyche inextricably into the ruin. Morality is totally over-rated, as it only complicates a good fuck. Droppin' the pants feudalized us all into sexual peasantry, and plunges us into a dark age where we don't want to see the light of properness, and indulge in barbarity. Close the portal behind you, and enter a realm where you realize that you can always leave what you know, but can't always go back. Innocence is never lost, only misplaced. It will never be known why the vulva will always be test-driven, or why rockets are constantly launched into the darkness of inner space. One thing can be said, for certain, good or bad (regardless of perspective) sex just feels good, so do not be dump when the pants get dropped.