7 hours long amazing guitar solo amazing lyrics ambient atmospheric atmospheric black metal atmospheric death metal avant-garde avant-garde metal ball buster: bust your opponents balls baybuh black metal blackened black metal bleak bootstare cello cold country drone crazy crotch grinding death metal dark ambient dark metal death metal doom metal drone drone doom easy listening sludge eerie endtime ballads epic doom metal ethereal experimental far out in space farmer metal female vocalists forever in love with that piano solo funeral doom german great song title heartachingly beautiful hilarious song title holy dick everyone is going to fucking die honey did yov pvt experimentation in my drone this morning i dream of lars ulrich being thrown through the bus window instead of my mystikal… industrial metal jonas renkse kaputte musik katatonia kroegressive cock rock lost highway lovesick madness mathcore melancholic misery monolithic monumental most brutal songs ever listened music to crawl into a forest and die there to music to cut off ones fingers to music to gather inner strength to music to study to nature neoclassical nsbm old school death metal otherworldly ownage parody poetic lyrics post-gangsta post-metal post-metal for drone doom-fans progressive black metal progressive death metal progressive metal psychedelic punishing really really really pissed off regressive metal slowest blast beat ever sludge smells like a pile of rotting corpses sorrowful spawned from the fiery pits of teh interwebz stoner doom stoner metal stoner rock technical death metal tectonic plates moving the end of everything the sky opens the voice of nature echoing over mountain tops too beautiful to be true total annihilation trip-hop unknown bands very dark ambient wall of sound world