Life Soundtrack(WMP version)


Abr 11 2008, 10h28

Immerse yourself in your iPod, CD player or iTunes for a moment. Put it on shuffle and record the songs that come up.
MY LIFE: the soundtrack

Opening Credits: You Played Yourself - Atmosphere

Waking Up: Kind of Perfect - Kacy Crowley

First Date: Loose Lips - Kimya Dawson
-> perfect line: "We're just dancing, we're just hugging/Singing, screaming, kissing, tugging/On the sleeve of how it used to be/How's it gonna be?"

Falling In Love: The Call Up - The Clash
-> Well, love can be a war, so this could maybe, possibly work, if you really stretched it.

Unrequited Love: The Government - Kaki King

Love Scene: So Amazing - Juliette & The Licks

Sex Scene: Get It To Get Her - Atmosphere

Drunk: Thriller - Michael Jackson

Fight Scene (verbal): My Clit - Bitch

Fight Scene (physical): Pennsylvania - Bitch

Hung Over: Six Feet Of Earth Makes All Of Us Equal - My Revenge

Breaking Up: Caving In - Kimya Dawson
-> perfect line: "Now that I see how you do things/
The way you play and sing is amazing/But the way you play the game is crazy/You don't have to say you're sorry/You don't owe me anything"

Getting Back Together: Clock With No Hands - The Roots

Secret Love: This Breath Won't Hold - Rachael Cantu

Life's Okay: Feel Good Lost - Broken Social Scene

Grieving: Bounce With Me - Kreesha Turner
-> I guess if you grieved by going dancing, this would work...

Chase Scene: Take It There - The Roots

Revelation: Can You Feel It Now? - Tremolo

Mental Breakdown: Gimme More - Britney Spears
-> I mean, really, who better to be playing during a mental breakdown? It's too perfect.

Driving: Gypsy Biker - Bruce Springsteen

Reunion: But, Honestly - Foo Fighters

Learning a Lesson: Set Yourself On Fire - Stars

Deep Thought: Can't Stop - Missy Elliott

Flashback (good): Something in You - The Orange Peels

Flashback (bad): Dreaming With a Broken Heart - John Mayer

Flashback (weird): So What - Space Mtn

Flashback (montage): Close Call - Rilo Kiley

Partying: Come On, Come Out - A Fine Frenzy

Happy Dance: Pretty Things - Rufus Wainwright
-> this would be a really, really, really slow "happy dance"

Regretting: Give A Little Love - Rilo Kiley

Long Night Alone: A Joy - Four Tet

Death Scene: Seventeen - Sex Pistols

Closing Credits: Wicked Gil - Band of Horses


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