• My 10 Concerts Of 2012

    Jan 20 2013, 10h08

    This year I went to 24 concerts. There were some fantastic and fun shows this year. My first show of the year was a Los Campesinos show & my last show of the year was a Walk The Moon show. This list is in no particular order.

    Young The Giant & Grouplove at In The Venue April 3
    On April 3 I saw Young the Giant & Grouplove at In The Venue. Grouplove opened the show & just killed it with their performance! Their live shows are always a lot of fun. It was my 1st time seeing Young The Giant live & they were fantastic live. After the show I met Grouplove again. They are so nice!

    The Wombats at Kilby Court May 5
    On May 5 I saw The Wombats live at Kilby Court. Flagship was the 1st opening band & they were really good. The Static Jacks were the 2nd opening band & their performance was very good, fun & wild. The Wombats were amazing & so much fun & wild live! It was my 1st time seeing them live. The Wombats really get you dancing at their shows. It was cool at the end of this show having their drummer Dan hand me 1 of his drum sticks. I also liked meeting & chatting with them. They are 3 very nice British lads. :)

    Temper Trap Live On Letterman show at Ed Sulivan Theater In NYC
    This show was unreal. Five days before this show I didn't even know I was traveling to NYC to see The Temper Trap live until I got a wonderful email from CBS & Last fm telling me I had won a contest that I had entered months before. The contest that I won was a trip to NYC to see Temper Trap live at Ed Sullivan Theater on June 6. The show was part of this online David Letterman concert series called Live On Letterman & the show was streaming online for the world the watch. It was my 1st time visiting NYC & I loved visiting the city. NYC is any amazing city. Temper Trap was wonderful live! It was my 1st time seeing them live. I loved meeting and chatting with them in the green room before their performance. They are so nice.

    Neon Trees at The Depot June 8
    This was another incredible Neon Trees show. It was my 1st time visiting The Depot. The Depot is a really nice venue. They have a great sound system. The 1st opening band was a local band called The Blue Aces & they were great live. The 2nd opening band was another local band called The Devil Whale & they were good live. It was my 2nd time seeing them live. Nice Vega was the 3rd opening band & they were fantastic live! Like I said at the beginning, Neon Trees gave another incredible live performance. Neon Trees shows are always so much fun & they really get you dancing & singing along to their songs. I met Nico Vega after the show. They were very nice. The lead singer of Nico Vega was about 6 months pregnant & so was Elaine the drummer of Neon Trees. It was kind of crazy but cool how wild they still were on stage while being pregnant. I also had a great time chatting with all 4 members of Neon Trees again. I love talking with them!

    Walk The Moon at Kilby Court March 27
    On March 27 I saw Walk the Moon for the 1st time at Kilby Court. The opening band for this show wasn't very good at all so I wont mention them. At this show there were only about 30 people there including me. Since there wasn't that many people there Walk The Moon easily painted everyone's faces. That's what they do at their shows is paint people's faces & their own faces. It was fun having my face painted! Walk The Moon was amazing & a lot of fun live! It was nice to meet & talk with them. They are very nice.

    Of Monsters And Men & Yellow Ostrich at In The Venue May 27
    On May 27 I saw Of Monsters and Men & Yellow Ostrich live at In The Venue. Yellow Ostrich opened the show & they were so great live. Of Monsters And Men were wonderful & a lot of fun live! I met Yellow Ostrich after the show & they were very nice.

    Foster The People at Saltair July 5
    On July 5 I saw Foster the People live at Saltair. The opening act was Kimbra She was wonderful live! Then Mayer Hawthorne played and he was very good and fun live. Foster The People played last and they were awesome and fun live! It was my 2nd time seeing them live. After the show I quickly met Mayer Hawthorne. He was nice.

    Japandroids at Urban Lounge November 17
    On November 17 I went to my 1st 21+ show. I saw Japandroids at Urban Lounge. The opening band was Swearin' and they had a great sound. Japandroids were very cool and pretty wild live! They played all of their recent album Celebration Rock.

    Astronautalis at Kilby Court September 27
    On September 27 I saw Astronautalis live at Kilby Court. This show was sort of my 1st hip-hop/rap show. The opening act was Apt & Chance Lewis from Provo and they were so cool and so good live! They are so talented. The 2nd opening act was Phil Maggio and he was pretty good. Astronautalis was so great live! He is very talented. His freestyle is incredible! After the show I met Apt & Chance Lewis. They were very nice. I also met Andy(the main guy that makes Astronautalis). He was really nice.

    Iron Maiden at USANA August 1
    On August 1 I saw Iron Maiden at USANA Amphitheater. The opening band was Coheed and Cambria I'm not sure why they opened because they didn't really fit with Iron Maiden. They were ok live but their cover of Black Sabbath's song Heaven & Hell was pretty good. Iron Maiden was awesome live! Eddie even made a few appearances on stage. :) It was cool to see Iron Maiden live for the 1st time. Bruce Dickinson's voice still sounds amazing.

    Here's some honorable mentions: http://www.last.fm/event/3134390+Los+Campesinos!+at+In+the+Venue+on+1+February+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/2090047+MUTEMATH%27s+Odd+Soul+Tour http://www.last.fm/event/3225885+Neon+Trees+at+Mountain+View+High+School+on+7+April+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/3136394+M83+at+In+the+Venue+on+29+April+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/3192403+The+Shins+at+Red+Butte+Garden+on+28+May+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/3284866+My+Morning+Jacket+at+Farmer%27s+Market+@+Pioneer+Park+on+2+August+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/3275423+Bombay+Bicycle+Club+at+In+the+Venue+on+7+August+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/3385490+The+Moth+-+the+Flame+at+Velour+Live+Music+Gallery+on+15+September+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/3356840+2012+X96+B.A.SH http://www.last.fm/event/3312524+Dan+Deacon+at+Kilby+Court+on+29+October+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/3356809+Delta+Spirit+at+The+Complex+on+12+November+2012 http://www.last.fm/event/3360437+Walk+The+Moon+at+Kilby+Court+(Sold+Out)

    I just want to say I really liked seeing Imagine Dragons live for the 1st time this year even if it was from far away at the X96 BASH. They were really good live.

    Well, that's the list. If you haven't seen any of the bands live that I mentioned I would recommend that you go see them. I can't wait for whatever amazing concerts that I will attend in 2013.
  • My Top 50 Songs Of 2011

    Jan 31 2012, 23h15

    This is my list of my favorite songs from 2011. This list is in no particular order. If you haven't heard these songs I say you should go listen to them soon.

    The Lonely Forest- Two Notes And A Beat- From The Album- Arrows- This is a fantastic & beautiful song with great lyrics & vocals "All I need is two notes and a beat to sing to you my love it's a great place to start."

    Alvin Band- Stanley Kubrick- FTA- Rainbow Road- This is a wonderful song about the great Stanley Kubrick. "Just a man who saved my life."

    King Niko- Intentions- This was just a single- This is a really great song. "Wrap your life around me."

    The Kooks- Junk Of The Heart- FTA- Junk Of The Heart- This is a really catchy song that just makes you happy when you hear it. "You're a lover of the wild and a junk of the heart."

    Young the Giant- Apartment- FTA- Young The Giant- This is a wonderful & beautiful song with fantastic & emotional lyrics & vocals. "After leaving your apartment, I fear the cold of silence."

    Christina Perri- Penguin- FTA- Lovestrong- This is a beautiful & lovely song with very pretty lyrics & vocals. "He's the one for you. He's your penguin."

    Gotye- Somebody I Used To Know- FTA- Making Mirrors- This is a really cool & catchy song "You treat me like a stranger and that feels so wrong."

    Bruno Mars- It Will Rain- FTA- Breaking Dawn soundtrack- This is a great song that fit pretty well with Breaking Dawn. "There'll be no sunlight if I lose you, baby."

    The Head and the Heart- Lost In My Mind- FTA- The Head And The Heart- This is an excellent song with wonderful lyrics & vocals. "We can start moving forward!"

    Typhoon- The Honest Truth- FTA- A New Kind Of House- This is a fantastic song. "They let the devil in your home!"

    Florence + the Machine- Shake It Out- FTA- Ceremonials- This is an amazing & powerful song with very pretty vocals & powerful lyrics. "Regrets collect like old friends."

    Adele- Rolling In The Deep- FTA- 21- This is an incredible & powerful song with amazing & powerful vocals & lyrics. "Baby I have no stories to be told."

    Los Campesinos!- By Your Hand- FTA- Hello Sadness- This is an excellent & catchy song with great lyrics. "By your hand is the only way I'd want to go!"

    Bon Iver- Holocence- FTA- Bon Iver- This is a phenomenal & beautiful song with very pretty lyrics & vocals. "I can see for miles."

    Foster the People- Houdini- FTA- Torches- This is a marvelous & very catchy & danceable song with excellent lyrics & vocals! "Fear can make you compromise."

    Foo Fighters- These Days- FTA- Wasting Light- This is a remarkable song with really great lyrics & vocals. "One of these days your heart will stop and play its final beat."

    tUnE-yArDs- Bizness- FTA- Whokill- This is an awesome, very catchy & danceable song with excellent lyrics & vocals. "Don't take my life away!"

    The Joy Formidable- Whirring- FTA- The Big Roar- This is an astounding, loud & rocking song with cool lyrics & vocals! "Turn the dial on my words."

    M83- Midnight City- FTA- Hurry Up, We're Dreaming- This is a stunning, cool, very catchy & danceable song with awesome lyrics & vocals! "This city is my church!"

    Lady Gaga- Hair- FTA- Born This Way- This is a really great song with pretty lyrics & vocals. "I'm as free as my hair!"

    Givers- Up Up Up- FTA- In Light- This is an awesome & very catchy song with really great lyrics & vocals. "It's the way to see."

    Summer Camp- Down- FTA- Welcome To Condale- This is a extraordinary & very catchy song with awesome lyrics & vocals. "This is my life!"

    Neon Indian- Polish Girl- FTA- Era Extrana- This is a rad & very catchy song with cool lyrics, beats & vocals! "Don't you remember?"

    Grouplove- Tongue Tied- FTA- Never Trust A Happy Song- This is an awesome & fun song with really great lyrics & vocals. "Don't leave me tongue tied!"

    The Black Keys- Lonely Boy- FTA- El Camino- This is a really cool, loud, rocking & really catchy song with really cool lyrics & vocals! "I've got a love that keeps me waiting!"

    Beyonce- Love On Top- FTA- 4- This is a dazzling song with fantastic lyrics & vocals. "Finally you put my love on top!"

    Penguin Prison- A Funny Thing- FTA- Penguin Prison- This is a rad & danceable song with cool lyrics & vocals. "You will never be alone again."

    The Airborne Toxic Event- All At Once- FTA- All At Once- This is an incredible song with powerful lyrics & vocals. "We grow old all at once, like a punch in the gut!"

    Wild Flag- Romance- FTA- Wild Flag- This is a really cool, loud & rocking song with really great lyrics & vocals! "With the hum in your chest you make my feet move!"

    Childish Gambino- Bonfire- FTA- Camp- This is an awesome song with way cool lyrics! "Kiss my ass human centipede!"

    Fleet Foxes- Grown Ocean- FTA- Helplessness Blues- This is a stunning & beautiful song with gorgeous lyrics & vocals! "In that dream I'm as old as the mountains."

    Radiohead- Lotus Flower- FTA- King Of Limbs- This is a fantastic song with really great lyrics & vocals. "There's any empty space inside my heart."

    St. Vincent- Cruel- FTA- Strange Mercy- This is a rad, loud, rocking & pretty catchy song with cool lyrics & vocals. "How can they be so causally cruel?"

    Kaskade- Lessons In Love (feat. Neon Trees )- FTA- Fire & Ice- This is an amazing, very catchy & danceable song with cool & powerful lyrics & vocals! "All day and all night I've got the lights in my eyes!"

    Dan Mangan- Post-War Blues- FTA- Oh Fortune- This is an incredible song with wonderful & powerful lyrics & vocals! "Every morning I wait for the news."

    The Dodos- Black Night- FTA- No Color- This is a stunning & very cool song with fantastic lyrics & vocals. "Do you want it all?"

    Beastie Boys- Make Some Noise- FTA- Hot Sauce Committee Part Two- This is an awesome song with way cool lyrics & beats. "I burn the competition like a flamethrower."

    Noah & The Whale- L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N- FTA- Last Night On Earth- This is an outstanding song with brilliant & glorious lyrics & vocals. "She's a rock n' roll surviver with pendulum hips. She's got deep brown eyes that have seen it all."

    Cults- Go Outside- FTA- Cults- This is a superb song with really great lyrics & vocals. "I really want to go outside. I don't want to sleep my life away."

    Mariachi El Bronx- 48 Roses- FTA- Mariachi El Bronx (ll)- This is a terrific song with fantastic lyrics & vocals. "So, please save some forgiveness for me."

    Bombay Bicycle Club- Shuffle- FTA- A Different Kind Of Fix- This is a spectacular, very catchy & pretty danceable song with wonderful lyrics & vocals. "Say you've had enough."

    Washed Out- Amor Fati- FTA- Within And Without- This is a fabulous & very pretty song with great lyrics & vocals. "The world's your gold."

    Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks- FTA- Into The Woods EP- This is an amazing & brilliant song with marvelous lyrics & vocals. "Though the truth may bury us, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore."

    of Montreal- L'Age D'Or- FTA- Thecontrollersphere EP- This is a fabulous song with great & fun lyrics. "Stop living like such a mouse!"

    Real Estate- It's Real- FTA- Days- This is a wondrous & calming song with very pretty lyrics & vocals. "Believe me when I say it's real."

    We Were Promised Jetpacks- This is a phenomenal song with smashing lyrics & vocals. "The smell of sweat helps me sleep."

    The Antlers- Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out- FTA- Burst Apart- This is a fantastic song with really great lyrics & vocals. "One dumb night two bad decisions don't divide to cancel out."

    Jonsi- Evin Endar- FTA- We Bought A Zoo soundtrack- This is a brilliant & beautiful song with very pretty vocals.

    Wavves- I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl- FTA- Life Sux EP- This is a rad & fun song with cool lyrics. Also, I agree with the song I want to meet Dave Grohl too.:) "But I told you I'm buried deep in the ground."

    Panic! at the Disco- Ready To Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)- FTA- Vices & Virtues- This is a fantastic song with wonderful lyrics & vocals. "I wanna know why you got me going."
  • My Top 50 Albums Of 2011

    Jan 23 2012, 9h47

    This is my list of my favorite albums from 2011. There was a lot of great music that came out in 2011. This list is in no particular order. If you haven't heard these albums before I recommend you go listen to them.

    The Lonely Forest- Arrows- Favorite Track Off Of Album- Two Notes And A Beat- This is a fantastic, emotional & beautiful album! The songs are just so good & express some strong emotions. The lead singer John's vocals are also very good. I've listened to this album so much & never tire of it.

    Alvin Band- Rainbow Road- FTOOA- Stanley Kubrick- This is such a wonderful, fun & creative album! The inspiration for this album was old Nintendo games like Mario Kart. The name of the album is the name of a race track in the Nintendo 64 game Mario Kart(it's personally my favorite track to race on in the game.) I actually played this album while playing Mario Kart & I must say that was fun & the album goes so well with the game. Rick's vocals on the songs are so good. The song Stanley Kubrick is my favorite off of the album because I love his films & love how the song is just a great thank you note to him saying, thanks for inspiring me so much.

    Young the Giant- Young The Giant (Special Edition)- FTOOA- Apartment- Now this album technically came out in 2010 but the special edition version of this album came out in 2011 so, that's why it is on this list. Also, I didn't have this album on my top albums list last year & its such a great album I just had to put it on the list. This is a really great album with wonderful & beautiful vocals & wonderful lyrics.

    tUnE-yArDs- Whokill- FTOOA- Gangsta- This is a fantastic & loud album with great & fun lyrics. Also, the songs are so great to dance to.

    Givers- In Light- FTOOA- Up Up Up- This is such an awesome & fun album with cool vocals.

    Gotye- Making Mirrors- FTOOA- Eyes Wide Open- This is a stunning album with such cool beats, lyrics & vocals. He reminds me of The Police, Depeche Mode & INXS but also has his own pretty unique sound too. My other favorite song off of the album is Somebody I Used To Know. The video for Somebody I Used To Know is amazing & so cool.

    Foster the People- Torches- FTOOA- Houdini- This is an excellent album with fun & very danceable songs & great lyrics & vocals! I will say Pumped Up Kicks is a really great song but I love Houdini even better. Helena Beat is another song that is fantastic too.

    Adele- 21- FTOOA- Turning Tables- Adele has done it again & made another amazing, gorgeous & emotional album with her beautiful singing voice & beautiful words & music.

    Florence + the Machine- Ceremonials- FTOOA- Shake It Out- This is an astounding album with beautiful vocals, lyrics & music.

    Grouplove- Never Trust A Happy Song- FTOOA- Spun- This is an awesome & fun album.

    Foo Fighters- Wasting Light- FTOOA- These Days- This is a fantastic, loud, rocking & emotional album with really great lyrics & vocals. These Days is my favorite off of the album because its a big song that pretty much everyone can relate to. Well done Foo Fighters, you've made another wonderful album.

    Neon Indian- Era Extrana- FTOOA- Polish Girl- This is a dazzling album with cool & very danceable songs, beats, lyrics & vocals.

    The Black Keys- El Camino- FTOOA- Lonely Boy- This is an awesome, loud & rocking album with catchy songs & great vocals.

    The Joy Formidable- The Big Roar- FTOOA- The Everchanging Spectrum Of A Lie- This is a brilliant, loud, rocking & unique album with excellent songs.

    Beyonce- 4- FTOOA- Love On Top- This is a fabulous album with very danceable & fun songs & lyrics & wonderful vocals.

    Lady Gaga- Born This Way- FTOOA- Hair- Now this may not be her best album but I still really liked it & I thought it should have been on more best of lists. I also really liked the song Born This Way. I say so what if it's the same music as Madonna's Express Yourself, the song is mostly about the lyrics that tell people to love who they are in their own way & pretty much everyone can relate to that. There are some other really great songs on the album too, like my favorite Hair is such a great song.

    Penguin Prison- Penguin Prison- FTOOA- A Funny Thing- This is such a cool album with rad, fun & very danceable songs!

    M83- Hurry Up, We're Dreaming- FTOOA- Raconte-Moi Une Historie- This is an extraordinary, brilliant & beautiful album with stunning & creative songs, lyrics & vocals.

    Childish Gambino- Camp- FTOOA- Bonfire- This is an awesome album with way cool songs! The lyrics are also really great & very funny.

    Wild Flag- Wild Flag- FTOOA- Short Version- This is a fun, loud & rocking album with really great songs!

    Dan Mangan- Oh Fortune- FTOOA- Post-War Blues- This is a marvelous album with wonderful & fun songs, lyrics & vocals.

    The Airborne Toxic Event- All At Once- FTOOA- Strange Girl- This is an amazing album with fantastic songs, lyrics & vocals.

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 soundtrack- FTOOA- Severus And Lily- I wanted to add this soundtrack because it's a really great soundtrack with beautiful music on it but also because it's the soundtrack for last Harry Potter film.

    Radiohead- The King Of Limbs- FTOOA- Lotus Flower- This is a superb album with some great songs & lyrics. This is not my favorite Radiohead album but I still really like it.

    Fleet Foxes- Helplessness Blues- FTOOA- The Shrine/An Argument- This is a phenomenal album with amazing, beautiful & emotional songs, lyrics & vocals.

    St. Vincent- Strange Mercy- FTOOA- Cruel- This is a sensational album with wonderful & fun songs, lyrics & vocals.

    Bon Iver- Bon Iver- FTOOA- Holocene- This is a spectacular album with calming, beautiful & emotional songs, lyrics & vocals.

    Noah & The Whale- Last Night On Earth- FTOOA- L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N- This is a brilliant & glorious album with amazing songs, lyrics & vocals.

    Beastie Boys- Hot Sauce Committee Part Two- FTOOA- Make Some Noise- This is an excellent & fun album with really great & funny songs & lyrics.

    The Dodos- No Color- FTOOA- Black Night- This is an incredible album with really catchy & cool songs & lyrics.

    Kaskade- Fire & Ice- FTOOA- Lessons In Love (feat. Neon Trees )- This is such a rad album with very catchy & very danceable songs & lyrics! The song Lessons In Love that features Neon Trees is such a catchy song & Tyler from NT's vocals on the song are amazing!

    Beirut- The RIp Tide- FTOOA- Santa Fe- This is a spectacular album with wonderful songs.

    Friendly Fires- Pala- FTOOA- Live Those Days Tonight- This album is glorious & powerful with very catchy & very danceable songs!

    The Pains of Being Pure At Heart- Belong- FTOOA- Girl Of 1,000 Dreams- This album is fantastic with really great songs.

    Explosions in the Sky- Take Care, Take Care, Take Care- FTOOA- Postcard From 1952- This album is wonderful with excellent & very pretty songs.

    Los Campesinos!- Hello Sadness- FTOOA- By Your Hand- This is a fantastic album with really great & catchy songs with really good & fun lyrics.

    My Morning Jacket- Circuital- FTOOA- Movin' Away- This is an excellent album with cool songs.

    Mariachi El Bronx- Mariachi El Bronx (ll)- FTOOA- 48 Roses- This is a lovely & fun album with wonderful & powerful songs.

    Bombay Bicycle Club- A Different Kind Of Fix- FTOOA- Shuffle- This is a brilliant album with superb & very catchy songs, lyrics & vocals.

    Kanye West & Jay Z- Watch The Throne- FTOOA- That's My Bitch- This is a good & fun album with good songs & some pretty funny lyrics.

    Cults- Cults- FTOOA- Go Outside- This is an amazing album with such great songs.

    Bjork- Biophilia- FTOOA- Moon- This is a fantastic album with really good songs that make you sort of feel like you are in space.

    Telekinesis- 12 Desperate Straight Lines- FTOOA- Please Ask For Help- This is an energetic album with very catchy & pretty danceable songs.

    Real Estate- Days- FTOOA- It's Real- This is such a calming album with cool & catchy songs.

    Cage the Elephant- Thank You Happy Birthday- FTOOA- Aberdeen- This is a cool, loud & rocking album with powerful songs.

    Mates of State- Mountaintops- FTOOA- Maracas- This is a remarkable album with catchy songs.

    Christina Perri- Lovestrong.- FTOOA- Jar Of Hearts- This is a wonderful album with gorgeous & powerful songs, lyrics & vocals.

    Washed Out- Within And Without- FTOOA- Amor Fati- This is a fantastic album with very catchy & very pretty songs, lyrics & beats.

    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack- FTOOA- Under The Midnight Sun- This is a astonishing album with hauntingly beautiful songs.

    We Were Promised Jetpacks- In The Pit Of The Stomach- FTOOA- Human Error- This is a sensational album with brilliant & powerful songs, lyrics & vocals.
  • My Top 10 Concerts Of 2011

    Jan 7 2012, 8h54

    This year I went to 24 concerts. This is my list of the top 10 shows I went to this year. This list is in no particular order. I went to some wonderful & fun shows this year. The 1st show I went to this year was a Miniature Tigers show & the last show was a Guns N' Roses show. I've noticed my 1st concert of the year for a few years now has been a Miniature Tigers show which is not a bad thing.:)

    Miniature Tigers Kilby Court April 2011
    On April 2 I saw Miniature Tigers live for the 7th time. The show was at one of my favorite venues Kilby Court. The 1st band that opened the show was a local band called Desert Noises. They were so good live. I really like their music. The 2nd opening band was a band called Pepper Rabbit. They were great live. I really like their music. They are nice guys too. It's sad that I don't get to see them live anymore or hear any more new music from them because Pepper Rabbit broke up this year. They will be missed. Then Alvin Band played an awesome & fun set at the show! It's so cool when Rick from Miniature Tigers plays a set as Alvin Band! I love Alvin Band's music! It was neat to hear songs from Rainbow Road before the album came out. Then Miniature Tigers played. It was another amazing show by them! It's always nice to see their live shows & talk & hang with them.

    Joy Formidable & Lonely Forest Kilby Court April 2011
    On April 9 I saw The Joy Formidable & The Lonely Forest live for the 1st time at Kilby Court. The Lonely Forest was fantastic live! I love their music! They are also really nice guys & great to talk to. The Joy Formidable was awesome & rocks hard live! They have such a big live show even when they are playing on a small stage. They are really nice people too.

    Arcade Fire & Local Natives UCCU Center April 2011
    On April 11 I saw Arcade Fire & Local Natives live for the 2nd time at UCCU Center. Local Natives put on an amazing live show! They are so good live! I met them after the show for the 2nd time. They are so nice. Arcade Fire put on a wonderful live show. I love their live shows! Regine of Arcade Fire does the best dances during their shows & I love how Will & Win go pretty crazy. I mean they all go pretty crazy during their shows but I think Will & Win go the craziest.

    Of Montreal In The Venue May 2011
    On May 9 I saw of Montreal live for the 1st time at In The Venue. The 1st opening band was a local band called Palace of Buddies. They were so good live! I had heard a few of their songs before the show but didn't know how good their live show was. The 2nd opening band was Painted Palms. They have an excellent live show! I had heard 2 of their songs before the show but just liked them even more after seeing how good their live show was & hearing more of their songs. Then Of Montreal played & their live show was amazing, crazy & so much fun. I had heard from friends that you can't expected what will happen at an Of Montreal show, which is so true. By the end of the show I was covered in glitter, sweat & confetti. Things that appeared on stage were dancing birds, wrestlers, dancing vaginas, people in strange pig costumes, women dressed as butterflies & fish, one of the members of Of Montreal in a mariachi outfit singing a bizarre & sexy yet awesome version of My Funny Valentine & Kevin Barnes at one point in a mini skirt & when he lifted his leg his lil Kevin was saying hello if you know what I mean. Also the members of Of Montreal that are in Yip Deceiver played a couple songs, which was cool. Also after the show I met the guys that are in Painted Palms. They are really nice. I also met Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal. He is a really nice & funny & eclectic guy.

    On May 24 I saw U2 live for the 1st time on their 360 Tour at Rice-Eccles Stadium. The Fray opened the show but I thought they sucked live probably because I can't stand their music. U2 was fantastic & pretty energetic live. It was so neat seeing them live. Their stage design for the tour was pretty incredible! They played a really great set.

    Airborne Toxic Event In The Venue June 2011
    On June 1 I saw The Airborne Toxic Event live at In The Venue. Earlier that day I saw a wonderful acoustic set by Airborne Toxic Event at a comedy club sponsored by the radio station X96. It was nice talking to ATE again at the acoustic set & then after their show at In The Venue later that night. They are nice & interesting people. The opening band for the show at In The Venue was Voxhaul Broadcast. They were so great live! Airborne Toxic Event was amazing & very energetic & fun live. It was my 4th time seeing them live. I love with their live shows how crazy they get & how you can really tell that they are having a lot of fun.

    Foster The People Acoustic Set At Graywhale June 2011
    On June 7 I saw Foster the People play an acoustic set at Graywhale. It was my 1st time seeing them live. It was a fantastic acoustic set! They played a great set. It was also nice meeting them. They are so nice & fun to talk to. I can't wait to see their full live show sometime.

    On June 20 I saw Matt & Kim live at In The Venue for the 1st time. To start the show off was a dj called Autobot from Flosstradamus who played some rad tunes that got me & other people excited & dancing. The dj also played between the sets which is so great for a concert so you don't get bored waiting for the bands to come on the stage & play. The opening band was The Thermals. They were great live. Matt & Kim were spectacular & so much fun live! They get so crazy live too. I loved that during their show they had all these balloons that said Matt & Kim on them. After the show I met Matt of Matt & Kim. He is so nice & funny.

    On July 14 I saw Explosions in the Sky live for free at Pioneer Park for the 1st time during the Twilight Concert Series. The opening band was No Age. They were good live. Explosions In The Sky were marvelous & stunning live! It was a free show but I would have gladly paid money for the show with how good EITS's live show was.

    On September 17 I saw The Flaming Lips live for the 1st time at The Great Saltair. Well 1st off I should tell you about all the cool costumes I saw people wearing at the show. There were people dressed as animals, brides, grooms, zombies, aliens, devils, Santa & characters from Alice In Wonderland. The 1st opening band was a local band that I didn't hear the name of. They were pretty good. The 2nd opening band was Le Butcherettes. They were pretty good live. Although it was gross when the lead singer who was a girl came into the crowd & licked my ear. She also made out with some other girl in the crowd who she didn't know. The Flaming Lips show kind of reminded me of the Of Montreal show I went to in May because you can't expect what's going to happen next. The Flaming Lips were phenomenal, glorious, mind-boggling & fun live! Cool things that happened during the show were Wayne in his space bubble, the band walking out of a giant video screen, girls in Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz outfits dancing on stage, the mounds of confetti & streamers & balloons falling on everyone, their lasers & strobe lights, guys in alien & rabbit suits on stage & Wayne's giant foam hands that he wore for some of the songs. I love how much they have the crowd participate in the show. For example, everyone got a free laser pointer before the show started & pointed it at a giant clear balloon that they called an orb to add even more effects to the show & make the show even more engaging & fun.

    Here's some honorable mentions that were fantastic shows but just didn't make the list: http://www.last.fm/event/1920612+Houses+at+Kilby+Court+on+10+May+2011

    I also wanted to say how great it was to see Grouplove, Bright Eyes, Mermaid Baby, Fleet Foxes, Foo Fighters & Howard Jones live for the 1st time this year. Their live shows were really fantastic! I mean with Bright Eyes I saw them live for free but would have gladly paid money for the show because it was that good. Also with Fleet Foxes I watched their show for free on a hill which was awesome because I could see & hear their show so well from the hill & it felt like I was camping. Also it made me see how much Fleet Foxes' music fits with nature because I was around nature & animals on the hill & their music fit perfectly with the surroundings. It was also great to see Neon Trees, Bicycle Voice & King Niko live again this year. Their live shows are always wonderful!

    Well there's the list of concerts. If you want to know anything else about any of the concerts just ask me. I can't wait for the concerts I know I'm going to already & the ones I don't know about that will be in 2012.
  • My Top 50 Songs Of 2010

    Jan 10 2011, 18h46

    Here's my list of top 50 songs of 2010. There were so many amazing songs this year! This list is in no particular order. If you haven't heard these songs go listen to them.

    Miniature Tigers- Bullfighter Jacket- From The Album- Fortress- This is an amazing, fun & very catchy & creative song! Charlie has some very great vocals on Bullfighter Jacket. The lyrics are wonderful & so great to sing along to. This song will get stuck in your head but in a good way.:) "There's nothing for me here at home. Everything I need is with you out east. I can't wait any longer."

    Neon Trees- Animal- FTA- Habits- An outstanding, fun, danceable, catchy & creative song! Tyler's vocals on Animal are amazing! While listening to this song you sing & play it loud, dance around & show your claws!:) "Take a bite of my heart tonight."

    Robyn- Dancing On My Own- FTA- Body Talk- A spellbindingly amazing song that is so danceable with powerful lyrics! You can't not dance to this song. "I'm in the corner watching you kiss her. I'm right over here why don't you see me. I'm giving it my all but I'm not the girl you're taking home. I keep dancing on my own!"

    Young the Giant- My Body- FTA- Young The Giant- A phenomenal & powerful song with some strong lyrics & vocals. "My body tells me no but I won't quit!"

    Fitz & The Tantrums- MoneyGrabber- FTA- Pickin' Up the Pieces- A stellar song with some nice groove & strong vocals. "This is your payback moneygrabber."

    Foxy Shazam- Unstoppable- FTA- Foxy Shazam- A very cool song with strong vocals. "We won't back down!"

    Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros- Home- FTA- Up From Below- A whimsical song. "Home is whenever I'm with you."

    Spoon- Written In Reverse- FTA- Transference- A really neat & cool song. "Will you lose a bit of yourself?"

    Sara Bareilles- KIng Of Anything- FTA- Kaleidoscope Heart- This is a fantastic & truthful & playful song. It's the perfect song to sing to someone who gets on your nerves & thinks they control everything & that their opinions are best. "You look so innocent. All full of good intent. Swear you know best."

    Christina Perri- Jar Of Hearts- FTA- Jar Of Hearts Single- A very beautiful, emotional, powerful & sort of ominous song. I love Christina's singing voice it's so good! "Who do you think you are? Running round leaving scars. Collecting your jar of hearts and tearing love apart. You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul."

    Dom- Living In America- FTA- Sun Bronzed Greek Gods- A fun, catchy, danceable & kind of sexy song. "It's so sexy to be living in America!"

    B.o.B- Magic[Feat. Rivers Cuomo]- FTA- B.o.B Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray- This song is so much fun & awesome! I love Rivers Cuomo on this song! He is so good! "Every time I touch that track it turns into gold. Everybody knows I got the magic in me!" I also like B.o.B's songs Airplanes[Feat. Hayley Williams from Paramore] & Nothin' On You[Feat. Bruno Mars].

    Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are- FTA- Doo-Wops And Hooligans- A fantastic song with a wonderful message! "When I see your face. There's not a a thing that I would change because you're amazing just the way you are!" I also like Bruno Mars' songs Marry You & Grenade. Those are great songs too.

    Cold War Kids- Audience Of One- FTA- Behave Yourself- An enduring & great song. "Drop the needle, we are playing for an audience of one."

    Beach House- Zebra- FTA- Teen Dream- A lovely song with gorgeous lyrics & vocals. Victoria's voice on this song is so good! "Anyway you run you run before us. Black & white horse arching among us."

    The Dead Weather- Die By The Drop- FTA- Sea Of Cowards- A loud, angry & rocking song! "Sometimes you die just a little."

    nevershoutnever!- Can't Stand It- FTA- What Is Love?- A cute & fun & very catchy song! "Baby I love you I never want to let you go the more I think about it the more I want to let you know that everything you do is super fucking cute and I can't stand it."

    Anberlin- Impossible- FTA- Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place- An incredible & powerful & emotional song! "Take what you want from me it means nothing now. Take everything honey it means nothing now. It's not so easy to forget harder to forgive."

    Sufjan Stevens- Impossible Soul- FTA- The Age Of Adz- A phenomenal & otherworldly sounding song! The lyrics are so good. The song is almost 30 minutes long and I love it! "Boy we can do so much more together, it's not so impossible."
    Another Sufjan song I want to mention is The Owl and The Tanager off of All Delighted People. That song is so beautiful & haunting that it gives me chills."i was diamonds in cage."

    Frightened Rabbit- Swim Until You Can't See Land- FTA- The Winter Of Mixed Drinks- An enduring & triumphant song. "Are you a man or are you a bag of sand?"

    Pepper Rabbit- Babette- FTA- Beauregard- A phenomenal & whimsical song with really great lyrics! "Oh it happens again just say it always ends. On movie screen, a stolen dream comes a castaway of change."

    Kisses- People Do The Most Amazing Things- FTA- The Heart Of The Nightlife- This is passionate, calm, chill, beautiful & great vibe song! I love Kisses! "It's fun to say what you can. It's hard to know what you want."

    Jonsi- Go Do- FTA- Go- A luminous & optimistic song with Jonsi's beautiful lyrics & vocals! "Go sing, too loud. Make your voice break-Sing it out. Go scream, do shout. Make an earthquake."

    Best Coast- When I'm With You- FTA- Crazy For You- A very chill & fun song with really great lyrics & very pretty vocals. "The world is lazy but you and me are just crazy. So when I'm with you I have fun."

    VersaEmerge- Fixed At Zero- FTA- Fixed At Zero- A wonderful song with really great vocals. "There's a vulture on my shoulder!"

    Broken Social Scene- World Sick- FTA- Forgiveness Rock Record- A great & truthful song. Sometimes we all feel a little world sick. "We got a minefield of crippled affection. All for the borrowed mirror connection."

    Broken Bells- The High Road- FTA- Broken Bells- A stellar song with some excellent lyrics & vocals. "The dawn to end all nights, that's all we hoped it was. A break from the warfare in your house, to each his own."

    The Killers- Boots- FTA- Boots Single- Another great Christmas song with a nice message by The Killers. "Cinnamon candles burning. Snowball fights outside. A smile below each nose and above each chin."

    Panda Bear- Last Night At The Jetty- FTA- Last NIght At The Jetty- A mesmerizing song. "Dreams that we once had. Did we have them anyways?"

    The Ready Set- Love Like Woe- FTA- I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming- A fun & catchy song. "Cause you're a pretty little wind storm out on the boulevard. Somethin' like a sunset, oh, you're a shooting star and I might drive myself insane. If those lips aren't speaking my name."

    Sia- My Love- FTA- Eclipse Soundtrack- A breathtakingly beautiful song with gorgeous lyrics & vocals! "You took the fall."

    Florence + the Machine- Heavy In Your Arms- FTA- Eclipse Sountrack- A stunning song with powerful & wonderful lyrics & vocals! "I was a heavy heart to carry."

    Deerhunter- Helicopter- FTA- Halcyon Digest- A wonderful & cool song. "I keep no company. I have minimal needs and now hey are through with me."

    My Chemical Romance- Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)- FTA- Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys- A rad, loud, angry & rocking song! "Shut up and let me see your jazz hands!"

    The Walkmen- Angela Surf City- FTA- Lisbon- An outstanding & fun & loud & rocking song! "Let's go home happy again. Just take your head from your hands. Take up the cause just once more."

    Vampire Weekend- Horchata- FTA- Contra- A delightful & fun & very catchy song about one of my favorite drinks!:) "In December drinking horchata I'd look psychotic in a baklava."

    MGMT-Brian Eno- FTA- Congratulations- A cool & fun & catchy song about a cool guy. "What does he know Brian Eno."

    Klaxons-Twin Flames- FTA- Surfing The Void- A cool song. I mostly wanted to talk about this song for the awesome album artwork. Have you seen it? It's a cat in a space suit. Cats were kind of the thing to put on your album cover this year(Best Coast, Wavves, Klaxons & probably a few others.) "A sea of flames, before tonight. Conducted love, brought us alight."

    Paper Tongues- Get Higher- FTA- Paper Tongues- An amazing & powerful song! "When my back's against the wall you're the hand that breaks my fall."

    Kanye West- Power- FTA- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- An incredible song with strong lyrics! "No one man should have all that power."

    Mumford & Sons- The Cave- FTA- Sigh No More- A masterful & brilliant song with powerful lyrics & vocals! "I will hold on hope and I won't let you choke on the noose around your neck. I'll find strength in pain. I will change my ways and I will know my name as it's called again."

    Local Natives- Sun Hands- FTA- Gorilla Manor- An invigorating song with giant & beautiful vocals & harmonies! I love how the song starts out kind of slow and just builds & builds & gets really rocking! "I'll endure the night for the promise of light."

    Freelance Whales- Generator 2nd Floor- FTA- Weathervanes- An enchanting & optimistic song that will make you smile! "Don't fix my smile. Life is long enough. We will put this flesh into the ground again."

    LCD Soundsystem- I Can Change- FTA- This Is Happening- A fascinating & beautiful song. "Love is a murderer."

    No Age- Glitter- FTA- Everything In Between- A glorious song with such great lyrics. "I want you back underneath my skin."

    Arcade Fire- Sprawl ll(Mountains Beyond Mountains)- FTA- The Suburbs- A lovely song with very pretty vocals by Regine! "I wonder if the world is so small. Will we ever get away from the sprawl."

    Civil Twilight- Letters From The Sky- FTA- Civil Twilight- A gorgeous & powerful song with wonderful vocals! "One of these days the sky is gonna break and everything will escape without knowing."

    Gorillaz- To Binge[Feat. Little Dragon]- FTA- Plastic Beach- An excellent song with some nice vibes. "I'm caught again in the mystery. You're by my side, but are you still with me?"

    of Montreal- Our Riotous Defects- FTA- False Priest- A very catchy & pretty sexy & funny song. "You are such a crazy girl. You are so crazy girl! I don't know why I even try to understand you."

    The Morning Benders- Excuses- FTA- Big Echo- A gorgeous song with beautiful lyrics & vocals! "You tried to taste me and I taped my tongue to the southern tip of your body. Our bones are too heavy to come up squished into a single cell of wood."
  • My Top 50 Albums Of 2010

    Jan 9 2011, 14h34

    Here is my top 50 albums of 2010. There were so many good albums this year I had to pick more albums for my best of list than last year. This list is in no particular order. If you haven't heard these albums go check them out.

    Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- Favorite Track Off Of Album- Power- This is an amazing & powerful album! All of the songs on this album are amazing. I love his collaboration with Bon Iver on the album especially on the song Lost In The World. That is a beautiful song. This is definitely my favorite Kanye West album unless he happens to top it with an even better album in the future.

    Miniature Tigers- Fortress- FTOOA- Bullfighter Jacket- This is such a fantastic & fun album! I've listened to this album a lot but never tire of it. The songs on it are wonderful with very creative lyrics! It starts out great with Mansion Of Misery & ends great with Coyote Enchantment. The catchy songs are really fun to sing along to & will probably get stuck in your head for a while but in a good way.:)

    Neon Trees- Habits- FTOOA- Animal- Another album that I've listened to a lot but never tire of. This album is amazing & cool & fun! The songs are so good & very catchy! This album has some great messages in it about love, youth & being yourself. Sins Of My Youth & Our War & Love And Affection are strong & very deep songs that are great. Also Farther Down is a beautiful & strong song that is actually a bonus track off of Habits but one of my favorites by NT. To make Habits even more fun to listen to sing the songs loud, show your claws during Animal & dance around a lot!:)

    Freelance Whales- Weathervanes- FTOOA- Generator Second Floor- A really great album! The songs are all very good. Hannah is a wonderful song, Generator Second Floor a really great & optimistic song that will make you smile.

    Beach House- Teen Dream- FTOOA- 10 Mile Stereo- Another wonderful album by Beach House with a very dreamy feel to it. The songs are all very pretty & wonderful!

    Jonsi- Go- FTOOA- Go Do- A gorgeous album by the brilliant Jonsi from Sigur Ros! The songs are amazing & sung beautifully by him.

    Neon Indian- Mind Control: Psychic Chasms Possessed- FTOOA- Terminally Chill- What a awesome & rad & very catchy & danceable album! This album was given to me by Alan after Neon Indian's set opening for Phoenix. I had heard Psychic Chasms before being given this. What makes this album even better are the remixes of each song which are so cool!

    The Roots- How I Got Over- FTOOA- Now Or Never- A very cool album by the very talented Roots.

    Tame Impala- InnerSpeaker- FTOOA- Solitude Is Bliss- A really great album by a really great new band.

    MGMT- Congratulations- FTOOA- Brian Eno- With this album it took a few listens before I really liked it. I still like Oracular Spectacular a little better than Congratulations. This album is still really great with some cool songs.

    Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse- Dark Night Of The Soul- FTOOA- Angel's Harp- A fantastic album with some wonderful songs! Also there are some amazing musicians & singers on this like Julian Casablancas, Black Francis, Flaming Lips, Iggy Pop, James Mercer & of course Danger Mouse & Mark "Sparklehorse" Linkous. While listening to this album you kind of feel sad missing Mark & thinking about the great music he could have still made. RIP Mark "Sparklehorse" Linkous.

    Cee Lo Green- The Lady Killer- FTOOA- Fuck You- A cool & sexy album with some awesome songs. Fuck You is such a fun & catchy song but not a song to sing in front of your grandparents(which I wouldn't in front of mine) unless they are alright with swearing.:) Another great song is Bodies. I love that song too.

    of Montreal- False Priest- FTOOA- Our Riotous Defects- Such a awesome, fun & sexy album! I love it! Of Montreal knows how to make some amazing albums.

    Sleigh Bells- Treats- FTOOA- Rill Rill- A loud, rocking & cool album with lots of good fuzz noises & loud guitars!

    Vampire Weekend- Contra- FTOOA- Diplomat's Son- Another album I've listened to a lot & never tire of listening to. Contra is amazing & fun & has very catchy songs! I love it! Diplomat's Son written by Rostam is such a great song. White Sky, Holiday, Horchata & Cousins are all fantastic & super catchy songs!

    The Morning Benders- Big Echo- FTOOA- Excuses- A wonderful album with such great songs & lyrics & vocals! I love this album!

    Wavves- KIng Of The Beach- FTOOA- KIng Of The Beach- A great album with fun songs great for listening at the beach or anywhere.

    Best Coast- Crazy For You- FTOOA- When I'm With You- A fantastic & fun & nice album with great songs & great vocals. I love the vocals on When I'm With You! Bethany has a very pretty singing voice!

    Weezer- Hurley- FTOOA- Memories- How could I not like an album with a little bit of a Lost theme to it & named after one of my favorite characters on Lost.:) This is a really great album! This album was way better than Raditude which was so nice because I didn't really care for Raditude. I love the songs Memories & Trainwrecks!

    Jukebox the Ghost- Everything Under The Sun- FTOOA- Empire- What an awesome & fun album with really great & catchy songs & lyrics!

    Surfer Blood- Astro Coast- FTOOA- Floating Vibes- A very cool & chill album with awesome songs!

    V. V. Brown- Traveling Like The LIght- FTOOA- L.O.V.E- A really great album with some very good songs. I love V V's vocals! She is such a great singer.

    Mute Math- Armistice Live- FTOOA- Electrify- Another amazing live Mute Math album! Mute Math are amazing live!

    Regina Spektor- Live In London- FTOOA- Silly Eye Color Generalizations- An amazing live album! Regina Spektor is amazing live! I love with this album that I finally have the 3 amazing & fun songs I heard live(Silly Eye Color Generalizations, Love You're A Whore & Bobbing For Apples) & can listen to them anytime! If you haven't heard those songs & you are a Regina Spektor fan go get this album & hear those songs they are so great!

    Bruce Springsteen- The Promise- FTOOA- City Of Night- A wonderful collection of songs by the amazing Bruce Springsteen!

    Harry Potter And The Deathy Hallows Part 1 Soundtrack- FTOOA- Dobby- I thought this year I would add some soundtracks to my best of list. I loved the 7th Harry Potter film & loved the soundtrack. Even though it is all classical music(which I love) I thought it should be on this list.

    Eclipse Soundtrack- FTOOA- My Love by Sia- This soundtrack has some amazing songs on it! I always love the songs on the Twilight film soundtracks! They get some great bands & artists like Vampire Weekend, Lykke Li, Black Keys, Band Of Horses, Sia & Florence + The Machine. The movie was also very good too.

    The Tallest Man on Earth- The Wild Hunt- FTOOA- King Of Spain- A very good album with great songs & vocals.

    She & Him- Volume Two- FTOOA- In The Sun- A very nice album with great songs & some covers & vocals by Zooey D.:)

    The Black Keys- Brothers- FTOOA- Howlin' For You- A great, loud & rocking album! The songs are so good!

    Gorillaz- Plastic Beach- FTOOA- Cloud Of Unknowing- An excellent album with such great songs! I was very impressed with this album. Other Gorillaz albums I thought were pretty good but not as good as this. This is definitely my favorite Gorillaz album that will be hard to top!

    Chromeo- Business Casual- FTOOA- Night By Night- A very great & fun & pretty sexy album!

    Los Campesinos!- Romance Is Boring- FTOOA- We've Got Your Back(Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #2)- Another fun, fantastic, loud & angry Los Campesinos album! The lyrics with the songs are so great!

    Bad Books- Bad Books- FTOOA- You're A Mirror I Cannot Avoid- A fantastic album & collaboration made by 2 great talents Kevin Devine & Manchester Orchestra.

    Ra Ra Riot- The Orchard- FTOOA- Too Dramatic- A wonderful & beautiful album.

    Robyn- Body Talk- FTOOA- Dancing On My Own- An amazing, catchy, danceable & pretty underrated album. Robyn you are awesome & more people should hear this album & your music!

    Pepper Rabbit- Beauregard- FTOOA- Harvest Moon- A whimsical album by an amazing band that more people need to know about! The songs are so great! Check out Pepper Rabbit they are amazing!

    Frightened Rabbit- The Winter Of Mixed Drinks- FTOOA- Swim Until You Can't See Land- An outstanding album by the amazing band Frightened Rabbit!

    Arcade Fire- The Suburbs- FTOOA- Sprawl ll(Mountains Beyond Mountains)- A dazzling album with wonderful songs & lyrics & vocals by Regine & Win! While this album is really great I do still like Funeral & Neon Bible a bit better.

    Civil Twilight- Civil Twilight- FTOOA- Letters From The Sky- An enduring album by a wonderful band! The songs are pretty powerful especially Letters From The Sky.

    Dum Dum Girls- I Will Be- FTOOA- Jail La La- A really fun & graceful album with great songs & vocals.

    No Age- Everything In Between- FTOOA- Glitter- A really great & loud & rocking album!

    Tokyo Police Club- Champ- FTOOA- Wait Up(Boots Of Danger)- A triumphant & carefree album with some great catchy songs!

    Brandon Flowers- Flamingo- FTOOA- Only The Young- An excellent album by the amazing Brandon Flowers! He has some really great songs on his solo album.

    Kisses- The Heart Of The Nightlife- FTOOA- People Can Do The Most Amazing Things- A delightful album by another band people should know about! I love this album! It's so good! The songs are wonderful & beautiful!

    Mumford & Sons- Sigh No More- FTOOA- The Cave- A masterful & brilliant album by an original & amazing band! I love this band & album! The songs are outstanding & powerful with beautiful & powerful lyrics!

    Broken Bells- Broken Bells- FTOOA- The Mall And The Misery- A stellar album by 2 amazing musicians(James Mercer & Danger Mouse)! James Mercer's vocals are beautiful! Such a great album!

    LCD Soundsystem- This Is Happening- FTOOA- I Can Change- An insighful & passionate & very danceable album! The songs on This Is Happening have some killer beats! I love it!

    Sufjan Stevens- All Delighted People & The Age Of Adz- FTOOA- The Owl And The Tanager & Impossible Soul- I wanted to put both of his albums on this list because they are both stunning & beautiful. I couldn't just choose one of his albums they are both amazing! With All Delighted People the songs are just so great! Heirloom, Enchanting Ghost & The Owl And The Tanager are my favorites off of that. Then with Age Of Adz it's different from what you're use to with Sufjan but I love it & am glad he made the music he wanted to make even if some of his fans would be upset. Age Of Adz is so futuristic sounding & so cool! Impossible Soul is almost 30 minutes long & I love it! Also some of my favorites off of Age Of Adz are Too Much, Vesuvius, Get Real Get Right, I Walked & I Want To Be Well.

    Local Natives- Gorilla Manor- FTOOA- Who Knows Who Cares- Wow what a gorgeous, expressive & harmonious album! The lyrics are so great! The vocals & harmonies are so amazing! I love with their songs how it can start out slow & just build & build into even greater music!
  • My Top 10 Concerts Of 2010

    Jan 5 2011, 11h25

    This year I went to 23 concerts. This is my list of the top 10 shows I went to this year. They are in no particular order. I went to some amazing shows this year. The 1st concert I went to this year was a Miniature Tigers show & the last show I went to this year was also a Miniature Tigers show.:)
    On January 2 I saw Miniature Tigers live at Kilby Court. This was a fantastic show! Bicycle Voice was so great live! They have some wonderful music. I would love to see them live again. Drew Danburry was great live. It was nice to see him live again. Miniature Tigers put on a really fantastic show! They played a lot of songs. This was the show where I got to hear songs from Fortress before it was released & songs I had not heard before. This was the show where I was 1st hooked on songs like Bullfighter Jacket & Coyote Enchantment. This show was also the 1st time I got to hear an Alvin Band song live. Rick played Gazzete Pitch live & that was so cool! Also always nice to see & talk with the guys in MT too. A great show to start off the year.

    On July 13 I saw Paul McCartney live for the 1st time at Rio Tinto Stadium. This was also his 1st Utah show ever. This show was incredible! There was no opening band or artist it was just Paul. He sounded amazing live! He played a lot of his songs, The Beatles songs & some George Harrison songs & some John Lennon songs. He played one of my favorite songs of his which is Ram On. He played a 3 hour show. He ended the show with fireworks. He told wonderful stories about the Beatles & stories about himself. He is so funny on stage telling lots of jokes & funny stories. I hope to see him live again sometime soon. I recommend if you like him that you go see him if you get the chance!

    On July 11 I went to the SLC jazz festival. I mostly went to see Seth MacFarlane perform but also went because I love jazz music. It was my 1st time going to the jazz festival. I had a great time there! All the musicians I saw were so great! Ellis Hall was one that stood out. He used to play with Ray Charles & knew him too which is so neat. He mostly played Ray Charles songs but also played some of his own songs. Seth Macfarlane played last & was so great live! He has an amazing singing voice! He is also very funny & quick witted. It was neat to hear him do a few of the voices he does on Family Guy & American Dad live. I was very impressed with his singing voice even though I already knew he could sing really well from his tv shows. It was also nice to meet him after the show. He is so nice!

    On July 19 I saw Kings of Leon live at USANA Amphitheater. It was so great to see Kings Of Leon live for the 1st time. They put on a really great show! They sound so good live too! The Features were 1 of the opening bands & they were so good. KOL played an awesome set of songs. I got to hear songs from Come Around Sundown for the 1st time at this show & was loving them. I hope to see them live again sometime soon.

    On July 23 I saw Neon Trees live at Velour in Provo. This show was so rad & fun! It was my 1st time at the venue Velour & I now love Velour & want to go to more shows there. Civil Twilight was 1 of the opening bands & they were amazing live! They sounded way good live! I love their cover of the Massive Attack song Teardrop. At this show I started liking Paper Tongues at 1st I wasn't really getting into their music. After seeing their awesome & pretty energetic live show I was digging their music. Neon Trees were amazing & fun & so energetic live! I love seeing them live! At this show they played mostly songs from Habits & some covers but also played some older songs like Phones which was so cool. After the show I got to talk to NT more. They are so much fun & interesting to talk to!

    On November 1 I saw Sufjan Stevens live at Kingsbury Hall. This was a wonderful show! He was amazing live! The visuals that went with the songs were stunning & so cool! He mostly played songs from The Age Of Adz which made me love the songs even more after hearing them live. He is also very funny on stage telling funny & interesting stories. My 2 favorite songs live are Impossible Soul & The Owl and The Tanager. He wore his beautiful bird wings the whole show. I recommend if you like him & get the chance to see him go see his live show!

    On September 23 I saw Phoenix & Neon Indian live at In The Venue. This was amazing & fun show! Neon Indian sounded so good live & put on a awesome live show! Phoenix was fun & very energetic live & sounded so good! Both bands played great sets of their songs. Thomas Mars of Phoenix crowd surfed a few times. The coolest time he crowd surfed was during their last song 1901. He got the crowd going really crazy during 1901. I met Alan of Neon Indian after NI played. He came out & met me because I was standing in the front row really getting into their music & singing along to the lyrics. He was really nice & gave me a copy of Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed. After the show I met the rest of NI they were nice & funny. I also met Phoenix the guys in Phoenix are really nice & funny too.

    On September 2 I saw Vampire Weekend & Beach House live at In The Venue. This show was wonderful & fun! It was my 1st time seeing Beach House. Beach House put on a lovely live show! They sounded so good live! 10 Mile Stereo & Zebra are my favorite songs live. It was great to see Vampire Weekend live again. They are awesome & fun live! After the show I met Victoria. She is a sweetheart & great to talk to.

    On April 5 I saw Muse & Silversun Pickups live at E Center. This show was amazing! Silversun PIckups were fantastic live again. They are pretty fun live too. Muse always puts on amazing shows! The visuals with this show like the stage & video screens were incredible! I loved how the stage was decorated & shaped! Muse sounds really good live. They played a lot of songs & a great set of songs.

    On June 12 I saw Imogen Heap live at Rail Event Center. This show was brilliant & beautiful! Imogen Heap is so wonderful live & sounds amazing! The visuals with the show were lovely & amazing! I loved how the stage was decorated. The opening acts were all so good. One opening act who also got to sing with Imogen was named Mister Tim. He was so good live & so good singing Earth with Imogen! He just uses his voice to make music which is cool & creative. I loved how Imogen Heap just created a song at the show with help from the crowd. She is so creative. She also played a great set of songs & told interesting & funny stories through out the show.

    So, that is my list of top 10 shows of the year. Here are some honorable mentions though that wouldn't fit on the list: Jack's Manniquin/fun show, Paramore/fun show, Miniature Tigers/The Spinto Band show, free Beirut show, 30 Seconds To Mars/MuteMath/Neon Trees show, free She & Him/Dum Dum Girls show & Local Natives/Suckers show. I just wanted to mention those concerts that wouldn't fit on the list because they were all amazing too.
  • List Of Bands I Saw At Warped Tour 2010.

    Set 1 2010, 1h43

    I went to Warped Tour on August 7 this year. It was at Utah State Fairpark like it usually here in Utah. It was my 3rd year going. I just wanted to make a list of the bands I saw there. The list isn't in any order.

    Dropkick Murphys
    Andrew W.K.
    Breathe Electric
    The Casualties
    Breathe Carolina
    Every Time I Die
    The Cab
    Reel Big Fish
    Fake Problems
    Hey Monday
    The Rocket Summer
    You Me at Six
    The Summer Set

    Also here's a short list of bands I met
    I met nevershoutnever! He is sweet. He gave me a hug & a kiss on the cheek & signed the Warped Tour program.
    I said hey to Andrew W.K. He is really nice & cool.
    I met Justin of Anti-Flag He is so nice & cool & great to talk to. He gave me a hug & signed the Warped Tour program. I had met him before & it was nice to meet him again.
    I quickly met a member of The Casualties he was cool I forget his name though.
    I met a member of Deas Vail but unfortunately missed seeing them live. She was nice though.
  • My Top 20 Songs Of The Decade

    Jan 25 2010, 14h24

    These are my top 20 songs of the decade(2000-2009). It was so hard to pick just 20 songs from this decade because there were so many good songs! If you haven’t heard any of these songs I say go listen to them. These are in no particular order.

    Green Day- Jesus Of Suburbia- Off Of Album- American Idiot- A powerful almost 10 min. song that is so good! “I’m the son of rage & love!”
    Miniature Tigers- Cannibal Queen- OOA- Tell It To The Volcano- A very creative & amazing song! I love the lyrics! “ I la la la la la love you cannibal queen!”
    Beach House- Heart Of Chambers- OOA- Devotion- A gorgeous song from BH! I love it! It’s 1 of my favorites from them! “ In your heart of chambers where you sit with your picture books & your ancient wit.”
    David Archuleta- Zero Gravity- OOA- just released as a single- A great catchy song by David with his amazing vocals. “ Nothing brings me down when you’re around it’s like zero gravity!”
    Muse- Butterflies & Hurricanes- OOA- Absolution- An incredible song with Matt’s amazing vocals! “ Change everything you are & everything you were. Your number has been called.”
    Modest Mouse- Float On- OOA- Good News For People Who Love Bad News- Just a very nice song. It’s a great chill out song. Very catchy too. “ We will all float on alright!”
    Art Brut- Modern Art- OOA- Bang Bang Rock N’ Roll- Such a fun song with funny but great lyrics! “ Modern art makes me want to rock out!”
    Mute Math- Typical- OOA- Mute Math- This song has so much energy! The lyrics are so relatable too. “ Will I break the spell of the typical!”
    Radiohead- House Of Cards- OOA- In Rainbows- Such a beautiful song with fantastic lyrics! “ Forget about your house of cards & I’ll do mine.”
    Ra Ra Riot- Can You Tell- OOA- The Rhumb Line- Such a wonderful song. “ Oh can you tell I can’t even explain.”
    Adele- Melt My Heart To Stone- OOA- 19- A very moving & powerful song. “ Your words I made up. You say my name like there could be an us.”
    Arcade Fire- Wake Up- OOA- Funeral- This song is 1 of those songs that gives me chills it’s so good! The lyrics are so strong in this song! “ Someone told me not to cry!”
    The Airborne Toxic Event- Sometime Around Midnight- OOA- The Airborne Toxic Event- This song is absolutely amazing & beautiful with the lyrics & music! It sucks you into the story in the song right from the beginning. “ The world is falling around you!”
    Phantom Planet- Big Brat- OOA- Phantom Planet- An awesome song! “ Yeah you’re always up to no good!”
    Fall Out Boy- What A Catch, Donnie- OOA- Folie A Deux- Just a really great song with great vocals & lyrics! It’s 1 of my favorites from FOB! “I’ve got troubled thoughts & a self-esteem to match. What a catch!”
    Panic at the Disco- That Green Gentlemen (Things Have Changed)- OOA- Pretty Odd- A fantastic song with pretty relatable lyrics. “ Things are shaping up to be pretty odd!”
    Sigur Ros- Hoppipolla- OOA- Takk- Such a beautiful song. The lyrics are in Icelandic so I don’t know what they mean. I know a few words in the song & the lyrics sound like they are very pretty but not sure what they all mean.
    Coldplay- Clocks- OOA- A Rush Of Blood To The Head- Another 1 of those songs that’s so good it gives me chills. I love it! It’s so great! “ Cursed missed opportunities. Am I part of the cure or am I part of the disease?”
    Kings of Leon- The Bucket- OOA- Aha Shake Heartbreak- This is just an awesome song! It’s still 1 of my favorites from KOL! “ 18 balding star. Golden fallen heart.”
    The Killers- All These Things That I’ve Done- OOA- Hot Fuss- Just a brilliant song with amazing lyrics & vocals! “ I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier!”
  • My Top 20 Songs Of 2009

    Jan 25 2010, 12h30

    These are my top 20 songs of 2009. A couple songs came out before 2009 but were popular or I listened to them a lot in 2009 or felt they fit with that year. If you haven’t heard these songs yet I say go listen to them. It was so hard to just pick 20 songs. These are in no particular order.

    Alvin Band- Temple Pressure- Off Of Album- Mantis Preying- Such an amazing song! It’s so catchy! I love his voice on it! “I’ve got temple pressure!”
    Dirty Projectors- Stillness Is The Move- OOA- Bitte Orca- An incredible song with crazy good vocals! “Isn’t life just a mirage of the world before the world?”
    La Roux- Bulletproof- OOA- La Roux- Just a really cool upbeat song. “Maybe this time I’ll be bulletproof!”
    Florence + the Machine- Kiss With A Fist- OOA- Lungs- A fiery song with strong lyrics! “A kick in the teeth is good for us all. A kiss with a fist is better then none!”
    Muse- I Belong To You (Mon Coeur S’ouvre A Ta Voix)- OOA- The Resistance- A beautiful love song with beautiful vocals & lyrics. “ Traveled half the world to say I belong to you.”
    Passion Pit- Sleepy Head- OOA- Manners- A really great song with a great beat! “ Against the walls, against your rules against your skin!”
    Metric- Gimme Sympathy- OOA- Fantasies- A really nice song with some fun lyrics. “ After all this is gone. Who’d you rather be? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
    Jonas Brothers- Much Better- OOA- Lines, Vines & Trying Times- Yes I like the Jonas Brothers. I think they are a really great band! This is 1 of my favorite songs by them! I love it! Such a fantastic song. “ I want to fly with you. Tear up the sky with you. You’re much better.”
    Phoenix- Lisztomania- OOA- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix- A really upbeat catchy song! “ Like a ride, like a riot oh! not easily offended."
    Grizzly Bear- Southern Point- OOA- Veckatimest- Such a beautiful & amazing song! “ Our haven on the southern point is calling us.”
    Green Day- Peacemaker- OOA- 21st Century Breakdown- 1 of the best songs off of this album! Really great loud song! “ Well now the caretaker’s the undertaker.”
    Jay-Z- Run This Town- OOA- The Blueprint 3- A really cool song with powerful lyrics. I love Rihanna’s voice on this song! Rihanna & Jay-Z go great together. Kanye West was pretty good too. “ Whose gonna run this town tonight?”
    30 Seconds to Mars- Kings & Queens- OOA- This Is War- A wonderful song with amazing vocals by Jared Leto! Also amazing lyrics! “ We are the kings & queens of promise! We were the victims of ourselves!”
    The xx- Crystalized- OOA- XX- A really good song. “ I’ll forgive & forget before I’m paralyzed.”
    Friendly Fires- Skeleton Boy- OOA- Friendly Fires- A really danceable song! “ I close my eyes on the dancefloor. I forget about you.”
    Miike Snow- Animal- OOA- Miike Snow- A very catchy & creative song. “ I change shapes just to hide in this place but I’m still, I’m still an animal!”
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Zero- OOA- It’s Blitz- A really cool song. “ You’re a zero! What’s your name?”
    Owl City- Fireflies- OOA- Ocean Eyes- Even if he did copy Postal Service or whoever this is still a really great song. Very nice, creative lyrics & beat. “ A foxtrot above my head. A sockhop beneath my bed. A disco ball just hanging by a thread.”
    MGMT- Time To Pretend- OOA- Oracular Spectacular- Such a wonderful song that makes you want to make time to pretend.:) “ We’ve got the vision now let’s have some fun!”
    Manchester Orchestra- I’ve Got Friends- OOA- Mean Everything To Nothing- A really great song by them. Very powerful lyrics. “Cause I’ve got friends in all the right places.”