• Sympathy for the gothics

    Set 9 2008, 11h07

    Yeah, really. After my flirt with hiphop and a renewed love for folk, or anything that goes with an acoustic guitar, it's now time to make a move towards gothic. The leading band that I lean on goes by the name Unheilig, being an electronic Rammstein. Ofcourse that's a good thing, coming from Germany as a so-called gothicband. The best song of this band, a song I played (and still play) over and over again, is Feuerengel. It could be a satanic song, though I believe it's not.

    In fact, it's quite emotional music, more than it appears to be on first sight. Oh yeah, there is yelling, the atmosphere is really dark and the singing voice is low. But there is hope, in every single song. Maybe this is the deepest I will dive in the gothical scene, maybe I don't need to look any further. I don't dare to, afraid of what I will discover on my dark journey to the black spot in my soul.

    As I was saying, I smell hope through the banging bass and roaring voice, "LAMPENFIEBERRRR". This band really is an excellent guide, don't let the German language back you off. This language is made for shouting, made for bands like Unheilig. Furthermore, this is the only kind of music that sounds really awesome in German, it expresses anger beautifully. Anger is a good thing, from time to time. Don't forget to be happy, though.

    And yes, ofcourse, as a side note, VNV Nation was around a long time before Unheilig. But VNV Nation is more electronic, and less dark. They're both ambient groups, but both in their own recognisable way.

    Give it a shot. Listen to it, enjoy it.
    But really, do not drown in it.

  • That day's revolution

    Jun 6 2008, 16h31


    Never saw myself as a revolutionary person. Revolution never worked for me. I was just listening to music everyone listened to. Floating along with the stream. It was handy to listen to music everybody listened to. You always had something to talk about. "Did you hear that song on top of last weeks charts?" "Nope." "Well, let me inform you..."

    Time changed, just like everything. The small stream you were floating in soon leads to a waterfall. The water is quickening and rising. You don't want to be like everybody else. And then you discover The Last Poets. I never knew something like this existed. Ofcourse, I used to listen to Chumbawamba, anarchistic and revolutionary. But soon I backed off, scared of listening to something different.

    Now I can't get enough of different. Different is good, different is cool, different also is often for a good cause. The Last Poets are certainly different, fighting for the rights of the black men. The black citizen, whose were terribly discriminated back in the seventies. The poets stood op, making music on the corner of the streets. I can get the picture, a clear view on how it happened. Niggers listening, applauding. White people, staring towards the ground, not looking up while passing by...

    The noise, the applauds. The shouting of Martin Luther Kings name. Wish I was there. I would be different, revolutionary. But I ain't there. I'm here, in Kantens, the northern side of Holland, almost drowning in the Waddenzee. There are one or maybe two black man in this town.

    It's not all, it's not all. I discovered 13 & God, combining rock and hiphop. How revolutionary do you want it? Wow, what a shame. I never tried picking up a guitar, I never tried banging on drums, I never played a trumpet. When it comes to playing an instrument, I'm an absolute nobody.

    But now I'm listening to The Last Poets, cool, different and certainly revolutionary.

    It's the most revolutionary I can get.

    For now.
  • Hail hail post-rock, looney's of the music industry!

    Abr 10 2008, 12h49

    Hahaha, that post-rock- and mathrockbands really now how to name their group. Take Auto!Automatic!! for example. I wanna know what it means, why this name... And better, why call a song 4182333461... Dance!, how many drugs do you need? Where do you draw the line. Where is the deeper meaning of the title, the depth of the song, the brightness of the makers.

    The truth is, in fact, that the band ánd the song are excellent, great, superb and fantastic! Great stuff, even greater guitar-work, awesome band, heroes. Sometimes it helps to just download songs from bands with freaky names and even stranger songtitles. Sometimes it really works out in the end. You just cant sit still when you're listening to the track. The downloads are free, here, on, the site where good music is being discovered and the poppish, mainstream music is being left behind. To rot, to die and starve of hunger for listeners.

    And wow We vs. Death, a post-rock band from Holland. Yeah, I also had something like: what, can this kind of music come from the small and musically shameful country of ours. Yes, it seems to be possible, quit listening to Marco Borsato, throw your Frans Bauer-CD's out of the window. Set them on fire, break them in two, get rid of it!

    And start listening real music! Welcome to this side of the line. The band-names are interesting. , Giraffes? Giraffes! and You.May.Die.In.The.Desert. We try to be different for a higher goal. To drown in the mystical pool of music! I think I'm on the other side, pass me your hand.
  • Cash *clash* Nine Inch Nails

    Mar 28 2008, 11h39

    Hurt, the most popular song (on of Johnny Cash is being heavily discussed. There are much folks that actually do think the original version of Nine Inch Nails is and stays much better. In my personal opinion, this hella good song was made to be Cash's. Why did God ever decide giving it to Trent Reznor? Don't get me wrong, I like both the cover and the original. But you gotta admit Cash sings it with so much feeling and emotion, it totally reflects his life. And for me, personally, shivers all over my body and a teardrop in de corner of my eye.

    It's okay to dislike country, quite good in fact. But you just can't ignore Cash and his great quality. His personality, his voice, his guitarplay and his emotion. But why are some people like, for example Leslian, saying "When people say that Cash's version even comes close to this one, i have to restrain myself from punching them in the head. Cash ends every line on an upward inflection. it sounds like he's spitting out a string of questions and is really, really confused. rant over." I can't, just can't imagine why anyone should think like that. It doesn't come close, it actually is much better. And it has overplayed the original version by far ya know...

    There is a word for the many plays Johnny's version has. It's called popularity okay? But the Cash-fans know it already, now it's time for turning the industrials, the noise-fans, the anti-acousticals, the machines and the robotical rockers. Ha, and if you are against me, please react, I love hearing other sides of stories.

    Cash or NiN?
    Country or Industrial?
    Love or misery?
    Intimity or rockish violence?
  • Why I actually enjoy dutch-languaged music & my belgium love!

    Mar 13 2008, 14h38

    Because some dutch/belgium bands (they really do exist) have the most beatiful lyrics. Take Yevgueni, they make music that is often described as 'kleinkunst' which means 'small art', its really true, the music is beautiful and the lyrics really touching. Even if you dont know any dutch-languaged bands, it is really worth a check-out.

    Also Jaap Fischer is really cool. This biggest idiot born in Holland really makes fantastic and funny music in the '60s, weaponed with only an acoustic guitar. They've been saying for years that he committed suïcide in a terrible way, and everyone believed it. Through that specific period, Jaaps label sold 10000 LP's, so the suïcide-story gained a lot of profit. Only this brilliant story makes Jaap Fischer already an artist worth checking out.

    Belgium is the place to be if you really want to know great music. Check out Zita Swoon, they make mainly English music but also produced some french tracks. They are really, really great, its time for the world to discover this band. A classmate interviewed 'em, how cool is that!? But ey, in a class of journalists, you hear that kind of stories all the time.

    So sometimes, when I'm feeling down or depressed, I just wish to live some hundred miles to the south. In the Ardens, where Zita Swoon and Yevgueni are just a stonethrow away... and I just love 'em!