Why I actually enjoy dutch-languaged music & my belgium love!


Mar 13 2008, 14h38

Because some dutch/belgium bands (they really do exist) have the most beatiful lyrics. Take Yevgueni, they make music that is often described as 'kleinkunst' which means 'small art', its really true, the music is beautiful and the lyrics really touching. Even if you dont know any dutch-languaged bands, it is really worth a check-out.

Also Jaap Fischer is really cool. This biggest idiot born in Holland really makes fantastic and funny music in the '60s, weaponed with only an acoustic guitar. They've been saying for years that he committed suïcide in a terrible way, and everyone believed it. Through that specific period, Jaaps label sold 10000 LP's, so the suïcide-story gained a lot of profit. Only this brilliant story makes Jaap Fischer already an artist worth checking out.

Belgium is the place to be if you really want to know great music. Check out Zita Swoon, they make mainly English music but also produced some french tracks. They are really, really great, its time for the world to discover this band. A classmate interviewed 'em, how cool is that!? But ey, in a class of journalists, you hear that kind of stories all the time.

So sometimes, when I'm feeling down or depressed, I just wish to live some hundred miles to the south. In the Ardens, where Zita Swoon and Yevgueni are just a stonethrow away... and I just love 'em!


  • kleinemans

    I enjoy music in my native tongue quite a lot, for the same reasons you do. I know there are a lot of music snobs out there that would only allow you to listen to Spinvis if they could. That doesn't mean you have to appologize for liking Yevgueni or any similar artists. I know I'm fucking ants a bit here but if people who love the genre use terms like 'actually liking stupid music' to express their love for dutch language music this weird lack of respect we seem to have here for music in our own language will never dissapear. I'm happy to see there are more kids out there that enjoy a solid dutch song. So thumbs up for the post, it's just the title that bothers me a little.

    Set 3 2008, 21h06
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