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Mar 4 2012, 2h48

Sun 26 Feb – Tennis, In Tall Buildings
Turns out the husband/wife combination of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore discovered more than open water when the duo left their hometown of Denver to sail together over ocean waters. The two also discovered their incredibly palatable indie-pop sound and transformed it into something worth listening. The couple, along with drummer and other multi-instrumentalist, infused Lincoln Hall with an overwhelming feeling reminiscent of what I imagined to be a nostalgic, 80's high school prom scene. The only thing missing was the Rat Pack.

The opening song It All Feels the Same set the tone for evening with floating guitar chords and light-weighted female vocals that drifted throughout many cuts from their recently released record Young & Old. About halfway through the show, lead singer Alaina Moore took the mic and fixed herself center stage as she prefaced the crowd about the danceability of forthcoming Petition. It did indeed increase the intensity of head-bobbing and body hopping amongst the venue's patrons. Other tracks like High Road and Traveling kept the audience steadily engaged until the lead single Origins finished the set. Rest assured the energy level never matched that of a contemporary high school prom.

In my short years attending live shows, an encore has become all but required for any artist worth witnessing live. Tennis left no exception to this new standard by returning to the stage for a short two song encore that was more old than young; finishing the night with Take Me Somewhere from the couple's first studio album Cape Dory. Make no faults about it, Tennis has the modern, pure-hearted chemistry to make the average person think of more than the classic, preppy sport for which they are named.

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