• Planetarium

    Dez 9 2014, 8h18

    (Artist - Album - Title)

    1. Helios - For Nihon - Sing The Same Song Twice
    2. Nigel Godrich - Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Hillcrest Park
    3. Olafur Arnalds - Found Songs - Ljósið
    4. Bent - Intercept! - As Seen From Space
    5. Caspian - Tertia - Vienna
    6. Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - For Nihon - We Enter The Night
    7. Jacaszek - Context - Elegia
    8. Yoko Kanno - Mizu no Onna - The Wave Of Flame
    9. Peter Broderick - Float - A Glacier
    10. Yoko Kanno - Mizu no Onna - The Black Sooty Dream
    11. Cliff Martinez - Solaris - Don't Blow It
    12. Joe Minadeo - Songs for a Photograph - Luz De Luna
    13. Jessica Curry - Dear Esther - Always (Hebridean mix)
    14. BT - This Binary Univeerse - See You on the Other Side
    15. Coldplay - Ghost Stories - Midnight
    16. Manual - Context - Three Parts
    17. Yoko Kanno - Mizu no Onna - The Ascension Rain - Shoutenu
    18. Jóhann Jóhannsson - Fordlandia - How We Left Fordlandia
    19. Andrew Bayer - If It Were You We'd Never Leave - Closing Act
    20. Max Richter - Infra - Infra 1
    21. Peter Broderick - Context - Pause

    One hour, fifty-three minutes.
  • Gone

    Abr 13 2014, 15h37

    Two weeks ago I wrote this.

    Now it has a soundtrack.

    1. U2 - Pop Muzik (Pop Mart Mix)
    2. U2 - Mofo
    3. U2 - Discotheque
    4. Fluke - Switch/Twitch
    5. Fluke - ykk
    6. Nero - My Eyes
    7. Massive Attack - Risingson
    8. Massive Attack - Inertia creeps
    9. Darkside - Golden Arrow
    10. U2 - Gone
    11. U2 - Miami
    12. U2 - Please (video version) - U2
  • Saving Daylight (yes I actually called it that)

    Set 25 2013, 11h44

    I am old and have no dignity. This I have accepted.

    It's only the beginning of Spring in Melbourne by damn if it isn't already warming up a ton. I'm usually a winter creature and suspect always will be, but summer's growing on me. Plus it's always nice cruising around in the car with groovy tunes.

    1. Chicane - What Am I Doing Here Part 1
    2. Classixx - Hanging Gardens
    3. Crazy Penis - Lie Lost
    4. Mint Julep - Invisible Waves
    5. Washed Out - Soft
    6. Low Motion Disco - Love Love Love
    7. Gypsy & The Cat - The Piper's Song
    8. Mint Julep - Soon the Sea
    9. Bonobo - Sapphire
    10. Friendly Fires - Pala
    11. Chicane - Barefoot
    12. Empire Of The Sun - I'll Be Around
    13. Daft Punk - The Game of Love
    14. Bonobo - Jets
    15. Low Motion Disco - Things Are Gonna Get Easier
    16. Lapalux - Without You (ft. Kerry Leatham)

    Some of these have appeared on other comps here and there, but I did have to draw the line at adding Spirit Catcher's Space Crash in this one. It's a magnificent track and I would have permitted it if I'd not already included it in Summer Nights 2013 along with the amazing Roller Coaster. I'm still as pleased as a well fed cat about that one, so I wanted to leave it unique.

    That of-course all goes out the window when I start including more than one track per artist, but the comp I had Mint Julep's Invisible Waves on doesn't get as much play time as I'd like to hear that one track, so it was a perfect replacement for Space Crash.

    To be honest I wish I had a bit more music that suited the feel of Classixx' Hanging Gardens which I think I do, just not at the right speed. I didn't want to exclude it though, and it's one of the newer tracks/artists to my listening along with Washed Out, Bonobo and Lapalux, so this comp also a way to include great tracks from them.

    I know I know, the Chicane stuff is pretty trancey, but hey, it fits well enough for me and I like the lead-in and bracket intro running into Empire Of The Sun's I'll Be Around, which is one of my big favourites at the moment.

    Lapalux' Without You might seem like a bit of a downer to close, but in spite of the comp winding down towards the end there in a big way, I don't see this playlist as a finisher, but a seg into something else, so it's kind of grand and almost a bit of an up swing to conclude with.
  • A Completely Self Indulgent Narrative About Tim

    Ago 25 2013, 17h42

    This is what happens when you can't sleep.
    Take heed, kids. Go to bed early. Establish and maintain a regular sleeping pattern. You may turn out ordinary but at least you won't do dumbass shit like this:

    1. BT - 13 Angels on My Broken Windowsill (14:08)
    2. Björk - Jóga - Björk (5:05)
    3. Massive Attack - Risingson (4:58)
    4. Fluke - ykk (6:44)
    5. Fluke - Bermuda (7:57)
    6. James Blake - Limit To Your Love (4:36)
    7. A Perfect Circle - The Noose (4:52)
    8. Telefon Tel Aviv - Mostly Translucent (4:15)
    9. BT - See You on the Other Side (14:23)
    10. Helios - The Obeisant Vine (4:27)
    11. Madita - A Walk (3:24)
    12. The Cardigans - Feathers And Down (4:30)

    Someone gave me a mix CD which was fantastic, and certainly a narrative about themselves. When we did our disc exchange, I'd burnt off a DVD of albums on mp3 which wasn't really very focussed. Well, it was, it just didn't have a single narrative. I don't know, I figure it'll emerge if you listen to each album but anyway, I figured I'd dial up 80 minutes of hand-picked music.

    The first problem with attempting to do that is everything in my collection is representative of some important aspect of my experience and persona, which is of-course obvious. Creating an abstract narrative of myself is a tempting exercise as there are so many stories to tell. Nevertheless, I seem to have chosen for the most part something like introspection vs chaos and agitation. What fun!

    I'd write out what each track means but that would be cheating. Plus someone may actually ask me about specifics and I find that much more interesting, so private emails or discussions in person are preferred.

    Yay! Another thing that's stopped me from writing in Cardboard Embassy! I swear I'm going to get to that this week.
  • New workspace, different speaker setup - diagnostic

    Mai 11 2013, 8h36

    I just used these tracks to diagnose my new setup.

    1. Planet Funk - Where Is The Max (4:40)
    2. Eric Serra - Little light of love (6:45)
    3. Grand Avenue - She (Cashback Version) (5:34)
    4. Kyte - Boundaries (3:52)
    5. The Wallflowers - Heroes (3:59)
    6. Steely Dan - Gaslighting Abbie (5:53)
    7. Steely Dan - Jack Of Speed (6:17)
    8. Rebirth Brass Band - Feel Like Funkin' It Up (3:29)
    9. The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Strange Meadow Lark (7:24)
    10. Harry Gregson-Williams - Crusaders (1:41)
    11. Harry Gregson-Williams - Coronation (3:03)
    12. John Williams - Prologue (Hook) (1:30)
    13. James Newton Howard - Flying (Peter Pan) (3:32)
    14. John Powell - Test Drive (How To Train Your Dragon) (2:36)
    15. BT - The Antikythera Mechanism (10:06)
    16. Björk - Bachelorette (5:12)
    17. Yoko Kanno - Run Rabbit Junk (4:32)
    18. Yoko Kanno - Home Stay (3:57)
    19. Yoko Kanno - Turquia (6:08)
    20. Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds (6:38)
    21. BT - Madskillz - mic chekka (5:39)
    22. Daft Punk - Digital Love (4:58)
    23. Passion Pit - Make Light (4:56)
  • The fictional soundtrack to the non-existent film: Some Nights

    Mai 9 2013, 5h51

    I was a bit disappointed in Fun's album of the same name to be honest, but that one song was quality enough that I built a playlist around it.

    Naturally I've also been listening to a shitload of Passion Pit and there's just something about their songs that makes me want to see a film based on their music. I'm marvelling at their exuberant sound yet sobering lyrics and just how well they work together. Make Light definitely feels like the right kind of opener for the main title, probably after a brief scene prior to the opening credits, and I really like Moth's Wings for a closer to play over the last visual and then cut to black. Goldfrapp's Caravan Girl seems like a natural follow-up as the spool of names keeps rolling by.

    1. Passion Pit - Make Light (4:56)
    2. Phoenix - Entertainment (3:40)
    3. Tegan and Sara - Goodbye, Goodbye (3:26)
    4. Friendly Fires - White Diamonds (4:12)
    5. Friendly Fires - Show Me Lights (3:35)
    6. Junior Senior - Take My Time (3:48)
    7. Fun - Some Nights (4:37)
    8. Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (4:00)
    9. Passion Pit - Dreams (4:18)
    10. Friendly Fires - Hurting (5:02)
    11. Gypsy & The Cat - Gilgamesh (4:27)
    12. Gorillaz - Empire Ants (4:43)
    13. Hurts - Miracle (3:45)
    14. Passion Pit - Take a Walk (4:24)
    15. Coldplay - Don't Let It Break Your Heart (3:54)
    16. Telefon Tel Aviv - Made A Tree On The Wold (4:39)
    17. Phoenix - Love For Granted (4:24)
    18. Passion Pit - Moth's Wings (4:16)
    19. Goldfrapp - Caravan Girl (4:05)

    Make what you will of the narrative. In some ways, all the lyrics could be relevant, but naturally more or less so balancing out with the sound of each track. I'm glad I got Telefon Tel Aviv's wonderful Made A Tree On The Wold heading into Love For Granted for a possibly stinging but tender ending.
  • Sawdust & Diamonds comp

    Mai 9 2013, 1h22

    I had to make a Sawdust & Diamonds compilation for a few reasons, firstly so that I had the song more readily available in the car without just having the Ys disc in there, and also just to get a few other songs in that I've been listening to, particularly Passion Pit's Swinning In The Flood.

    So this is it.

    1. Bat for Lashes - Bat's Mouth (4:25)
    2. Björk - All neon like (5:53)
    3. Passion Pit - Swimming in the Flood (4:58)
    4. Bent - Sing me (5:17)
    5. Dzihan & Kamien - Drophere (4:29)
    6. Washed Out - A Dedication (4:17)
    7. Hurts - The Crow (5:33)
    8. Bent - As you fall (3:37)
    9. Madita - A Walk (3:24)
    10. Bat for Lashes - Laura (4:26)
    11. Joanna Newsom - Sawdust & Diamonds (9:55)
    12. Bat For Lashes - I Saw A Light (6:24)
    13. Last Days - Hanami - (3:35)
    14. Susanna - Lily (2:34)
    15. Colin Kenniff Ft. Hollie Kenniff - Wind and Distance (5:43)
    16. Peter Broderick - Pause (4:48)
  • Summer Nights 2013 compilation

    Mar 8 2013, 18h48

    It's been a long time since I've posted.

    I've been doing a lot of listening and not a whole lot of writing, that's how life is sometimes.

    In my long and winding music tourism journey, I've come to revisit After by Dzihan & Kamien (not sure how this will format so bare with me). It's a killer track from way back in 2000 and I realised I was really missing the electronic jazz sound (Nu-Jazz I guess, I'm not fond of that term).

    This is a comp I quickly worked on over a couple of days and am finally happy with the playlist. Unfortunately as my car stereo still only plays audio CDs (not even mp3 CDs), I still work with the 80 minute limit, but I really enjoy the limitation. It keeps the comp disciplined and focused. It was a hard omission to make, but in the end it just lacked the punch that After and Bottin's Disco's remix of Elektra Bregenz have.

    So here it is, some old, some new, some borrowed (thanks Rok) and some slightly new though not terribly (I'm guessing the Cates & dpl remix of Angel Love may be the most recent, that or King Kooba's Big Ole).

    1. dZihan & Kamien - After - Freaks and Icons - 128 (7:25)
    *(2). St. Germain - Rose Rouge (7:00) *Sadly not included in the 80 minute CD burn
    2. Tosca - Elektra Bregenz (Bottin´s Disco Spritzer Mix) (5:21)
    3. Fragmentorchestra - Metropolis (6:05)
    4. dZihan & Kamien - Satelite Tank (6:48)
    5. Tennishero - Alone (4:35)
    6. Spirit Catcher - Roller Coaster (5:31)
    7. Coup deBam - Thanks feat. Barbara Bandi (4:22)
    8. Spirit Catcher - Space Crash (4:49)
    9. Fragmentorchestra - De muse (6:18)
    10. Tosca - Springer (Smith & Mudd Version) (5:12)
    11. dZihan & Kamien - Arabesq (5:16)
    12. Fragmentorchestra - Funkita (for The Dining Rooms) (6:36)
    13. King Kooba - Big Ole (6:16)
    14. Samantha James - Angel Love (Cates&dpl Down In the Valley Mix) (3:30)

    (Tags for metadata/links - I really should go back and edit my previous entries one of these days. FeaturesDzihan & Kamien, St. Germain, Tosca, Fragmentorchestra, Tennishero, Spirit Catcher, COUP DEBAM, King Kooba and Samantha James).

    (Remixes by Bottin's Disco (can't seem to link this artist), Smith & Mudd and Cates&dpL. Not sure if they have their own pages, I guess the links will tell. The Dining Rooms also get a mention, who are definitely worth listening to).
  • The Music That Changed Everything: Helios - Even Today (Live at the Triple Door…

    Jan 6 2011, 12h49

    One of the most useful things on is the ability to see when you first scrobbled a track and artist. I first discovered Helios (aka Keith Kenniff and Goldmund) in 2008, polling my first play-through of his album Eingya on the 1st of October of the same year. Just over two years later, I have purchased every piece of music of Keith's that I can find which is actually quite easy in the modern age as it's all available from his own site Unseen Music.

    Addendum: I realise I hardly discussed the sound of the subject and that's because it's exceedingly difficult to do so. In the most pragmatic of terms I could mention the soft bells that open the piece which evolves into soaring pads and reverbed distorted electric guitar, but with this piece in particular I feel like I'm short-changing it by doing so. I do apologise, but you really do just have to listen to it!

    It was so difficult to choose only one piece of music from Keith's humbling collection of works to represent how his music has effected me for this series. Every single piece he creates is a wonder, an amazing and intimate work that expresses emotions far beyond the reach of spoken and written language. I could probably write pages of redundant text on every piece but in the end it would be meaningless. Keith's music simply has to be listened to, and for me it lives in the realm of experiencing an amazing film with one or two friends after which no-one says a word and simply lets their expressions and behaviour speak for themselves.

    Some months back I watched the Live in Snohomish performance of Even Today which was posted on Unseen at the time, after which I promptly purchased the DVD. It's one of only two recordings that I know of that contain the track, the other being the Live At The Triple Door album which I purchased in December a few weeks ago. There are slight differences between the two performances, mainly that in Snohomish, Keith added a subtle kick/bass drum to the later part of the piece. It's not better or worse in any way, I simply prefer the Live at the Triple Door version.

    Having heard the Snohomish version a few times already, I was a little unprepared for what happened on my first listen-through of Live at the Triple Door. Having just bought and downloaded it the evening before, I burnt it to disc for the car and ended up listening to it on the way home from work. It may not be so much about the differences between the two recordings, for all I know the same thing would have happened had the Snohomish version been contained on the disc, but when Even Today started up I was transfixed. It led me to believe that I really need to be careful as to when I listen to it as I almost release all of my senses to be totally immersed in the sound. All of the things I feel when listening to BT's album This Binary Universe happen to the same extreme level when I listen to Even Today, and naturally it creates its own unique colour and depth coming from a different artist. The perception of impossibly grand scale yet the closest of intimacy is very much in evidence and naturally a whole swirl of emotions are given life by the phenomenon.

    When I write these entries, I always have the subject playing on repeat in the background and for the last minute and a half of Even Today, I've been stopping to listen, closing my eyes from the light of the computer screens every time. There really isn't much more to be said with words on how amazing this piece of music is; the more I try, the more I fail to create an abstract of it. You just need to hear it.

    By now I think I've provided enough commentary on good critical listening practices so as with most of these pieces of music, I'll always recommend a darkened room free of interruptions and distractions. Naturally individuals perceive music in ways unique to their psyche and experience so by no means do I guarantee this piece will strike you the way it did me. Nevertheless the darkened room is still one of the best ways to experience music, to sit back, clear your mind, close your eyes and listen. I've not yet dared listen to this while out and about with my canal-phones but listening to it now makes me think I'd want to stop and let the music transform what I was seeing, perhaps not a good idea if I happen to be crossing a busy city street at the time. One final note is that the piece does work at louder volumes considering its quiet beginnings. You really want the final movement to be in full force and effect when it emerges.

    This entry completes a kind of bracket in my playlist with pieces of music that probably emphasise that sense of distance and closeness that I'm so fond of, and I couldn't think of a better piece of music to close with. The next bracket will deal a little in a sense of romanticism as I continue to explore a tiny sample of the music that has heavily influenced my life and experience.
  • Synth Heaven

    Jan 6 2011, 11h54

    I'm about to resume the Music That Changed Everything series but before I do, I have to post the quick comp I made of some of the most outstanding modern synth-pop/electro that I made for the car.

    Grum has blown me away with his album Heartbeats, so too Junior Boys with their album Begone Dull Care. Probably the two most delightful and astounding discoveries of lively electronic music I made in 2010 were Melbourne band Miami Horror's debut album Illumination and Sydney band Bag Raiders' self titled release. I'm bloody proud of the exceptional quality of both albums from Australian artists, absolutely world class.

    Groove Armada's Black Light is an album to be reckoned with; it is one of the most phenomenal recordings ever made and is unmatched in its quality. I also couldn't help but put a little addition in there from Goldfrapp's Head First, I'm sure there'll be more if and when I do a second compilation.

    I know there's a lot more great music in this vein but this is what I'm into at the moment, I have a growing list of electro-disco and synth glory artists' albums that I'll start acquiring as soon as I can.

    Track number. Artist - Title - Album (Length)

    1. Grum - Fashion - Heartbeats (4:40)
    2. Bag Raiders - Sunlight - Bag Raiders (4:03)
    3. Groove Armada - Paper Romance - Black Light (6:18)
    4. Grum - Heartbeats (album version) - Heartbeats (3:09)
    5. Groove Armada - Time & Space - Black Light (4:53)
    6. Groove Armada - Fall Silent - Black Light (4:32)
    7. Groove Armada - 1980 - White Light (4:08)
    8. Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling - Heartbeats (3:57)
    9. Goldfrapp - Alive - Head First (3:28)
    10. Miami Horror - Imagination - Illumination (5:08)
    11. Miami Horror - Don't Be On With Her - Bravado EP (3:42)
    12. Grum - Turn It Up - Heartbeats (4:36)
    13. Groove Armada - I Won't Kneel - Black Light (4:35)
    14. Bag Raiders - Not Over - Bag Raiders(3:59)
    15. Bag Raiders - So Demanding - Bag Raiders (3:45)
    16. Grum - LA Lights - Heartbeats (4:15)
    17. Junior Boys - Dull to Pause - Begone Dull Care (4:52)