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Jul 6 2006, 14h06

So I decided the best place to catalogue my Nine Inch Nails is probably, well, right here in the home of music obsession. Below is my best attempt at cataloguing and indexing all the NIN I own. Stupidly I got drunk last night and ordered another few Japanese editions off so the collection is about to grow...

And no, I know it's not interesting, it's just here for my reference :]

1989 (HALO 1) Down in It (Single) T:3
1989 (HALO 2) Pretty Hate Machine (Album) T:10
1989 (HALO 2 V) Pretty Hate Machine (Vinyl) T:10
1990 (HALO 3 V1) Head Like a Hole (Single) T:3
1990 (HALO 3 V2) Head Like a Hole (Maxi-Single) T:10
1990 (HALO 4) Sin (Single) T:4
1992 (HALO 5) Broken (EP) (1st pressing) T:6 (+2)
1992 (HALO 5) Broken (EP) (2nd pressing) T:6 (+2)
1992 (HALO 5) Broken (EP) (Australasian jewel release) T:6 (+2)
1992 (HALO 6) Fixed (EP) T:6
1994 (HALO 7 V1) March of the Pigs (Single) T:5
1994 (HALO 7 V2:1) March of the Pigs (Single) T:4
1994 (HALO 7 V2:2) March of the Pigs (Single) T:3
1994 (HALO 8) The Downward Spiral (Album) T:14
1994 (HALO 8 DE) The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition (SACD/CD Album) T:14
1994 (HALO 8 DVD-A) The Downward Spiral DVD (Dualdisc DVD Audio/CD Album) T:14
1994 (HALO 9 P1) Closer (Single) T:5
1994 (HALO 9 P2) Closer to God (Single) T:4
1994 (HALO 10 V1) Further Down the Spiral (Long EP) T:11
1994 (HALO 10 V2) Further Down the Spiral (Long EP) T:10
1997 (HALO 11) The Perfect Drug (Single) T:6
1998 (HALO 12) Closure 2xVid Box Set (Video) T:N/A
1999 (HALO 13) The Day the World Went Away (Single) T:3
1999 (HALO 13 V) The Day the World Went Away (Vinyl) T:3
1999 (HALO 14) The Fragile (disc 1) (Album) T:23
1999 (HALO 14 V) The Fragile (disc 1) (Vinyl) T:23
1999 (HALO 15 P1) We're in This Together (Single) T:3
1999 (HALO 15 P2) We're in This Together (disc 2) (Single) T:3
1999 (HALO 15 P3) We're in This Together (disc 3) (Single) T:3
2000 Into the Void (Single) T:4
2000 (HALO 16) Things Falling Apart (EP) T:10
2002 (HALO 17) And All That Could Have Been (Live Album) T:16
2002 (HALO 17) And All That Could Have Been (Deluxe Limited Edition)T:16+9
2002 And All That Could Have Been (DVD Dolby 5.1) T:26
2005 (HALO 18) The Hand That Feeds (Single) T:3
2005 (HALO 19) With Teeth (Album) T:13
2005 (HALO 19) With Teeth (Limited Tour Edition Album w/ DVD) T:13+1
2005 (HALO 19) With Teeth (Japanese Edition) T:13+3
2005 (HALO 19 V) With Teeth (Vinyl) T:13+1
2005 (HALO 19 DVD-A) With Teeth (Dualdisc DVD Audio/CD Album) T:13
2005 (HALO 20) Only (Single) T:3
2006 (HALO 21) Every Day Is Exactly the Same (Single) T:6
2006 (HALO 21) Every Day Is Exactly the Same (Japanese edition single) T:6+2
2007 (HALO 22 HD) Beside You In Time (Blu-ray) T:24
2007 (HALO 22 HD) Beside You In Time (HDDVD) T:24
2007 (HALO 23) Survivalism (Single) T:2
2007 (HALO 23) Survivalism (Enhanced Single) T:3
2007 (HALO 24) Year Zero (Album) T:16
2007 (HALO 25) Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D T:14
2008 (HALO 26 CD) Ghosts I-IV T:36
2008 (HALO 26 LE) Ghosts I-IV (Ultra Deluxe 1 of 2500) T:36+2
2008 (HALO 27 CD) The Slip T:10
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  • megatoad

    Nice. It's good to know I'm not the only one with PHM on vinyl. Do you have any bootlegs? There are a few good ones out there.

    Jul 6 2006, 14h34
  • voiceinsideyou

    Cheers bro. The only bootlegs I've got are mp3 ones, but I've generally stayed away from most, other than the odd live recording. I usually find them pretty lacking though, as un-EQed crowd noise annoys the crap out of me... I'd rather listen to the decent releases Trent puts out of live performances which are SO much better!

    Jul 6 2006, 14h43
  • megatoad

    Yeah, I'm not too big on the live ones either. You're right about the sound being wacked out on most of those. There are a couple that have some good demos (mostly PHM material, though there are a couple with a Suck demo.

    Jul 6 2006, 14h51
  • voiceinsideyou

    Ya, Purest Feeling is solid and you can find decent versions of that too

    Jul 6 2006, 15h44
  • BananaPirate

    Wow, that's a lot of NIN... Nice obsession you got there :p

    Jul 6 2006, 16h03
  • mmilian

    My brother loves Nine Inch Nails. He's traveled around the world to see a ton of their shows.

    Jul 6 2006, 20h51
  • voiceinsideyou

    I've only seen them once, flew to Melbourne, Australia from New Zealand for the A_WITH_A_TEETH_A tour last year :-( Trent's only been to NZ once, and that was to the Big Day Out which isn't a dedicated concert so I stubbornly refused to go. Biggest regret! :(

    Jul 7 2006, 0h45
  • dannjames

    Great collection, a fair few there that i don't have. Do you collect promo discs?

    Jul 7 2006, 12h52
  • voiceinsideyou

    I would if they were available; but I'm from NZ and they just don't come that way. I've never really been in the eBay bidding game either; prefer to just buy retail stuff, imports and stuff. Do you have any/many promo discs?

    Jul 7 2006, 12h57
  • dannjames

    I have a few, mostly from the With Teeth era though, like the remix 12 for Only and stuff, quite difficult to come by around here actually

    Jul 7 2006, 15h26
  • voiceinsideyou

    That seems to be rare in general: What are the remixes like, or do you dare not open it? :p

    Jul 7 2006, 15h42
  • lasertron8000

    I happen to own the entire NIN catalogue, and it makes me a little horny sometimes

    Jan 7 2007, 23h33
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