• Favorites of 2011

    Dez 24 2011, 0h17

    Keep in mind once again that I’m not music critic and my library is limited…

    Favorite albums of 2011:
    1.Bon Iver – Bon Iver
    2.Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes
    3.James Blake – James Blake
    4.Watch the Throne – Jay-Z & Kanye West
    5.No Color – The Dodos
    6.Kiss Each Other Clean – Iron & Wine
    7.Nothing is Wrong – Dawes
    8.El Camino – The Black Keys
    9.Yuck – Yuck
    10.Metals - Feist

    Favorite EPs of 2011:
    1.Our Color Green (the Singles) – Glassjaw
    2.Enough Thunder – James Blake
    3.Coloring Book – Glassjaw

    Favorite songs of 2011:
    1.Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes
    2.Calgary – Bon Iver
    3.I Never Learnt to Share – James Blake
    4.Beth/Rest – Bon Iver
    5.Walking Far From Home – Iron & Wine
    6.Lindisfarne – James Blake
    7.Aka…What A Life! – Noel Gallagher
    8.A Case of You – James Blake
    9.Million Dollar Bill – Dawes
    10.Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
    11.Midnight City – M83
  • Bright Eyes in NYC 03-08-11

    Mar 14 2011, 21h50

    Let's start it off with the set list:

    Jejune Stars
    Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
    Four Winds
    Bowl of Oranges
    We Are Nowhere and It's Now
    Shell Games
    Approximate Sunlight
    Arc of Time
    Falling Out of Love at This Volume
    Beginner's Mind
    Cartoon Blues
    Something Vague
    Hot Knives
    Nothing Gets Crossed Out
    A Machine Spiritual (In the People's Key)
    Old Soul Song
    Poison Oak
    The Calendar Hung Itself

    Gold Mine Gutted
    Lover I Don't Have to Love
    Road To Joy
    One For Me, One For You

    Okay, so the show was pretty awesome. A solid two hours of playing from Conor and his band. This was only my second time seeing Bright Eyes (first time in over 5 years) and I left really happy with the performance.

    I was a bit worried when my friend bought us tix to the first night, but I am much happier with the set he played for us than the 2nd night.

    Here were the problems:
    -no Land Locked Blues or At the Bottom of Everything (personal preference, I know)
    -One for You, One for Me is one of my favorite tracks off the new album, but as a show closer it is lacking (especially after the kickass version of Road to Joy)
    -Conor messed up words sometimes (but that is expected)

    Here are the pluses:
    -the band sounded perfect
    -Nate may be my favorite horn player
    -all the I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning and Fevers and Mirrors were especially strong
    -Conor still acts and sounds like he did on stage 5 years ago (which is a good thing)

    Favorite Songs of the night:
    Poison Oak
    Road to Joy

    Overall, great show. Also, check out The People's Key if you haven't already, it's not his best but is still a good listen.
  • Favorites of 2010

    Dez 23 2010, 18h13

    Keep in mind that I’m not music critic and my library is limited…

    Favorite albums of 2010:
    1.The Suburbs – Arcade Fire
    2.The Wild Hunt – The Tallest Man on Earth
    3.The Age of Adz – Sufjan Stevens
    4.Gorilla Manor – Local Natives (it was released in the US in 2010)
    5.Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons
    6.Contra – Vampire Weekend
    7.Romance is Boring – Los Campensinos!
    8.This Is Happening – LCD Soundsystem
    9.All We Grow – S. Carey
    10.The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 (The Bootleg Series Vol. 9) – Bob Dylan

    Favorite EPs of 2010:
    1.Sometimes the Blues Just a Passing Bird – The Tallest Man on Earth
    2.All Delighted People EP – Sufjan Stevens
    3.I Could Be the Only One – Manchester Orchestra/Kevin Devine

    Favorite songs of 2010:
    1.Impossible Soul – Sufjan Stevens
    2.We Used to Wait – Arcade Fire
    3.Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons
    4.Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem
    5.Many of Horror – Biffy Clyro (I know the album was released in 2009, but the single was in 2010)
    6.Kids on the Run – The Tallest Man on Earth
    7.Power – Kanye West
    8.L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. – Noah & the Whale
    9.Airplanes – Gorilla Manor
    10.Love is All – The Tallest Man on Earth
    11. Half Light II (No Celebration) – Arcade Fire
  • The Tallest Man on Earth

    Out 3 2010, 15h22

    Sat 2 Oct – The Tallest Man on Earth, S. Carey

    I had high expectations going into this show and I was NOT disappointed.

    S. Carey was on first and due to the limited amount of material I've heard by him, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance. Very chill, but yet very entertaining.

    The Tallest Man took the stage and right away I knew it was going to be an amazing performance. He has such a commanding energy on stage that everyone just has to watch in awe. He would walk straight to the crowd, stare people down, sit down then stand up again, it was simply amazing. I was just so impressed that one man could hold the attention of an entire venue for over an hour.

    My favorite part of the show was during one of the songs he sat down for. The crowd was a bit noisy in the back, so he stood up and stared at them and all of the sudden their was a hush in the crowd.

    I can't wait to see him again.

    Favorite tracks:
    Love Is All
    This Wind
    Thrown Right at Me
    The Dreamer

    actually..all of them were amazing. Also check out S. Carey
  • Brand New 4/27/10

    Abr 28 2010, 21h28

    I would in no way say this was the band's best or most extensive set list. But it was a hell of a lot of fun!
    The Crocodile Rock Cafe is so small it felt like I was just a local show...a local show with a big name like Brand New. The band was the most energetic I've seen them (this was my 3rd time) and Jesse was the coolest (he was actually smiling and jumping around for once and not drinking).
    The funniest part of the night was when the drummer cut Sowing Season short because according to Jesse he was "high as a kite." The band start the entire song over which was fine by us.
    The biggest surprise of the night was Seventy Times 7. It was awesome.
    I wish they would've played Soco Amaretto Lime instead of Play Crack the Sky but overall it was a good night.
  • Manchester Orchestra 4/3/2010

    Abr 4 2010, 17h28


    I saw Manchester a year ago at the same venue and was not impressed at all. The big difference of last night's show was the crowd was more active and the band finally understood how to be a headlining band.

    There was no encore, but after an amazing 10+ minute version of "Where Have You Been?" there didn't need to be. They played for about 80 minutes or so with a set list that was made up of every song off Mean Everything To Nothing (except for "Tony the Tiger") and three songs off I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child. I was really excited to see Colly Strings because it is possibly my favorite Manchester song.

    I was not impressed by The Features but they were pretty entertaining. O'Brother was the first band, and pretty good. The best of the opening bands award, however, belongs to Biffy Clyro. They had a lot of energy and their songs were nice and upbeat (also, their harmonies were sweet).

    Overall, it was a good show. I don't think Manchester could ever perform much better than they did last night and I'm glad I was able to go.
  • "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckely

    Mar 17 2010, 3h59

    I do not believe there will ever be a better studio recorded or live version of this song than how Buckley did it. I first bought "GRACE" when I was fifteen years old, I listened to it and when "Hallelujah" came on I literally lost my breath. The emotion in Buckley's voice really made it seem like a genuine story of a weary lover. The song has been my favorite ever since, and probably always will be. The lyrics are amazing (thank you Leonard), but it is the performance that makes the song legendary.
    The point is, I've never felt the way I feel about "Hallelujah" with any other song. It is simply perfect; a song to listen to if you're happy, relaxing, broken-hearted, whatever.

    Truthfully, I just wanted to write a journal entry.