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  • ArsonistSavior

    footage from By the End of Tonight's Halloween show this year. Enjoy!

    2 horas atrás Responder
  • ToothandNail04

    gotta say, tho...i grabbed both young and in the way and this gift is a curse and the latter is more evil sounding...they just need a more sinister vocalist and they'd be set.

    14 Dez 14h57 Responder
  • ToothandNail04

    this would explain my confusion....

    13 Dez 14h18 Responder
  • ToothandNail04

    nope...think it'll sell out?

    5 Dez 21h51 Responder
  • ToothandNail04

    yeah, you're probs right.

    24 Nov 22h53 Responder
  • ToothandNail04


    23 Nov 16h47 Responder
  • G0LDI

    Sure. I can do that. :) btw I've noticed you like The Cure; did you hear that cover?

    21 Nov 1h35 Responder
  • G0LDI

    hehe, thanks. I love Mezzo Forte, but I'm not convinced about their other work...

    20 Nov 18h06 Responder
  • thatkirbydude

    the rams head line up is killing me, i may have missed my opportunity to get tickets to those shows though I think. I really wanna see AnB at the soundstange but that also doesnt look like its going to happen.

    19 Nov 19h05 Responder
  • vividserenity

    Yeeeaaahhh I already checked that out and the beats bored me to death, tbh. I'm sure he nailed it with the lyrics as always though. Another music buddy pointed this out to me and I am very excited. They have released some songs off that upcoming album Sour Soul and they are excellent. Also have very high expectations and hefty bets upcoming Blackalicious should kill it in December. Blackalicious ranked 5,480 unique words.

    13 Nov 17h46 Responder
  • vividserenity

    and that's awesome :P I was Sarah Connor (T2)

    13 Nov 16h52 Responder
  • vividserenity

    holy fuck, want some hip hop?

    13 Nov 16h36 Responder
  • vividserenity

    aahahaha :D :D were you a black metal for Halloween?! :D!

    11 Nov 21h35 Responder
  • ToothandNail04

    okay. you're right. past life is a fucking awesome record. i'll try to join you at that show, definitely...where did you say it was, again? also, saw on rym that you didn't like the newest autumn for crippled children lp...shame, since it's my favorite of theirs, and i've always associated them with you since you turned me onto them when lost came out. anyways, hope you're well.

    9 Nov 22h44 Responder
  • owlz

    sorry, I just saw your shout now. Yeah, I deleted the twitter, was having problems irl and trying to keep social media profile kinda low. Cool vines, man, looks like a fun show. I still need more recs for freeleech, I've gone hard on all of your collages. I'm gonna send you a text because I know you only check during the week.

    8 Nov 22h28 Responder
  • Nocturnalpriest

    thanks a lot man ! I'll keep yo updated about the physical release ;-)

    6 Nov 16h45 Responder
  • itsShaian

    new grouper is great!

    6 Nov 6h11 Responder
  • DarkAndOminous

    Yeah, I wasn't sure how to find you. That crowd was huge! I agree though, that was incredible. One of the best shows I've been to in ages. Where were you most of the evening?

    4 Nov 0h49 Responder
  • ToothandNail04

    not sure what i'll do. maybe be a pca (still working with students but on a more one-on-one basis without all the planning and grading and bs that i hate...less pay, tho) or do something small-business related (miss that gig, even though i'll have to find something a little more lucrative if i'm going to live off of my earnings).......teaching has been getting better though, so who knows. i'll check out those two albums now. also, thanks for inadvertently letting me know of the new grouper record...i've been wearing out the rest of em. :)

    1 Nov 22h50 Responder
  • ToothandNail04

    english. it mostly sucks...this is my first and probably last year unless i have some kind of epiphany come june (likely). will think about the show...i've never got into lost in the trees, but i'll give em another shot - it'd be fun to meet-up. :)

    28 Out 23h12 Responder
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i hate it when i have my itunes on shuffle and the same artist plays back to back. come on.

i love it when i'm in the turn lane behind someone else, and for just a few seconds our blinkers blink simultaneausly. yes. i love that.

i hate it when a person refers to multiple items as a singularity. for example: "that will be 29 cent". no it will not be. you moron.

i love old turn-based strategy games. heroes of might and magic ii is one of the best games ever.

i hate it when people pronounce "guillotine" as if it were some sort of breathing mechinism for a fish.

i love the smell of a freshly cut lawn. there are few things more enjoyable.

i hate people who know how to spell and type correctly, but choose not to. lYk diS. and think AIM short hand is actually cool.

i love making fun of AIM shorthand.

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i love it when my mutual funds are up even when the DOW is down.

i hate drivers who 1)leave their blinker on after turning (especially on/off ramps...WHERE THE HELL ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO TURN?), and 2)people who don't use them at all. thanks asshole.

i love palindromes, especially numerically.

i HATE it when cigarette smokers bitch and moan about cigar smoke.

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