20,000 tracks party


Jun 7 2009, 6h54

i'm almost there but i don't think i can make it tonight. i have a horrible migraine and more depressed than i have been in a really long time but for the aliens that find this journal in the future i have scrounged together a playlist of fully streamable tracks to commemorate this event

these are songs which in combination should make you want to explode and kill yourself and/or give you a pretty good idea of how i feel right now

Por una Cabeza
Some Boys
With Closed Eyes
Domine Jesu
Rotten Primate
Make Love
The Fullness of His Coming
How I Made My Millions
Who Told You This Room Exists?
Palus Somnii
ground underfoot

i leave my hypothetical audience with this

yeah that about sums it up


  • violenzae

    okay they're not all fully streamable but i don't think it really matters at this point

    Jun 7 2009, 17h43
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