create-a-poem survey redux


Mai 25 2007, 17h45

Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle and write down the first 25 songs you get:
1. Ana's Song (Open Fire)
2. Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid)
3. Oblivion
4. Destroying Angel
5. Permanent Daylight
6. Explain
7. Miss World
8. Neon Wilderness
9. Summer
10. Indiscipline
11. Song Meat
12. Touched
13. This Time
14. Meaningless
15. The Eighth Day
16. Scarlet Heavens
17. Heartstopper
18. Terrapin
19. I Think I See The Light
20. Ten to Twenty
21. Lemon and Little Lemon
22. Drunk on the Moon
23. The Eraser
24. D'yer Mak'er
25. Show The World

Now take the first line from the first song, the second line from the second song, third line from the third song, etc. and put them in order below to make your scrambled song. If the song doesn't have enough lines loop back to the beginning--like if you need the 22nd line but the song only has 15 lines, you start counting again with the first line as line 16 and end up using line 7.

please die ana
driving to the riverside
closed her eyes and sang dancing queen
the hands you stuck together when you prayed you'd wait forever

it must be hard with your head on backwards
it's not the same thing
kill me pills
yeah, he was restless

heart needs a home
i did.
and too much thinking makes so little of time
i looked into your eyes and

dispatch the last alarms
and if some dim bulb should say
on the eighth day
but in darkness i must fall

in my lifelessness
'cause we're the fishes and all we do
look down and see the cold floor
shouting down on confidence

the tree won't bend and make the shade
tarts mutter their dream hopes
please excuse me but i got to ask
baby please don't go

i could have cried to see you hide behind your hair.


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