Evolution Of Taste


Ago 29 2010, 23h19

I've just been thinking about how drastically my musical preferences and influences have changed over my short 24 years of existence, and thought I'd do a little run down of the good, the bad, and the downright shameful:


OK, so I didn't really have any "taste" of my own as such at this tender age. I really just listened to whatever my mum played. Favourites from this era (and to this day) include Fleetwood Mac, Simon and Garfunkel, Carpenters and classic Madonna and Michael Jackson. I was also into Spice Girls in a pretty huge way, and used to do dance routines with the girls in my class. I was Victoria, naturellement.

Preteen Years

I lived in Mallorca when I was around 11/12 and the only English speaking channel we had was MTV Europe, where I listened to a pretty eclectic mix of artists. Classic songs I still associate with this period of my life are: Everything for Free, So Hard, All 'Bout the Money, and Erase/Rewind. I also listened to a Mariah Carey album on repeat, and used to wail unforgivably. Thems were wailey times.


Albums I owned (and listened to on repeat) included: Can't Take Me Home (Pink), Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park), Marshall Mathers Lp (Eminem), 8701 (Usher)...the less said about this time the better, I think. Oh yeah, I forgot Bon Jovi...


I discovered The American Pie Sountrack, about 5 years after the event and got into it in a pretty deep way. My first boyfriend bought me Bleed American and I listened to it a LOT. Same applied to Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits. I was still way into Eminem too at this stage and bought every album he did as they came out (as increasingly self-indulgent as they got). To this day I know every word to Superman...


It was all Beatles, Bob Marley, James Taylor and Eric Clapton for me around this time. I was also getting back into teaching myself guitar and writing stuff. I'm convinced this surge of creativity was a direct by-product of having a dissertation to write...

Last couple of years

According to Last.fm's "Paste Your Taste" feature, I'm into: indie, singer-songwriter, female vocalists, rock and folk. Currently loving Beirut, Sia and The Shins in particular. Maybe in a couple of years I will be completely over these sounds, and be heavily into triphop-samba fusion. Well, you never know...


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