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Dez 29 2005, 19h29

Into Another is one of the first "vegan bands" I ever heard about. I'm not actually sure if the whole band was vegan or just the singer Richie Birkenhead. But they did record for a PETA benefit album with a song called Herbivore which is actually a really great song.

Into Another is difficult to describe: dark melodic prog metal, hauntingly beautiful, very moody. The Singer Richie used to be in a New York hardcore band called Underdog, and the drummer Drew was in Bold. When I saw them in like 94/95 they were playing shows with hardcore bands and their stuff was so different than anything else I don't think kids knew what to think of it. Most people I knew at the time either hated them, or loved them. I didn't get it at first, but after listening for awhile, I couldn't get enough of it. I didn't really keep up with them after they left Revelation, but I'm happy I got to see them play, I'll never forget it.
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  • RegularOne

    You're not wrong; no-one knew what to think of them at all. I still think they were pretty unique, I wouldn't know how to begin to describe them to anyone who hasn't heard them. I saw them live here in the UK once, and it was pretty awesome. I remember the weird, almost nervous anticipation before they came on... all the hardcore 'kids' collectively branching out, listening to something different (for once!) Beautiful, yet completely energised music.

    Fev 7 2006, 14h44
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