• My Top LPs & EPs of 2014

    Dez 18 2014, 22h23

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  • My top 20 of 2013

    Jan 22 2014, 19h54

    Tribulation and Aosoth are black/death these days; Aosoth is slower complex black/death without shredding or solos or any of that lead stuff like you'd hear in dismember or destroyer 666.
    Svartsyn, Arckanum, Inquisition, Chaos Invocation, Blaze Of Perdition, Valkyrja, and Cult Of Fire are black; Svartsyn is straightforward black metal, imo the best black metal band out there, Arckanum brings in crust influence and stripped away 99% of the leadwork he'd done for his past 3 albums, really punch to the gut riff-focused bass guitar heavy black metal here with grimey raw guitar tone - but not thin. get the vinyl it sounds so much better than the cd. Inquisition is melody heavy black metal from USA with vocals that sound like Abbath of Immortal, very popular in the underground. Chaos Invocation is a german band who just rule. lead heavy, complex arrangements, occult based lyrics, really fantastic release on the World Terror Commitee label. You need to hear their album, the first track "Delirium Worship and Total Abandon" is black metal's "Override of the Overture". Blaze Of Perdition is a polish band who released very Casus Luciferi style music in the past, with hints of Sworn To The Dark leadwork especially on their second album. If you don't know them - check them out, if you like Watain there's a great chance you'll like Blaze Of Perdition. Their Necrosophist single is very much like Dissection, and very unlike Blaze of Perdition's previous two albums, plus the b-side is a cover of Night's Blood. Go check it out now. Valkyrja is a straightforward swedish black metal band with member/member of ondskapt. Cult of Fire is a czech band with lots of gimmicks (pointy hats, extravagant live shows) and keyboards, but tasteful keyboards. very good stuff. haven't listened to it enough to give a good description, and that's also why it's so low on the list because I didn't hear it until 2014.
    Vorum is a finnish death band with some black influence like Necrophobic, very good album here. their first release was pure death metal but this one is a bit different.
    Cerekloth, Verminous, Necrowretch, Beyond, Slutvomit, Sorcery, and Demonical are death; Cerekloth is a danish band influenced by Deicide and make very heavy slower death metal. very morbid sounding stuff, very awesome cd. too bad they went on hiatus shortly after the release, really incredible find here. Verminous is bass heavy raw as fuck death metal from sweden. kind of uneven album, a couple songs aren't as good as the rest, but it's good and worth buying if you like death metal. Necrowretch is a french band who are violent and raw as hell, like the first merciless album - fast, violent, catchy and it truly does grow on you! Beyond is a german band who make necrovore style metal, good album with great artwork but they still have some work to be done on their sound. if you like degial or necrovation you should give Beyond a try, imo Beyond isn't as good as those two bands but it's a very similar style. Slutvomit is an american death metal band with the classic late 80s death metal sound. Great band, go listen to them now. Demonical play a vaguely similar style to Dismember (they hate it when people say that though). One of my favorite swedish death metal bands.
    Nocturnal Graves is thrash/black band from Australia featuring Ian "Shrapnel" Gray previously of Destroyer 666. also features two guys from Denouncement Pyre (another good band of this style). lead heavy stuff here, as you'd expect from Shrapnel. much better than their first album from 2007. the band had broken up in 2010 but thankfully reformed to release this awesome album. if you like stuff like Destroyer 666 and Razor Of Occam, then this is a must buy. Enforcer is traditional heavy metal from sweden. think judas priest + maiden + kill em all metallica and you've got the general idea.

    honorable mentions go to Sorcery - Arrival At Six and Slidhr - Deluge which honestly, were half disappointing.
  • New music and memories

    Jan 9 2014, 21h11

    I just realized that I don't actively listen or look for new bands when I'm feeling shitty. I only hunt down new stuff when I'm feeling good about myself. When I'm listening to the stuff again months or years down the road after listening to a new album even if it's by a band I've known, I'll remember the time and surrounding emotions of the time I was listening to it. Because of this I don't check out new stuff when I'm feeling shitty, I'll put it off until I'm feeling better. Anyone else notice this with themselves?
  • kalmah is amazing

    Abr 10 2008, 21h02

  • Carnivora Free Album Download

    Jun 30 2006, 5h07

  • Die Sektor debut cd released!

    Jun 29 2006, 10h01

    Two years after the debut of their much talked about demo Scraping the Flesh Die Sektor delivers their explosive debut To Be Fed Upon. Pure intensity expertly mixed with raw emotion and intelligent arrangements To Be Fed Upon promises to become a mainstay in your arsenal. From nightmarishly beautiful to blood boiling ferocity this album covers the entire spectrum. Tracks like Mother Hunger, When Porcelain Bleeds, or Follow The Screams are sure to fill the dance floor while Prey To The Razor and The Beating Of Broken Wings are sheer electronic brutality. Die Sektor's mix of harsh vocals, aggresive beats, and strong melodic structure is a trademark of their sound that will soon be known to all clubgoers and fans of dark electronic music. Lyrically To Be Fed Upon follows a descent into isolation ultimately breaking down and lashing out on the world.

    01 Deathkill
    02 The Beating Of Broken Wings
    03 Follow The Screams
    04 Revelation None (instr.)
    05 When Porcelain Bleeds
    06 Mother Hunger
    07 In The Arms Of Eternity
    08 Through Glass (instr.)
    09 Prey To The Razor
    10 All Turns White (instr.)
    11 To Be Fed Upon


    order at crunch pod distro (direct link)
  • Redundant shuffle-track and answer question quiz:

    Jun 25 2006, 3h35

    Redundant shuffle-track through your current collection and answer question quiz:

    shuffled through my current meager 1,257 track collection.

    Story of my life so far?
    Title: Fatalist (Remixed by Aqualite)
    Artist: Front Line Assembly
    Comments: cool.

    How does the world see me?
    Title: Blood Of Heroes
    Artist: Mors Principium Est
    Comments: cool.

    How do my friends see me?
    Title: Universal Chaos
    Artist: X-Dream
    Comments: i don't doubt it.

    How is my life going?
    Title: 4 Steps To Dysfunction
    Artist: Tactical Sekt
    Comments: um, what is this ouija or something. creepy.

    What's the best thing about me?
    Title: Unleashed Hell
    Artist: Vital Remains
    Comments: cool.

    Will I have a happy life?
    Title: Cold Comfort
    Artist: Carpathian Forest
    Comments: haha

    How can I make myself happy?
    Title: Self-Deception (Hard Version)
    Artist: Winterstahl
    Comments: mm

    What should I do with my life?
    Title: Sins
    Artist: Fractured
    Comments: already long underway.

    How can I get ahead in life?
    Title: Dust And Guilt
    Artist: Arsis
    Comments: wrong.

    What's highschool like?
    Title: Icon
    Artist: Velvet Acid Christ
    Comments: mmm..

    Will I ever have children?
    Title: Scratch
    Artist: Gridlock
    Comments: hahaha! more than likely true.

    What is some good advice for me?
    Title: Subversive
    Artist: Inure
    Comments: awesome, i Do hate the government.

    How will I be remembered?
    Title: Aggro Culture (Control.Org Remix)
    Artist: Symbiont
    Comments: not false.

    What's in store for this weekend?
    Title: Soilbleed (Obzon Geschopf Remix)
    Artist: Grendel
    Comments: fuck.

    What is my signature dancing song?
    Title: Base Of Brutality
    Artist: Benestrophe
    Comments: not a bad oldschool ebm dance track actually..

    What do I think my current theme song is?
    Title: Heritance Of Berija
    Artist: Kalmah
    Comments: holy shit- FUCK YEAH! this is my favorite song Ever.

    What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    Title: King Of Negativity (feat. Bile on vox/guitars)
    Artist: Pigface
    Comments: cool cool. also a bad track.

    What is my friends' theme song?
    Title: Brutal Rapture (Re-Mix)
    Artist: Mentallo & The Fixer
    Comments: that can be applied too easily, damn this shit IS ouija.

    What song will play at my funeral?
    Title: Dysmorphia
    Artist: Terror Punk Syndicate
    Comments: very somber ebm song! cool

    What type of men/women do you like?
    Title: Prodigies Of Black
    Artist: YelworC
    Comments: heh, of mind, yes. and fucking awesome track!

    What is your day going to be like?
    Title: Without A God (Dioxyde Mix)
    Artist: Hocico
    Comments: that's every fucking day. awesome track AGAIN.

    What should I do with my life?
    Title: Without Restraint
    Artist: Tactical Sekt
    Comments: ...

    What song describes my parents?
    Title: Your Deception
    Artist: Die Sektor
    Comments: wow really. imagine fucking that?

    What song describes my grandparents?
    Title: Unknown Dreams (Radio 2)
    Artist: Front Line Assembly
    Comments: guess so...i only have met one of them.

    Why should life be full of so much pain?
    Title: Depression
    Artist: Hocico
    Comments: holy fucking shit. OUIJA WINAMP DIE!

    What is happiness?
    Title: Unfading (Demo)
    Artist: Winterstahl
    Comments: funny how this song is about the opposite, and don't we all wish. ouija winamp got punked.

    rules for this quiz are:
    SHUFFLE MODE ON YOUR MEDIA PLAYER WITH YOUR WHOLE COLLECTION LOADED. Copy/paste my results and write over it and repost.
  • Release date for To Be Fed Upon CD

    Mai 31 2006, 7h32

    Yes, it is finally here.
    01 Deathkill
    02 The Beating Of Broken Wings
    03 Follow The Screams
    04 Revelation None
    05 When Porcelain Bleeds
    06 Mother Hunger
    07 In The Arms Of Eternity
    08 Through Glass
    09 Prey To The Razor
    10 All Turns White
    11 To Be Fed Upon
    This truly amazing debut album by the killer ebm group Die Sektor is available for mail-order at the following shops:
    [link=][/link] $18.98
    [link=][/link] £11.95
    [link=][/link] €13.00
    [link=][/link] €13.99

    1 full track off the CD and 2 samples are available on their Myspace page. [link][/link]

    So far, Die Sektor has appeared on 3 compilations and has an incredible amount of material written. They also released a free 5 song MP3 demo titled Scraping the Flesh in 2004.
    only available at [link=]the official fan page[/link].

    for fans of Dawn of Ashes, Hocico, Fractured, Dioxyde, Life Cried, Psyclon Nine, Unter Null, Lexincrypt, Velvet Acid Christ, Suicide Commando, NCC, Pulse Legion, Tactical Sekt, Grendel, and Carnivora
  • Flesh Field Inferior EP // Conquer Me EP - legal downloads

    Mar 26 2006, 7h14

    i've noticed very few people on listening to these tracks, so i thought i'd give the Flesh Field fans on here a heads up. on there are two EPs buried in there available for download. remixers include: Haujobb, Feindflug, Forma Tadre, Imperative Reaction, E-Craft, and more.

    i'll make it easy for you and give you a direct link:

    enjoy and be sure to drop them an e-mail saying thanks.
  • Die Sektor Album Completed

    Dez 2 2005, 21h15

    "hello friends

    Die Sektor's debut album "To Be Fed Upon" is now complete.

    The next step will be mastering which koltron will be taking care of. The release date should be early 2006.

    rock out,

    from the singer of Die Sektor.