One of the best Tori I experienced in nearly 10 years


Out 1 2009, 12h25

Wed 30 Sep – Tori Amos Sinful Attraction Tour

I didn't see her live in the 90s... and that'll be always a huge loss for me and a deep regret, cause she was raging the stage at that time and probably because that was the era I started to love Tori as much as I do nowadays. With such a background as "Little Earthquakes" or "Under The Pink" or "Pele" and in such a deep, somehow frustrating, thoughtful, dramatic and consequently (paradoxically) productive and intense period as "Choirgirl Hotel" era was, you can easily understand how much I'd love to turn back the hands of time and allow myself to experience that Tori at that time.

I listened to Abnormally Attracted To Sin very few times.. you can easily check how many in my profile, and for the first time ever I was going to see her live with such a low, very low expectation. These long epic albums she's recently doing, exception made for Scarlet's Walk (which I totally adore!), made my interest every year weaker and weaker. I sometimes ask myself why she doesn't come back to her 12-tracks albums, which turned out to be always very inspirational and fluid.. and for those two reasons, their best ones.
Well, I would never ask her to give me an answer to these ramblings of mine, probably cause you will never truly understand what's in artist's head and why they write a song or what makes them decide a certain length for their cds. It's not even about quantity...but quality. And alas I find it very poor in her latest three albums.. But this is me, this is my way to perceive her music. I could be as rare as hen's teeth in this sentence, I'm aware of this.

But see.. when you go to see someone with the lowest expectation, it's when you get the artist at her best and a setlist that you could have never imagined that artist to create for you.
Yesterday has been probably the most vivid, intense and "present" Tori I ever experienced.. second or tied only maybe to the Tori I saw in Naples during the "Original Sinsuality Tour". Seems there's something about that Sin.. ;)

The setlist says it all alone:

Cornflake Girl
Beauty of Speed
Jamaica Inn
Your Cloud
Fire to Your Plain
Playboy Mommy

Gold Dust
Cool on Your Island

Pretty Good Year
Fast Horse
Precious Things
Strong Black Vine

Raspberry Swirl
Big Wheel

I mean... three songs in a row from my favorite album? Are we fucking joking? In all her concerts I never had Spark and that's been the best gift she could have made me... but when she started the Lizard Lounge and I recognized the first notes of Gold Dust, I told myself I was blessed to be there. Probably it was the first time she ever played it live in Italy (if not Europe) and wow acoustically, just her voices, her own and the piano's, it was the greatest moving part of the whole performance.

Loved the arrangements in Cornflake Girl and Crucify... songs she often does but somehow she manages to keep them extraordinary and always dressed with a new cloth, and yesterday it was one of the most elegant cloth a song could ever wear itself with.

I loved the double-faced-Tori's rage during Hotel, Siren (woah! so happy she sang this as well!!), Precious Things (will i ever stop to love this as much as I do everytime I see her going nuts on stage with it?) and a note is deserved for Strong Black Vine.. a completely different rendition from the almost plain and average album version. She looked like she was possessed, and as we were all staying by the stage by the time the last 4 songs were going to be performed, I saw her by few meters and I swear to God, I rarely saw such an intense Tori, literally having sex with the piano keys. And woah the end of it exceeded even the already shocking Precious Things.

Concertina, Pretty Good Year.. awesome .. and I loved for the first time Jamaica Inn live. That is saying something! ;)

The encore, with a sort of disco upbeat, was like an adieu to us all, making us move at the feet of the stage and explode in a sort of dionisyan dance.. after a setlist as the one she did, I couldn't feel any judgemental about it. It was perfect, except for some technical audio problem, especially regarding the drums, but yes the word is perfect...

I cannot wait to see her live, which should be the feeling every artist's concert should leave you inside after having experienced one.

I'm Still Alive, I'm Still Alive... ;)


  • fulmine81

    I totally agree about your first impressions on 'Abnormally Attracted to Sin' Album. However I listened to it many times so I appreciated some pearl tracks. I don't understand her album lenght too. It seems there's not any relation between tracks. Maybe she is experimenting new ways to express her music mood I don't know. I never went to her concert in my life but I appreciated her live performance on youtube videos and her arrangments on 'To Venus and back' album so I understand your euphoria a little bit. She's a great musician so I think her shows are always an amazing experiences. :D Stay enjoy! Bye.

    Out 3 2009, 17h11
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