• so super crazy

    Jun 4 2010, 3h38

    Yo! So, I've actually listened to more music than shown on but for months my scrobbler had the wrong password and I didn't know since it didn't tell me but I couldn't figure out why it wasn't scrobbling so I took it up on myself to resolve my dilemma!

    Anyhoo, I'm back! Musical taste has been pretty shitty lately so I'm getting back into listening to metal again and I'm looking for suggestions. Feel free to comment with some kick ass bands to thrash to! ♥
  • el oh vee ee

    Out 6 2009, 17h27

    I'm addicted to 3OH!3 & Katy Perry starstrukk.... agh. i can't stop listening! in other news I might start making the journal the place where I confide... hm, i shall see!

    anyhoo, if you read this. i love you <3
  • fantasy

    Ago 7 2009, 16h40

    this song takes me back.