• track 20k

    Dez 25 2006, 6h22

    seeing as i missed 10k, my 20k was

    on fire
  • In flames Sepultura and Dagoba at the glasgow barrowlands 24th march 06

    Mar 25 2006, 14h17

    In Flames Sepultura Dagoba

    As memory serves this was the craziest hardest gig i've ever been to under a roof, festivals are different.

    Dagoba kicked off the night excellently, great drumming and bass, nice fast hard metal, clean and solid, one song that stuck to mind was The white guy, just a extremely well structured great song.

    next up were Sepultura, now i dont want to over exaggerate but the splittest second after their fade in music had stopped, the place exploded, tossed to the side were small bodies (me) and everybody else who wasnt a big sweaty man tattoo'd long hair'd

    I went for a piss after their first song, some young fella was at the sink blowing the blood out of his busted nose, i asked him if he was ok, he replied 'fucking sepultura man, course i'm ok'

    got back upstairs prompt, to find the pit widened much, many people decking it and getting stomped on, then eventually getting helped up, not sure how many guys i saw getting lifted completely limp of any body muscle what so ever, but Sepultura played a good set, but their music isnt for me, its grown old on me.

    I was reasonably near the front for In Flames when they entered on stage, it seemed rather odd having only seen them in november the past year, i dont think i've ever seen a band twice within the space of 4 months on seperate tours, quite up for it are In Flames for world domination it would seem, but when the first few cords were struck, it almost seemed mimed, like they werent playing, no emotion on their faces, bored maybe, but given another verse this completely changed, growling and noticing the abnormally huge pit and the way people were going to town for them, they returned the favour.

    In Flames played a HUUUUGE SET, i'll edit this and post a set list later seeing as my friend managed to nab it (hooray - along with two picks)

    either way, it was fucking excellent seeing them headline and pull out all the stops, even stopping about 1 minute into vaccum, because of what i've heard was a compound fracture to a guys arm.

    Apparently he had his stretched arm out and one guy collided with it on one side and another collided with it on another side..going opposite ways, result = bone popping out of a disgruntled client.

    Anders spotted this immediatly and everybody stopped playing, shouting on the medics and people already helping the guy to safety, i'm sure he's merry on a morphine drip right now, but nobody wants to see those sort of injuries at a gig.

    last song up was their key note song My Sweet Shadow, they were really humble to the crowd at the end of the gig and everybody (for the most part) went away with screeching smiles-if-not-knackered.

    I know i did.

    slept for a fucking age.