Something bad about my top 20 [stolen from __andariel__]


Abr 6 2008, 20h13

1. Cradle of Filth:

Thornography. It's not a bad album, but it is not cradle, they've become... softer and it sucks.

2. Theatres des Vampires

Their lyrics are full of clichés and sometimes you have just to laugh at them. And Lord Vampyr looks crappy with corpsepaint... and Sonya shouldn't wear these fetish clothes if she wants to represent a "vampire" and not a prostitute.

3. Samsas Traum

Their newest album bores me... and Kaschte should stop playing a nihilistic and misanthropic psycho, because it makes him appear unlifelikely.

4. Eisregen

They want to disband after Menschenmaterial. X_x

5. Nightwish

Fans saying all the time that they want Tarja back. And this childish story with the letter...

6. L'âme Immortelle

The lyrics are sometimes full of clichés and the songs are sometimes to [pseudo-]depressive to listen to.

7. Evanescence

They're so... normal. And commercial, too.

8. Blutengel

The lyrics are also full of clichés and a bit too... stupid.

9. ASP

They bore me although every song sounds differently. ô_o And the goth magazines report too much on them. <_<

10. Stillste Stund

Their nihilism... even though they wouldn't be like that without it. But nihilism makes you appear arrogant.

11. Untoten

Full of clichés and sometimes boring, too.

12. Siebenbürgen

Their ancient female singer. I still wonder why she was singing the female parts in a black metal band... I've seen her myspace and she is a common old crone. <_<

13. Aeternitas

Sometimes you can only laugh at them... some lyrics are... funny. ô_o

14. Emilie Autumn

Too much EPs with 2 or 3 new songs and 1000 remixes. x_x

15. Lacuna Coil

Sometimes boring and unvaried.

16. Oomph!

They were at the Bundesvision Song Contest and it's just... untrve. xD

17. The Crüxshadows

American goths are strange... [don't ask me why, but they seem to be a bit strange (to me)]and also too much EPs...

18. Inkubus Sukkubus

Sometimes too boring and too... esoteric.

19. Angtoria

Nothing... don't ask me why.

20. E Nomine

really full of religious clichés

20. Vanitas

they disbanded. x_xCradle of FilthTheatres Des VampiresSamsas TraumEisregenNightwishL'âme ImmortelleEvanescenceBlutengelASPStillste StundUntotenSiebenbürgenAeternitasEmilie AutumnLacuna CoilOomph!The CrüxshadowsInkubus SukkubusAngtoriaE NomineVanitas


  • __andariel__

    du bist viel unzufriedener mit deinen top 20 als ich ^^

    Abr 11 2008, 21h41
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