• 6 years!!!

    Dez 13 2012, 14h52

    Well its now been 6 years since i discovered and became a fan of last fm. in that time ive discovered so many bands and so much good music it would be impossible to list them all. A big thank you to all the great people ive met on here for their love of music and their recommendations of new music...you all know who you are... thank you!!
  • Jo Gabriel - Fools and Orphans

    Mai 7 2008, 15h33

    By now everyone that knows me will realise that im totally indebted to the music made by the rather wonderful Hannah Fury, in particular her sublime and often quietly scary Through The Gash. So you know that when i listen to something else it must be rather special to grab my attention.
    Enter Jo Gabriel, a woman of unusual talent and although she'd hate me for saying this - up there with Kate Bush when it comes to skewed off centre piano meanderings and vocal acrobatics.
    I first heard Jo through LastFm and the track Tinderbox which for me is like a sister song to the song Spark by Tori Amos. This track had me hooked straight away, and my good friend boxhead from Ninthspace.org (who by the way reviews Jo's music so much more succinctly than i can so check his page out), jumped on Jo's bandwagon with me.
    Today celebrates a limited edition artists release of Jo's new album entitled Fools and Orphans, and what a corker it is. Again, the nearest points of reference are the vocal stylings of Kate Bush around the time of The Sensual World album.
    Listening to the album is an intimate affair, perhaps better appreciated when sitting quiet with a nice chilled glass of wine to hand rather than having it on when your stuck in rush hour traffic listening to dozens of other people music competing in volume with your own.
    This is an album that deserves and warrants respect right from the opening track
    Bulldozer to its closing bonus track which Jo has said is called Heavy.
    Bulldozer is one of the more immediate tracks for me, Jo's voice is quiet and soothing apart from the piercing calls of "Why should i love you?", accompanied by the clarion call of trumpets.
    Other stand out moments for me are The Habits of Shadows which spookily enough features Hannah Fury on backing vocals, and the paganesque sounding God Grant that she lye still which is being used in an upcoming movie project.
    I havent lived long enough with the album yet to discover its charms fully but i can heartily recommend it to fans of female vocalists who are slightly left of the mainstream. Think a more restrained Kristen Hersh or (yes again!) Kate Bush and you have Jo Gabriel.
    For those who wish to investigate Jo's music further you can sample her at her myspace page here or visit her website here.
    On a final note for those of you who are fond of late night piano music you could do a whole lot worse than by checking out Jo's album The Amber Sessions!!
  • Siouxsie - Anson Rooms Bristol

    Mar 7 2008, 0h34

    Thu 6 Mar – Siouxsie, Ipso Facto

    So me and Chid decided to haul our asses over to Bristol to see Ms Sioux as i figured it may be the last time as Siouxsie is 50 now and cant high kick forever.
    Siouxsie came on stage in an outfit which may or may not have been recycled from the Kaleidoscope era of the Banshees but ive got to admit she looked stunning, possibly the best ive seen her in her 30yr career. She teased the audience with a high kick to end all high kicks and launched into the first song off Mantaray, i think it was "They Follow you". First thoughts were oh my god this is a repetition of the 7 yr itch ie a tuneless mess. However things revved up and Siouxsie was in fine form. Material was pulled from both Mantaray and Siouxsie and the Banshees era. The Banshees tracks played were Hong Kong Garden,Israel,Arabian Knights,Spellbound and a particularly stunning Nightshift.
    Siouxsie was in friendly form laughing and joking and there was no sign of the diva style strops we saw on the Dreamshow tour. Heaven or Alchemy was given its premier on English soil tonight and a fine job was made. She came out for two encores, the first being a fantastic run through of Cish Cash, and the second being a cover of Nancy Sinatra's "These boots are made for walking". Overall it was a great night, though the Anson rooms isnt a particulary great location for a concert, still as far as gigs go, Siouxsie most definately still has it. If you are going to any of the concerts in the near future your in for a very entertaining night.
  • Dress her in Scarlet, give her the grace to go free

    Fev 21 2008, 1h09

    For my dear friend (you know who you are)!
    Poem inspired by words and phrases from you guessed it - Hannah Fury.

    She's a girl that glitters
    she loves the dark
    does this mean she has no heart?

    Now she feels there is no hope
    that her ride has come to an end
    she says she cant get up, dust off and do it again.

    To leave her children, all claws and fur
    it defiles her hope, leaves her numb and frozen
    she tells me she feels tired and heartbroken.

    "You wont regret it", or so they say
    "but i love them with all of my heart
    im not alright, ill be the one left with scars"

    Guilt wears so heavily on her soul
    she feels nothing but the horror and the pain
    she tells them "im out of here, but my words will remain".

    Now a broken girl, all her porcelain cracked
    begs and pleads for mercy, but they refuse
    They cant hear the shrieking of the ragdoll girls wounds.

    So for this girl, this queen of hearts
    the worst to come has not come yet
    the love for her children she's being asked to reject.

    I want to tell you this my friend
    dont worry, or be sad
    think of the love for the children you have.

    I know you'd love to have just one more day
    where this is nothing but a dream
    and your life is just what it seems.

    Dont think that you've lost it all
    and i do know your sad
    and i know you will miss the life that you had.

    So try to give them your love if only for today
    dont be afraid of the oncoming dark
    because nothing hurts more than a hook in the heart.

    I want to tell you that you dont ever have to fear
    because girl, you know one thing above the rest
    That the friends you've made through LastFm are amongst the best!
  • Album of 2007

    Jan 1 2008, 21h42

    Through The Gash.

    Can't say anymore than that, this album has seriously blown me away, as most of you lastfm'ers probably already know!!. There's not much more i can say about the album that i havent said already.
    You all NEED this album in your life, its a musical panacea..
    Thank you Hannah!

  • Thank you LastFm users

    Dez 8 2007, 15h18

    Well its now been a year since i joined the LastFm community, and want to say thanks to everyone who's helped me on my voyage of musical discovery, nearly a 1/3 of my top 50 is comprised of artists unknown to me this time last year.
    I hope next year is as good for music as this year has been. Special thanks to Hannah Fury, whos music kept me sane since summer. Keep 'em coming sweetpea!
    LastFm'ers you've contributed these artists to my life:-

    Hannah Fury
    The Birthday Massacre
    Jocelyn Montgomery with David Lynch
    faith & the muse
    Montserrat Figueras
    Love Is Colder Than Death
    Ulrich Schnauss
    The Golden Palominos
    Emilie Autumn
    Unto Ashes
    Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows
    Impressions of Winter
  • Autumns Arriving

    Set 19 2007, 14h43

    If there's one band that is perfect for Autumn it has to be Cocteau Twins.

    The leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees and theres a distinct nip in the air in the evenings. In the mornings delicate lacey patterns of frost turn the fields silver. Occasionally you get a sunny day where the air smells fresh and reminds you of the summer just gone and your eyes take to to the skies to watch the birds flying in perfect synchronicity leaving before winter manages to take a grip.

    The soundtrack to all this for me is Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde coming together and making perhaps the most unique and genre inspiring music of modern times.

    Top Ten Autumnal moments in no particular order:-

    1. The Thinner the Air - From the album Victorialand.
    2. Sigh's Smell of Farewell - From the Bside of the Pearly Dewdrops Drop Ep
    3. Evangeline - From the album Four Calendar Cafe
    4. Eggs and Their Shells - From the album Lullabies To Violaine
    5.Pandora - From the album Treasure
    6. The Spangle Maker - From the Bside of the Pearly Dewdrops Drop
    7.Millimillenary - From the album The Pink Opaque
    8. Pepper Tree From the Bside of the Pearly Dewdrops Drop Ep
    9.How to Bring a Blush to the Snow From the album Victorialand.
    10.Road River And Rail From the album Heaven or Las Vegas

    The video for Pearly Dewdrops Drop:-

    The video for ]Evangeline

    An unofficial video for
    How to Bring a Blush to the Snow

    An unofficial video for Pandora

  • Creativity... a video handmade by me :)

    Ago 25 2007, 13h51

    As everyone on LastFM knows by now, i have developed quite an admiration for music created by Hannah Fury. When i posted the video for Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off -- Part II) there were alot of positive responses. One of the responses came from Elizabeth aka Scarlet Faery asking if there would be a video made for the song Girls That Glitter Love The Dark. This made me wonder how hard it would be to create my own video for the song with absolutely no knowledge of making videos. I mulled on the idea for a time before deciding i would teach myself through trial and error...
    I knew that i wanted what i felt were key lyrical lines throughtout the film so i started on those first, i picked them out and with a bit of help from my flatmate created jpgs.
    next i "borrowed" images from Hannah's website, and to tie in with visual and lyrical references to the heart, found various images which i felt best reflected what i wanted visually.
    Once i had all the images i wanted it was time to get started on the video. The opening credit was designed using pink text on black background, and was fairly straightforward. I didnt want the music to start straightaway as i wouldnt be able to start using the "Girls That Glitter" motif, so i added a 5 second delay which gave time for the opening credit to finish and be able to sync the lyric. I wanted to add various effects to the film, particularly an aging effect which gave everything an antique look. I found that by adding various effects would alter the running time of a particlar image which wasnt a problem as i could drag the image on the timeline and have it how i wanted. The major headache came from using transitions, which are ways of moving from one image to another. At first i didnt realise that when you added a transition effect it merged the running time of the two images resulting in the lyrics gradually going out of sync when i played the clip back. I was half way through the song by this point and realised that everytime i synced one lyric it resulted in the whole timeline being altered, so i took the decision to strip everything back to the opening credits and rebuild. This time i would add an image,then apply the effect i wanted,add the next image and do the same before applying a transition effect. Doing it this way made it much easier to sync both the images and the lyrics. I discovered that you had to be happy with the timeline before moving on as altering anything later on would knock everything out of sync again. Id already made notes of the times i needed certain images to last and their timings so was able to work from that which made things much easier.
    Once the song was completed and i checked everything was more or less synced i decided to add ending credits so the movie didnt end abruptly. I used one of the songs from the album The Thing That Feels, called Of Longing which is a short instrumental song. The credits were easy to design as basically i followed a wizard and just added the text i wanted in the font and colours i wanted.
    Once all this was done i converted the whole project to .wmv and then watched the movie without the timeline being shown and was happy with the end result....

    As usual im going to link into various artist pages that make a similar kind of music and hope that fans of these artists will take 5 minutes (well 7 actually) to have a listen.

    Kate Bush
    Tori Amos
    Lisa Germano
    Emilie Autumn
    Jill Tracey
    Cocteau Twins
    Charlotte Martin
    Sarah Fimm
    dresden dolls
    Julee Cruise

    Thanks for watching :)
  • Hannah Fury.....Something Wicked This Way Comes (Again hehehe)

    Ago 7 2007, 9h28

    Today is a special day for us fans of Hannah Fury. The 7th of August is the date that the album Through The Gash is finally given its official release.

    The tracklisting is as follows :-
    No Man Alive
    Don't Be Scared
    Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off -- Part II)
    You Don't Leave A Trace
    Where The Wounds Are
    You Had Me
    Beware The Touch
    Girls That Glitter Love The Dark
    The Apple
    Never Look Back

    If you are a fan of any of the following artists:-
    Kate Bush
    Tori Amos
    Lisa Germano
    Emilie Autumn
    Jill Tracey
    Cocteau Twins
    Charlotte Martin
    Sarah Fimm
    dresden dolls
    Julee Cruise
    Then try Through The Gash. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!!!
    I've lived with the album now for a while and every time i hear it i find something new within each song. Theres so many layers to explore, whether its a confessional whisper or an anguished scream, a delicate piano melody or a metronomic pulse. The title of the album couldnt be more be more appropriate, to appreciate the songs you need to be prepared to explore underneath the skin of each piece, to enter through wounds to the layers we dont see. The initial prettiness of the work gives way to the dark heart that beats underneath, a heart that has been betrayed and wounded, scarlet blood flows through delicate veins. But the thing that girls know best is that glitter covers all this mess...
    To everyone that doesnt know Hannah's work just take some time out from what you listen to and give the tracks here on lastfm a listen.
    As always more information on Hannah can be found
  • Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off -- Pt II) by Hannah Fury (Video)

    Jul 22 2007, 20h55

    Firstly can i say a big thank you to Hannah Fury and MellowTraumatic Recordings for their kind permission in allowing me to post this video.

    If you read the previous journal entry you can find out more about Hannah's work and sample mp3's etc.

    Carnival Justice (The Gloves Are Off -- Part II) is a track originally featured on the Subterfuge ep and had a fantastic promo made featuring Hannah and her two Marionette friends:-
    Anathema Rose

    The Queen of Hearts

    Now in August 2007 Hannah is releasing her 2nd album called Through The Gash which features two tracks from the Subterfuge ep. One being the video shown here, and the other titled Girls That Glitter Love The Dark. I really cannot recommend Hannah enough and if you are a fan of the following people then i can guarantee you will love this!
    Kate Bush
    Tori Amos
    Lisa Germano
    Emilie Autumn
    Jill Tracey
    Cocteau Twins
    Charlotte Martin
    Sarah Fimm
    dresden dolls
    Julee Cruise

    So i'm asking you to keep an open mind, and if you like what you hear then visit Hannah's website or her MySpace Page for more info. I'd really appreciate it if when you've seen the video to post your opinions. Thank You :)