Fev 25 2011, 1h52


    0.5 - not even dude
    1.0 - not down
    1.5 - she's down i think but i am just not down
    2.0 - i dunno dude. probably not down
    2.5 - maybe dude? i don't think i'm down tho dude
    3.0 - i dunno dude i'm pretty sure she's down
    3.5 - i'm pretty down dude
    4.0 - so down
    4.5 - maximum downness
    5.0 - unfathomable girth

    Radiohead - The King of Limbs
    maximum downness 4.5/5

    Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
    (downness pending)
    dunno dude. havent listened enough
    its mogwai tho, so i'm probably down in the 3.5-4.0 range

    Bright Eyes - The People's Key
    (downness pending)
    my friend told me to download this because apparently he was tired of my ceaseless masturbation re: the king of limbs and he said he was enjoying the new bright eyes record more than the new radiohead record. to iron things out, i asked him if conor oberst can dance like thom yorke can, and he said no. his opinion was invalid regardless, but i thought i'd paint a picture in perfect clarity detailing the relative sizes of girth between radiohead and bright eyes.
    i have a questionable relationship with bright eyes, alternating furiously between bottomless hatred and strange admiration. in all seriousness tho i'm doubting this one.
    probably not down

    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Tao of the Dead
    (downness pending)
    in which the trail realize that studio engineering and laughably over-the-top instrumental layering can only go so far
    seemed good from the first couple of listens, but then the king of limbs came out and then i stopped giving a shit about conrad keely and the bros yelling about stupid bullshit over the guitar line from jumpin' jack flash
    probably down tho

    Asobi Seksu - Fluorescence
    (downness pending)
    haven't heard this yet but i'm actually willing to dismiss this instantly on the basis of the title being shit. how's that for bitterness
    in all seriousness if this is another hush i'll be mad. i'm down with the whole hushed mellow shit they've got going on lately, but that's irrelevant if they don't have the songs to back it up. last album had about three and a half compelling melodies. hoping this one has a few more. 2.88 from the cunts at rym, let's hoping they're as blatantly and unforgivably wrong about this one as they are about the king of limbs. if not, then i thereby boycott every future release by this band and listen to the s/t and citrus to the point where i forget that anything else exists.

    Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972
    (downness pending)
    haven't heard this yet. tim hecker's usually pretty bosslike so i probably won't be disappointed. subsequent downness is inevitable

    PJ Harvey - Let England Shake
    (downness pending)
    yeah well it's pj harvey. she's always brilliant, and reportedly this is one of her best albums ever. DOWN
    whenever i bother to download this, that is

    anything i'm missing ? shout me nigga and i'll let you know if i'm down, as long as it's not black metal or james blake or something