EMODE V1.0 04///03///11


Mar 4 2011, 18h52


Puerto Rico Flowers - 3 sisters
Woodpigeon - Home as a Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always and Forever
Heart on My Sleeve - blood and wine
Mi Ami - hard up
Reflections of Internal Rain - what are the moments that never die
Innards - man, fuck
Jawbreaker - accident prone
Double Dagger - imitation is the most boring form of flattery
Hum - stars
Kias fansuri - maaf di pinta seribu bahasa
Beach Fossils - distance
Sunny Day Real Estate - 8
Modest Mouse - alone down there
Hey Mercedes - quality revenge at last
Peach Pit - moj mikro
Tan Dollar - be happy for me
The Get Up Kids - ten minutes
Rival Schools - shot after shot
NoMeansNo - big dick
Rites of Spring - for want of
Kurt Vile - jesus fever
Swans - mona lisa mother earth
Snowing - so i shotgunned a beer and went to bed
Mogwai - glasgow mega-snake

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    Home As A Romanticized Cocept Where Everyone Loves You Always And Forever, eo tak se zove! :D

    Mar 5 2011, 10h22
  • umobolan

    seren ti se na COCEPT :D

    Mar 5 2011, 14h46
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